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cruisin' the web
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Meeting Up...On The Web!

How many of you have ventured onto the World Wide Web in search of someone to meet, whether it be for friendship or even a relationship? Here's a few tips and tricks. In being one of the webmasters for our many sites, I have the priviledge of living all day on the web. As a result, I have learned some of cyberlife's meeting and dating techniques.

Two options available right now at are the Gayamerica Personals and our Gayamerica Chat Page. I have just built and released the personals section and am giving free listings through Southern Decadence. On the first day of its release, I had three personals submitted for display on the browse page.

The GAYAMERICA PERSONALS has four sections for you to choose from: Men 4 Men, Womyn 4 Womyn, Bisexual & Transgender. In each of these sections you can place an ad or browse other ads already submitted. The browse selection will be active on June 1st!

Personals have been around for a long time in various forms of print media. Now the World Wide Web has broken down distance barriers for meeting others. With the ability to post a personals ad with access to over a million hits every month, your chances of meeting someone special are increased by staggering odds.

Next you have the GAYAMERICA CHAT ROOMS. These chat rooms are created with java script so they take a few minutes to load, before you can enter them. Once accessed, you have choices of rooms where you can chat with a group or one-on- one.

Yes, it is true that you can have "cyber-sex" in these rooms. It's like "phone sex, without the charges," and you can even shoot pictures to one another by email. Personals:

Next issue I will tell you how to find erotic pictures on the web. I have a collection of 9,000 so far!!!

Art Exhibition On The Internet

Ideco Art Gallery recently announced the opening of two new web spaces showing art works by Pascual Casaubon and Montserrat Xicola.

Pascual Casaubon, who is best known for his large sculptures and monuments, now presents a collection of six small abstract sculptures in bronze, specially created for this his first Web exhibition. The pieces, which strongly invite the viewer to experience them with sight and touch, abound in mysterious reminiscences of natural forms.

Casaubon created these works to be observed from all angles, and the virtual exhibition tries to cope with this by providing two different views of each sculpture.

Montserrat Xicola became internationally recognized in the 60's for her enameling works. Later on she very successfully adopted collage as one of her preferred techniques. Xicola, who has done over fifty conventional exhibitions around Europe, shows now on the Internet a collection of her most recent collage works. These small pieces are rich in delicate and suggestive harmonies that provide great viewing pleasure.

These exhibitions can be visited at Ideco Art Gallery until August 30, 1997.

At its web site, Ideco Art Gallery currently exhibits over one hundred and twenty pieces by eleven internationally recognized Spanish artists. The gallery provides over one hour of entertainment and allows Internet visitors from around the world to easily purchase the desired pieces.

Best Action Since ACT UP
Covered Jesse Helms's House With Giant Condom

This was found on the Web while cruising gay web pages: The San Francisco Lesbian Avengers summoned a "plague of locusts" onto Exodus International, a cult-like organization whose mission is to "cure" people of their homosexuality.

The San Francisco Avengers chose to target Exodus because conversion programs, a largely invisible form of Christian Right organizing, have profoundly devastating effects on lesbian, bisexual, and gay people.

"If anyone deserves a plague of Biblical proportions right now, it's the Radical Right," said Avenger Liz Harris. Five Avengers stormed the organization's headquarters, carrying signs proclaiming "Queer Love Is Not A Disease," and chanting "Exodus, stop your hate and fear! Help like yours is killing queers!"

Once inside, the activists climbed onto the reception desk, shouted "We don't need to be cured," and released 1,000 "locusts" (crickets) in an attempt to shut the operation down.

The Exodus staff watched dumbfounded as a swarming pile of crickets spread across their office floor. One woman picked up the phone and dialed 911, shaking as she screamed, "There are lesbians here with bugs!"

By the time she was able to convince the police that it wasn't a prank call, the Avengers were on their way back to San Francisco.

Moral of the story: Don't mess with queers: we don't suffer fools gladly. We have a sense of humor and we're not afraid to use it! [from Jo's Page]

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