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erotic film reviews

A M B U S H   M a g   2 0 0 0 - V O L U M E   1 5 - I S S U E   9 

Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

My Secret Collection

I f you like voyeuristic activities, you're going to love My Secret Collection, from Studio 2000. I enjoyed it more because I got to watch Logan Reed, a mighty nice young stud. Of course, I can't say enough about Louisiana's pride and joy, the wonderful Matt Bradshaw-oh, to have had a teacher like that!

Logan Reed w/Rappalo It all gets started with Logan uncovering that peephole in his closet. Of course, it gives him a straight (no pun intended) shot at the guy in bed in the next apartment. We get to see this stud, a fellow by the name of Rappalo, do his thing. It was a very nice view through that hole, with that big camera aimed right at his whachmacallit.

Next our Logan gets dressed to go to school, and he just happens to pass by a classroom and notices our Louisiana connection dismissing his class and asking one dude to stay around for a few minutes. They go to it, all the while under the watchful lens of that spectacular camera placed on top of that cabinet. Of course, no one saw it. But, alas! Someone is behind our Logan and sees what he's up to; but, that's a secret, so I can't tell you who it is.

We next cut to a great looking young stud checking on enlistment in our armed forces. The military adviser likes this possible recruit and proceeds to place him on the desk-and I mean to tell you he gets checked out. After all, we must make sure our service men are in good shape. This young man was great in all respects-face, chest, cheeks, balls, you name it. Well, that's what happens when you show a big bulge-it just has to come out for air.

At this point, this scene was so hot that I forgot where the camera was hidden, but that's not important to the story line-at least not when you have such fantastic guys getting it on.

Our Logan heads for a bar and proceeds to check into the backroom to see what's going on. Needless to say, there are a couple of guys you could really take home and keep. They were gorgeous, and the chair was pretty too. Soon the deed is done, and the two go their separate ways, and that stranger who's been lurking in the shadows, makes his presence known to Logan.

I won't give away the rest of the movie. Let's just say it is overall a fine film-one to get your juices running, so to speak.

Other stars in this flick are Derek Bishop, Brett Winters, Austin Reeves, Rainey Foster, and Danny West. Tyler Adams did the screenplay, and the film is a product of the talented Scott Masters and John Travis.

They've teamed up on several projects, and I've enjoyed each of them.

How would I rate this one? I doubt if a number would do it justice. It's just one of those little gems that you have to see to really understand what I'm saying.

I think Matt is a marvelous person, and Logan turns me on because he's not one of the completely shaven varieties. His great body, beautiful penis, and pretty boy smile just melt you away. I think I'm going to run out and get me a camera like the one he uses. Maybe I'll get lucky too.

To order write: Studio 2000, 7510 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1437, Los Angeles, CA 90046; or call 1.800.435.2445

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