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hot tails of red stick

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 10


Pageants Held at Mirror Lounge, Club Apollo;
Ellen Comes Out at George's

The first Miss Gay Southeast Louisiana America Pageant was held at the Mirror Lounge, and Asya Alexander came away with top prize. First runner- up was Lafayette's Tori Taylor, and second runner-up was Alexis Vanderhurst. The Mirror was packed for the occasion, and the show was one of the best I've seen thus far.

Other candidates in this contest were Dominique DuNoir, Coraleen King, and Tiera Monet. Some of the evenings entertainment included Corrione Synclaire, Sha 'Nara Narcisse, Racine Ross and Courtney Cortez.

I had a long chat with Images DJ Raymond, who invites everyone to Lafayette for his "Retro With Raymond" Thursday night special. I just might make MY way over there to see what's going on. My last night out on the town was the fabulous Royal Order of Unicorn Bal Masque when that dandy Doug and beautiful Effie made their grand entrance into royalty.

There is another handsome hunk that I have to tell you about. His name is Chris, and he's from Monroe. He was down in big BR for R&R and maybe his new sweetie, another R. I wouldn't know about these things, and I wouldn't want to let any pussy out of the bag, if you know what I mean. Anyway, this guy is extremely nice, and I found an instant licking-oops-liking for him. I'm sure I'll have to sneak up to Monroe sometimes and surprise him. I'm told that Tuesday's are big nights up there, and I heard a lot of good things about Daddy Jay, or maybe Mama Jay. Congratulations to you and Stevie, Jay darling. I think your situation is just marvelous, and I'm proud for you. Did you ever run into that fabulous John from this year's Mardi Gras exposures?

Another impressive sweetheart at this event was a very gorgeous Jason. This tall, dark and handsome stud can ring my chimes any time he so desires. He has those come-hither eyes, beckoning smile, and bubbling personality that makes him a winner in my book. I watched him throughout the evening, and he was always quite charming and didn't seem to meet a stranger during the entire period. I think he is a knockout beauty.

Up from New Orleans for a "knight on the town" was Mr. Louisiana Leather, Melvin Knight. I asked if the young man he was with was his other half, and he said he was single. There, Melvin darling, I've told everyone you're available, so I hope it brings you many pleasurable experiences. And speaking of being pleasured, I noticed you were having a swinging time on the the balcony of Lafitte's during Mardi Gras. You look great on film, sweetheart. And while we are on the subject, take a look at this year's Frat House Boys tapes. They were triple X and all points in between.

Lady Rhonda and Randy were the busy bartenders of the evening, and Jackie did her thing in the sound booth. All in all, it was a very enjoyable night, and I enjoyed my time there with precious Mitch.

I was very pleased to see Little Wayne in the crowd. He's leaving for the bright lights of Houston, and I just couldn't make his party over at Ron and Lea's home, but Keith went to record the event on film. Perhaps I can talk a picture out of him. And Wayne, sweetie, if you were being nice, then what was that you were doing when I walked past you? You know what I mean, and the LaPlace flash was the lucky recipient.

I also need to pass along some scoop I learned from other people in the crowd. Club Apollo, located on Airline Highway, picked their Krystle Light royalty recently. The charming Damario St. John was picked as Mr. Krystle Light, and the lovely Sylvia Sinclaire claimed the Miss Krystle Light title. This is one of the nicer clubs in the Baton Rouge area. Check it out soon.

Another wedding is on the horizon here in Red Stick. Candi and Greg are getting' hitched on June 26 at MCC, with our pastor deluxe, the Rev. Don Clarke doing the hitchin'. Who says gays and lesbians can't wed? It's happening all over the place, and the ignorant heteros might as well get over it-politicians too.

George's had an Ellen party on the night she came out on her show, and it was a wonderous occasion. It was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had with a group of men-well, maybe. Anyhow, it was nice just being among friends, and the show was so beautifully done that I'm going to have to watch my copy again and again.

Another big night saw the Rubyfruit girls do their thing. These talented ladies always bring in the crowd to Richard's nightspot. Still another night saw some wonderful guys from up north swingin, and swayin, across George's stage, and they were magnificent. Get them back, Richard! Get them back! And I'm coming backstage with you! I need personal lessons and guidance from you concerning your excellent managerial technique.

Paul and Michael are saying goodbye to Red Stick and plan to move back to Key West. Their big exit party should be a fabulous one at the Blue Parrot, which will become the property of Don and Tom. Another big event at this excellent club was the big birthday bash honoring several prominent family friends.

The Hide-A-Way was also hopping when I made my way out there. You are all going to get a kick out of this, but my big and expensive automobile (and I won't mention the make for the obvious reason) just decided to have a dead battery. I had thought it was about to give out, but I wasn't expecting it here. Well, my lesbian sisters came to the rescue-about six to be exact-and they took care of me. Thanks, honeys. I knew I could count on your help.

The bar was really busy that night. I can't remember having a better time out there. Darlene was taking care of the music, Marie was bartending, and Buddy (Dee, to some of you) was working the door. I ran into Reuben, who was having a great time out on that dance floor with Karen, whose other half was out of town. They were twistin' and turnin' all over the place.

I made it to the Time Zone several times and had a marvelous photo session at this bar. I hadn't expected a bartender to be so wonderfully charming as that handsome and studly Bryan. This young man is an asset to James and Kyle's establishment, and his other half, J.C., is quite lucky to have such a fine example of manhood as his significant other. Ain't love grand!!? I do think Bryan is a handsome young man. In a way, there's something about him that reminded me of Keanu, and that ought to prove to you how good looking he really is.

Hibiscus is expanding again. If you miss a week, you miss the latest changes. Kevin has been helping Damon with shelving and re-classifying merchandise. I happened upon the scene and didn't know these two were so talented-Kevin working and Damon watching. Customers were shopping all around the activity, and several were amazed at all the changes. One of the drop-ins was James, that wonderful new king of the Royal Order of Unicorn. His Tasha was working, and he was floating around town taking care of the normal chores of wedded bliss. No, darlings, the ceremony hasn't come, but with these two, it isn't even needed. They are really so very much in love. They were also out at the Mirror for the big contest, and this is a rarity. They love staying at home and just being with each other. That marvelous leatherite, gorgeous Greg of the Lords of Leather, stopped by too. I must say that I saw some creme deluxe at the bookstore that day. At the top of this list would be the outrageously beautiful Brian. I could tell you more about him, but I think I'm going to keep him all to myself.

Apollo Turnabout is coming up soon at the Mirror Lounge. This should be a great show. That jolly postman, the fabulous Joel is in charge of the event, so it has to be good. He is one of the most creative and talented people in the Krewe of Apollo-and one of the hardest workers.

Denny and Joe report that the place, the theme, and the work is well under way for next year's Bal Masque XVII. And Sam and Jim will reign as the new royalty at this event. Both are long-time members of Apollo, and this will be a great and memorable event. Damon and Terry are the reigning king and queen, and they are going to have numerous parties in their honor before their reign ends next January. With the talents of the dynamic combo of Denny and Joe, this is going to be an outstanding ball.

Also coming up in September is the Mr. and Miss Apollo con-test. Anyone interested in entering this event should contact the committee heading up this event. Damon is chairman, with Les, Curtis, and Ken lending their able support. I'll be reporting more on this later.

Chuck and Steve are out of the hospital and feeling good, Byron is under the weather but is doing better, Paula made her annual visit to Keith, Joseph and Richard got back from their cruise, and the breakfast brigade continued their Saturday's at Christina's. Did I leave anyone out this time?

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