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May's Rainbow Awards

With spring in the air, the gay techies throughout the world have been busy remodeling, reshaping and creating exciting new web pages which they proudly submit to us for our prestigious Rainbow Award.

For our May award 97 submissions were made during the month of April and 24 were chosen for the award.

We have created three new directories in to accommodate some of these new sites and the most newsworthy of these new directories, and the one most interesting to gay men (and the major reason for computer sales) is our new adult site.

For free downloadable pictures of both men and women, go to Stan Doyle's Alt. Male.Erotica or Becky Swayze's Show Me Something, Mister!. Becky is a straight woman fascinated by the Male body and its various parts. Check out her amateur pick-a-dick contest. Johnny Rey is a real, hunky pornstar with his own site, which is not only titillating but also beautifully designed. It's obvious he's got plenty between his ears too. The lone commercial site chosen, Home of CyberMale, is a virtual treasure trove of erotic goodies.

In the new Bisexual directory we placed Hilton Wolman's HomePage, a gorgeous 43 year old computer geek who owns a string of Gianni Versace stores in Houston, Dallas & Atlanta with quite an interesting story to tell.

Claudia's X Dreams is a beautiful, two color page which attempts to express a cross dresser's feelings artistically and is very successful. We placed this page in the other new directory we call "Transgender." Wit is such an elusive quality that when we find pages constructed with effervescence and elan we take note. And when the wit is couched in technical expertise we melt. Placed in the infotainment directory are Jeff Glover's wild, wacky, tacky weird This New Yorker has an outrageous sense of humor as does a site called The Waif's World which is also filled with music (start your tour with The Waif's theme music which follows you throughout the site) constructed as an outrageous attempt at finding boys for the site's creator, who remains anonymous. The final new infotainment placement is Eclectic Condo which is not only funny but also very well written. Check out the various rooms in this virtual condo, especially the bedroom.

Mike Bradley's corner on the web, designed by an Arizona native American and engineering student possesses a vast music archive with eye-popping graphics. Andy Markley's Art 101 displays his superior graphics abilities (he also does excellent print graphics for such publications as The Advocate.) Jonno is a great site filled with sophisticated Java graphics by New Yorker with a wicked sense of humor. You'll find these three new sites in the Infotainment directory.

Three new lesbian pages now grace the Lesbian directory. Jo Meyerton's Personal WWW Page, while thin on content, is nevertheless sensitively designed with fabulous pictures; while Kelly Garland's site, Womb , is dense with lesbian information-an invaluable research tool with everything from Violence Against Women to Skin-tattoos and piercings. This page was also placed in the Arts directory since her graphics are artistically so satisfying and mood-enhancing. Cynical Dog Lesbian Book Salon offers an extensive search tool for lesbian literature. This site is also found under Literature.

Our new International web page award winners are Bernard & Nono Gay Page from France, Gay.Italy.Html and Horton's Condo Pages, which is an excellent resource for Alberta, Canada.

In the business directory we placed Jim O'Donnels The House of JOD where one can register for a free copy of Mr. O'Donnel's co-authored Platinum Edition, Using html 3.2, Java 1.1 & CGI which he also exhibits on his page, along with the many other technical books he's written. He's even got examples of VRML and ActiveX technology.

In the Travel directory we placed Simon's gay guide to london & other gay things which is self-explanatory; and, Rainboworld Custom Tours, which isn't. These are strictly tours and extensive information, along with a wealth of pictures, for anyone contemplating a trip to the Gay Capital of the World, Amsterdam. If you've ever been to Amsterdam, this site will bring back a rush of memories. If you've never been, this site will make you want to go.

The fastest growing directory of all in is, naturally, Teens. This is where we place pages by, for and about teens, most of whom, we hope, are students. Sexual Orientation: Science, Education & Policy, while strictly academic with information concerning Gays in the Military, Hate Crimes, AIDS, homophobia and loads of photos from Sacramento, where author Gregory M. Herek lives. lunatic one is from a failed p.h.d. candidate who suffers from a couple of psychic disorders and has provided valuable information concerning mental illness all done up in a cleanly designed site; while Jason Roach's Cyber Home, another house configuration, is notable for having been designed by a real teenager whose exhibition of the arcana of web page design is absolutely cutting edge and awe-inspiring to anyone who visits his page, designed as he says, to help people in the closet to come out.

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