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Lenny's News Now In The French Quarter

Recently opened Lenny's French Quarter News, located in the 700 block of Decatur St. in Washington Artillery Park next to Cafe du Monde and across from Jackson Square, is the fourth store in the local chain, which is the city's largest independent magazine and newspaper retailer. Susan Wormser, President and Chief Operating Officer of Lenny's News Management Inc., operates the newsstand/specialty shops that began in 1991. From the original location at 622 Carrollton Ave. next to the Camellia Grill, Lenny's News has expanded to locations at 5420 Magazine next to P.J.'s and at 800 Metairie Rd. Next to Langenstein's and Coffee & Co. Susan owns the French Quarter store jointly with husband Lenny Wormser.

"At our French Quarter location, as well as all of our other locations, we offer the largest variety of publications for international visitors. In addition, we also offer for sale the widest selection of international and domestic cigars, cigarettes, pipes and other tobacco-related products, and many specialty items that you usually only find in full-service drug stores and gift shops." Said Mrs. Wormser.

Besides news and magazines, Lenny's News carries sundry items such as film, sunglasses, sunscreen and batteries; stationery, gift wrap, postcards, greeting cards and regional gift/souvenirs and has one of the best selections of Louisiana cookbooks and regional interest books in town. Also planned is a business information center with Internet access and fax, copy and mail services. Lenny's French Quarter News, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, also features an outdoor seating area in the plaza.

Cheril Vendetti Does Metairie (& Slidell & Houma)

Italian-American comedienne Cheril Vendetti began her professional career when she was 12 years old at her parents' pizzeria in South Boston when it burned down. "Everyone was so upset I started telling jokes," she says.

Cheril VendettiFrom Boston to LA, this mama mia of a singing comedian has left em in the aisles-especially in gay clubs-with her raunchy, sassy, full-bodied comedy. Her voluptuous showgirl persona (another "female female impersonator") has earned her a devoted following. "I think I was a stripper in a past life, only this time I came back a litle chubbier. I'm trying to get back to my original weight: eight pounds, three ounces."

Not only does she know how to work a room, even the grungiest, she also sings and camps it up Big Time, having honed her act over many years in over 300 clubs coast to coast.

Miss Vendetti will make her local area debut in Houma at Kixx Thurs., June 5, 11 pm, before doing three local one-night-stand appearances in Metairie and Slidell. On Fri., June 6 at 10 pm, she'll be yukking it up at Angles, 2301 N. Causeway. The next night, Sat., June 7, she'll sashay down the Causeway, to 3229 and the 4 Seasons, again performing @ 10 pm. On Sunday, June 8, the guys and gals at Billy's, 2600 Hwy. 190 West in Slidell will get a load of this sassy comic at 6 pm.

Comic Tish Ward, a bellicose Southern belle who "loves to spew sarcasm at a room full of strangers," will be Cheril's opening act.

CAC Presents Absolut New Orleans 1997

Absolut Vodka and the Contemporary Arts Center's Century Club collaborate once again for the ASSOLUT NEW ORLEANS 1997 benefit Fri. June 6, 1997, from 7-10 pm at the CAC, 900 Camp St.

Over a dozen of New Orleans' top chefs will be on hand to create Absolut culinary delights. Restaurants participating in this Absolut-ly delectable event are Mike's on the Avenue, Bacco, Charley G's, Upperline, Alex Patout's LA,, Ralph Brennan's Red Fish Grill, G&E Courtyard Grill, Emeril's, Mr. B's Bistro, Dooky Chase, Bizou Restaurant, Gabrielle Restaurant, Cafe Giovanni, Andrea's and Maurice's French Pastries.

Absolut New Orleans 1997 will also feature the unveiling of the Absolut Statehood art collection, seventeen pieces that highlight the innovative charm of Absolut's national ad campaign. This exhibition will be on view at the CAC through June 22.

