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From: Tommy Darensbourg
Subject: Good column
Hi, Sonny! I used to be, but because of access woes with AOL, I've decided to make AOL "America Off-Line." I enjoy reading your column each issue. Hope to have an opportunity to meet you soon! Best regards to Rip and Marsha and the AmBush girls!

From: Ross Family
Subject: rainbow awards
i think that it is great that there is rainbow awards. i am a 16 year old straight girl, and i just want you to know that i support the gay and lesbian community. i am so glad that people have a chance to feel secure with there lifestyle. if you have time could you possibly send me some info. i would love to learn more about the rainbow awards. e-mail is thank you for your time. truely yours,
- jamie ross

Subject: Choosing
Sonny, What is wrong with the picture, is that it is painted primarily from your own, personal experience. You cannot imagine anyone choosing to be gay. I did. I know hundreds of gay men and especially lesbians who did. We speak about our choice from our own experience. But we exist. Since I have encountered hundreds myself, I suppose there are much larger numbers who I haven't met. A fair probability.

We who did choose definitely know your story. We are constantly being told by gays and lesbians that we could not have chosen. We are ridiculed. We are ignored, hated, silenced. In a community which praises diversity, we are forced back into our closets.

We are constantly asked: Why would anyone choose to be gay? Let me answer: Because our happiness is a primary goal and it comes from doing what is true and right and not what is thought to be true and right. Because we value our own judgement over that of others, because we are brave, strong, courageous. Because we refuse to submit to the lie that one can only love someone of the same gender. Because we believe there is more to love than sex.
We share some similar concerns. We too are concerned with the suicide rate. That is why I personally have become so vocal about 'choice'. It is why I bother to write this letter. From my point of view, I can't imagine a more reckless response to a teen who is suicidal because of his homosexual feelings than to tell him or her that they were 'born that way.' In my view, that is tantamout to handing them a 'death sentence'.
First of all there is NO science existing which supports that statement. You probably don't agree, and probably even some of the 'science' you've read comes to mind. I'll wager it was not the 'science' you read, but rather the reports in the media about it. You have made your decision about being 'born that way' on your 'feelings' and the 'feelings' of others who agree. Many many people hold this 'belief.' It is very popular. This does not make it true. The Sun does not revolve around the earth. The flat maps don't work anymore, the World is Round. These 'beliefs' based on 'science' held for centuries. They were very popular. The history of Science is repleat with bad guesses, conclusions based on good observations.
I have read all the 'science'. Have you? Again, I have talked with, written to, interviewed hundreds of gays and lesbians who choose. Have you talked to one?
I don't want to speculate on your suicidal thoughts. But, again it is important to remember they are yours. Some kids jump because the world is f**ked up and everyone wants to give them easy answers. Some want more of a choice than that. It's there. It is theirs to make. It's a good, healthy, moral choice. There are very good reasons to choose to be gay. Lets begin the discussion.
I'm sending you a copy of Joe Sartelle's essay: Rejecting the Gay Brain ... (and choosing homosexuality) via surface mail. If you just can't wait, you can get it on the web at: I'll be co-chair of a panel: "Rejecting the Gay Brain: Queer Choice" at Emory University's "Queering the South" gathering, June 25-28, in Atlanta.

From: Geoff Cook
Subject: Place to stay
Hi, I'm coming down to New Orleans, from Toronto, for my second time. This time I'm coming down for Southern Decidance. Do you have a list of gay guest house in the quarter?
-geoff cook

Subject: Where in the world is Pilot Button?
Isn't it interesting to note how the All-American Boy Lt. Button missing plane mystery dominated the news for several days. As soon as the "estranged gay lover" aspect came up in "an unsubstantitated report," the entire story "dropped off the radar." Hmm.

From: "Tom Barrington"
I was just surfing through your directory at Ambush Magazine as we are linking your site from the Bourbon Pub web site. Could you please link our name and description to our website under your New Orleans bars and clubs?, Thanks, in advance.
-Tom Barrington

Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
Thanks!!! I've never won anything before so it's a BIG DEAL for me. Luv,
-The Waif

From: "Ramon Reinaldo Orduno Jr."
Subject: Looking to have fun in New Orleans
I will be visiting New Orleans at the end of June from San Francisco. We have an abundant play zone for gay and bisexual men here. Have any idea where I could visit to have some fun when I am there? Some place for male and female swingers or for male oral reciprocity? Any help would be appreciated.

From: Virginia L. Reaves
Subject: Music
where can I get the midi file for the Pretty Woman music? I'd like to have it for my webpage, besides, I like listening to it, I "hang" on your Royal Tobacconist" page just to hear the music!!! Thanks,

From: Todd Wemhoner
Subject: Internet
Stephanie, I seen you yesterday on the internet. Adorable picture and I love the way the eyes move back and forth. I really miss you and Lisa. You two are great. I'll be in New Orleans this weekend (Memorial Day) probably at Footloose with Mac most of the time. Maybe Mac & I can get over to tne new club on Bourbon, Mac said it was awesome. Love ya!
When Opportunity knocks, answer it!

Subject: Guest Book
name: Joseph Lynch
description: Being new to New Orleans, your site is great for me. Also it is great for visitors. Continue your site. PS great music. Nice to find a webpage with it.
--Only from a QUEEN
email: JoeyO466 home: Louisiana find us: by advertisement/marketing

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