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Happy "Coming Out" to Ellen "DeGenerous" and all those who dare to defy society and decide that living their life in honesty should be life's #1 priority.

The "Coming Out" subject is still very much on my mind and probably will be as a result of the latest events in the media realm concerning us "HOMOSEXUALS."

Little by little we are breaking ground and causing the human race to situp and take note that there are basically no differences between a homo or a hetero.

One reason this topic is so strong with me was my recent discovery of statistics. First of all, the U.S. estimates that only 1 out of every 10 people are "Gay". That stat I have been aware of for a while and still doubt seriously. The startling stat is that 1 out of every 3 teen suicides are homosexually based.

The reason this fact hits home is because I can relate! At age 13-15, I myself was suicidal over the fact that I was cursed with being "GAY." At age 15 I almost took my own life, by climbing up the cat-walk of the Atchafalaya River Bridge in Morgan City, La. and wanting to leap to my death as painlessly as possible.

I stood shaking and crying profusely and begging God to change me for I didn't want to grow up being a homosexual and be an outcast to society, family & friends;and, even worse, an outcast in God's eyes, destined to Hell, without a choice.

From talking with and investigating so many of you when I came "out," 5 years ago, I realized I wasn't the only one who had to deal with the thought of not wanting to finish living this lifetime with this to deal with.

Because of the barriers built up in society's minds, there are thousands of kids and adults who take their own lives because of bigotry. I would think that mankind would not be STUPID enough to think that any human in his right mind would choose to be gay in a land where it is frowned upon. With all the social pressures that life already has...WHY would anyone choose to be gay?

Which means one would have to choose:

1) To live a false life to fit in.
2) To never be truly free with one's feelings.
3) To hurt others involved in his life once a slipup happened.
4) To never spend the rest of one's life with someone he truely loves and connects with. And of course there are lots more choices that would have to be dealt with just because someone "chose" to be Gay.
Hmmmm! There is something very wrong with this picture. I would like some feedback on this topic!

You can write to me by "snail mail" at: 3 Snaps, c/o Ambush Magazine, 828-A Bourbon Street, New Orleans, La 70116-3137 or email me at: Your thoughts on this subject would be interesting to hear and included in my column.

Now, on an even more serious note! There is a matter that concerns me which I think deserves public attention.

A submission for an obituary was made to Ambush about two issues ago. The obituary was for a very dear friend and party buddy named Gary Weaver.

You may know him as the lover of Tim Snyder (who made the obituary submission.) Tim Snyder announced personally to me and several others while out partying one night that Gary Weaver had gone back to his home town & committed suicide by hanging himself.

Last week I received a call stating that this was not true, so I did some creative gay investigating. My findings verified that Gary Weaver is alive and well. I'm sorry but DEATH is not something to joke about! Since the truth has been found out, I am obligated to print a retraction to the public obituary printed in this publication. To sum it up...Gary is fine and back home with his family.

Now on to the lighter side of life!

Parties...parties...parties! Oz will be having the big and bad Ab racadabra 3 in Pensacola, so I will probably see you all out on the beach running around in the skimpys and hiding in the sand dunes. Look for me at Numbers, my #1 stop when I'm off the beach.

I hear they have one of the largest expectations of population to hit the newly built beaches. I hope you have your reservations made! My last attendance to Memorial Weekend they estimated some 65,000 gorgeous men and womyn on the beach.

Whewwww! Soo many men, so little time! Don't ya just hate that?

Here at home I understand that Oz is bringing in another porn star whom I have viewed in a few of Forum Studios' latest videos. His name is Marcelo Reeves. He was in For Your Pleasure, The Visit, He's Worth It, Indulge and Leather Obsession: Part 3. He's a handsome Latin God! So I will see you there Wednesday, May 28th, 11pm. "He's worth it" alright!

For "Post Pensacola" the Country Club raises her head to put on her Annual Splash Party on June 8th. I hear that Manager David has got lots of fun, food, & entertainment in store.

Last year's was a blast and with all the additions and renovations that have been made to the "mansion," this year's looks to be even better. They'll have live Retro Diva DJ "BeeBop," dancing boys & food by New Orleans newest talked about restaurant, the Bywater Bar-B-Q, which by the way is some of the best BBQ I've had in a long time. I hope to see you all come celebrate another opening season at the pool and help benefit Lazarus House with the proceeds that are raised.

PrideFest '97 is well underway and already approaching us. I am in charge of the Parade this year and will be accepting applications for floats, trucks, cars, walking and dancing groups.

I will be placing Parade applications in the local businesses for you to fill out and send in to get put on the line-up. So be on the watch for them.

If you would like information on booth space, program ads and anything else call the PrideLine at 504-949-9555. Next up...the Bourbon Pub/Parade!

In talking with manager Jonathan Bray, there's lots of new & fun things coming up. Of course, lately I have noticed a few new additions. I attended the legendary Profiles' show which is held every Sunday afternoon upstairs in the Parade. The girls were as spectacular as they have always been.

For years Scarlett and Aux Shea have been entertaining the tourists at the Mint and are now revealing their talents and twisted concepts on Bourbon. With extravagant costuming and celebrity look-a-likes they have become like fine wine. Have gotten even better with time! Scarlett as emcee and performer, and Aux Shea as the mind twister. They even announce "Don't try and figure her out, just sit back and enjoy the show!"

Don't miss stopping in during Sunday Tea and catching the show.

Another addition to the Bourbon Pub is that gorgeous After Shock Promo boy, Scott. He loves baring his hot body and tormenting the boys that come up for a shot of After Shock! Very nice fixture Miss Jonathan!

Stay tuned for my interview with DJ/VJ Wayne Mancuso!

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