Taino Quartet will be firing up hot Latin jazz music to complement the exciting food and partygoers can wash this all down with Absolut libations from Martini Bars, Juice Bars and Absolut Vodka Bars.

Tickets to this Absolut-ly rollicking good time are $15 in advance/Members, $30/Non-Members. At the door $20/Members, $30 Non-Members, so buy early! Tickets are available at the CAC from10 am-5 pm through June 5 and the night of the party or call 504.523.1216 and charge it.

The Drag Queen's Cookbook Is Finalist

Winter Books, an imprint of Pontalba Press of New Orleans is proud to announce that The Drag Queen's Cookbook & Guide to Sensible Living by Honey van Campe is a finalist in both the Small Press Book Awards and the Benjamin Franklin Awards. The Small Press Book Awards is sponsored by the International Small Press Publishing Institute, while the Benjamin Franklin Awards are issued annually by the Publishers Marketing Association.

The Drag Queen's Cookbook & Guide to Sensible Living is a hilarious, but surprisingly practical look at Drag Queen fashion and mores, chock full of outrageous how-to photographs, tips on throwing the perfect Drag party, and delectable gourmet food and drink recipes for cross-dressers from all walks of life. There's even a glossary of terms for the "Drag Impaired."

The book, which set one-day sales records at Barnes & Noble and Bookstar location in New Orleans, continues to enthrall readers across the country. Indeed, The Drag Queen's Cookbook & Guide to Sensible Living has been characterised as a "RuPaul meets Martha Stewart" primer for the Bi-Gender Generation.

New Guide To Theraputic Use (of Marijuana)

Few baby boomers ever dreamed they'd see the day when their parents, children, or grandparents would ask for marijuana. Sadly, cancer and AIDS have radically altered the paradigm.

Today, the medical application of this common drug has been legalized by popular vote in two western states, and over 40 percent of all physicians nationwide now freely admit to recommending marijuana to their patients to relieve a variety of medical conditions. What has been forgotten, however, is the large segment of the population that has never ingested marijuana-indeed may be morally opposed to, or inexperienced, in its use and ignorant of its benefits-who would clearly find great relief from its pain and nausea-reducing properties.

In other words, what do they do, now that the powers-that-be say they can use medical marijuana-but don't tell them how, when or what for?

The answers lie in a ground-breaking new book from Quick American Archives entitled Marijuana Medical Handbook: A Guide To Therapeutic Use by three of the most recognized and respected names in the marijuana field today-Ed Rosenthal, Dale Gieringer, Ph.D., and Tod Mikuriya, M.D. Clearly written for those who have little or no experience at all with marijuana but now need honest, informative descriptions of its properties, effects, medical indications, and safety-as well as information about where to get it and how to ingest it-the Handbook is a mine of information. From an assessment of its safety and efficacy, including a breakdown of its chemical components and effects, how to purchase and/or grow it, to how to roll, smoke or cook with it (recipes included), the Marijuana Medical Handbook is the first practical hands-on guide of its kind. It even provides a listing of California Buyers' Clubs, the text of the two legalizing statewide propositions, a glossary of terms, and an extensive bibliography.

Authors Rosenthal, Gieringer and Mikuriya represent the three powerful support bases of the legalization movement in this country.

Dale Gieringer, who earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford University, is the California coordinator of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and one of the original organizers of the Proposition 215 campaign.

Tod Mikuriya, M.D., a psychiatrist with over 30 years clinical experience in the medical use of cannabis, is a former director of marijuana research for the National Institute of Mental Health Center for Narcotics and Drug Abuse Studies.

Ed Rosenthal, a consultant to the cannabis buyer's outlet in San Francisco and the country's best-selling and most prolific author of books about marijuana cultivation and use, has written High Times magazine's Ask Ed column for over 25 years.

Together, in the Marijuana Medical Handbook, they apply their unique experiences and distinct perspectives to separating myth from fact for those who, because of illness, now need to know the difference.

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