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muzik notes

A M B U S H  M A G  2 0 0 0   -   V O L U M E  1 5   -   I S S U E  11

by Joan Jette, New Orleans, Louisiana

Hi, Everyone! Back from my long haitus to let ya'll know what's been going on.

Slidell will NEVER be the same now that Susan Giroir has opened Pier 11. Yes, she's the same Susan that was at Billy's, part of Chuck & Bill's bar conglomerate. The bar is located a mile off the old bridge to Slidell. The Grand Opening was nothing nice!!!!! D.J. Mark was spinnin' CDs til the wee hours of the morning. Throughout the night there were impromptu guests performing. And, as usual I had to join in!

I was joined by Lace Elaine as Bette Midler, Sheldon & Ronald, who were Ike and Tina Turner, and Felicity Boucout. Boy, did she have a headdress on her. And Susan!! Her version of Billie Holiday was to die for! She just better not grab my girlfriend again! JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Let's not forget to mention the kitchen. Joan JettYes, Pier 11 has FOOD!!!! Besides trying to get me drunk, Susan tried to get me to eat, and believe me, those hamburgers and baked potatos looked mouth-watering! From what I hear, Debbie can cook her ass off! Susan even put her daughter, Rhonda, as a bartender, and a good one I might add! Susan's other half, Suzanne, does everything she's needed for. So, if you want to eat AND drink, take a drive on out to Pier 11, and don't forget Billy's too.

Remember I told ya'll about my big birthday last year in Houma-that nothing could top it? Well it was topped!!! I received my "present" from my fiancee Yvette, but couldn't use it until May. My gift was a trip to Alabama, not just to the beaches, but to see live-up close the real-JOAN JETT!!!!!!!! As you can see by the photo she's changed her look, a look I do NOT wish to copy!! She rocked and rocked for almost 2 hours performing a couple of new songs that she says will be on her next album release August 13th. If you ever get a chance to see her, it's worth it!!!!!

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