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hot tails of red stick

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Apollo Holds Spring Soiree,
Plan Turnabout '97

The Krewe of Apollo has done it again. Their special Spring Soiree was held at new member Skip's home, and it was a dandy in a most elegant and gracious setting. These parties are what this krewe is all about-friendship, brotherhood, and camaraderie-drawing on pride from members in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. They also lead up to the event of events, the bal masque presentations held each January.

The 1998 Bal Masque XVII is going to be their biggest and most elaborate to date. Under the guidance and expertise of Denny Do-Good and that wonderfully talented Joe B., it's all falling into place. Already in the works are the magnificent costumes planned by reigning royalty, Damon and Terry, and the momentum is beginning to take hold. Their reign thus far has been one of the best in the history of the krewe.

This party was matched last month by the general meeting that was held at Jimmy and Vince's home in the fashionable "Pill Hill" section of Red Stick. Having lived on Ingleside Drive at one time, I learned that this designation of the Hundred Oaks/Country Club section of the city derived its nickname from all the doctors who chose this area as their place of abode. Now the University lakes section can be dubbed "Lawyers' Row," due to this area being a favorite of these happy people. Those two gorgeous lawyers, Joseph and Richard, are working at this very time to make their home the showplace of the lakes area. They are such fine, fine young men in both character and leadership.

B. Jaye, King Apollo XIII, came down for the Spring Soiree with his cute, little Kirk. Being from the far northern hills of Mississippi, they always support the krewe, and usually stay with that gorgeous ex-king David over on Bungalow Lane in Spanish Town. B. Jaye is one of my favorite people, and I treasure his friendship and trust.

New member, the terrifically terrible Tommy and his precious Roger were among the guests as was the dynamic duo of Gene R. and Tom, that ever-lovable Gene N., personable birthday boy, David, sweet Les (Joe's significant other), queen-elect Jim with his sig-other, current queen bee Terry with his special guest, as well as Damon (sporting his Hedda Hopper hat), floral sensation Jimmy and his Vince, another new member, that fabulous Patrick, krewe president Danny with his Hal in tow, Tom's daughter and friend, charming host Skip, the master garden specialist Ken (minus his lovely Mark who had a tow of his own to handle), and those wonderful lads from Beaumont, jolly Joel, dashing Darren, and naughty Nathan. Gosh, I hope I didn't leave anyone out! But then, read on.

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't tell you about that outrageously handsome stud who hangs out with our king-elect 97, Mr., Sam. I am, of course, speaking of Kyle, although sexy Kylie is giving him a run for the money, if I do say so myself; and, with both of them at the same party, the sparks were igniting all over the place.

I think it's called lust. I do love my Kyle, however. It's not often that someone does nice things for me, and his behavior and manners are above reproach. I think he has a new achievement that few of you know about. Remember our Mr. Butt Beautiful of 1996, sexy Michael over at Christina's? Well, sweet Kyle now has the prestigious title of Mr. Butt Beautiful of 1997. Congratulations, sweetheart. You're a winner in my book whether you have a title or not.

From the lush patio setting of the Spring Soiree, with its elite party-goers, I moved on to do my duties for my editor at other places of interest in Red Stick.

Earlier in the week, I spotted Richard and Damon over at Christina's doing their breakfast thing and discussing the latest news. Richard has had so many successful things going on at his bar lately that it's difficult keeping up with that boy. When I stopped in at George's last week, I had the pleasure of receiving a fabulous greeting from that wonderful Shane, beautiful Bruce, and the happy-go-lucky Bokey. It just makes me feel so good to know I have such friends in high places; or, as Garth would say, low places. I'm not joking here. I treasure these people, and I treasure the place they work. I can always count on the excellent service and the great feeling of belonging when I stop in at George's. I think this is the secret of Richard's success: offering his customers a great bar with the atmosphere and comfort to make you feel so welcome.

New management has taken over the Blue Parrot. Don and Tom are continuing the excellence that Paul and Michael created. Last week saw the departure of Paul and Mike who moved back to Florida. Otherwise, the bar remains the same with Steve and Greg handling the bartender duties, and Dean and his magnificent other occupying the same seats. Are you boys glued down?

The Time Zone held another craw fish boil, and the street was lined with guests, making parking along Main Street at a premium. Their successful cookouts, along with the expertise of the book baron across the street has turned Main Street into the fashionable gay mecca of Red Stick.

Baton Rouge also welcomed two Fort Walton Beach dignitaries for a special fundraiser held here. Melissa, who is the Resource Development Director at AIDS-Oasis, was accompanied by sweet Michael. They have invited me to a big fundraiser at Frankly Scarlett on Saturday, June 21, 10 pm. It's a variety show with money going to an AIDS charity. Admission is $7 at the door, and the welcome mat is out for Louisianians who would like to come and join in the fun of the occasion. I think I may do just that.

The Hide-A-Way has been cho- sen as the site for the Mr. and Miss Apollo contest on Sept. 5 and 6. Check with Damon at Hibiscus for full details on the contest. Several contestants are already lined up for the event, and it should be a great show with lots of great talent on display.

Apollo Turnabout is set for the Mirror Lounge on May 31. This is always a great show and the talent is quite unexpected in this event. All those held in past years have really brought the house down, so to speak. This one looks like it will be one of the best to date.

Several ex-Hibiscusites returned for visits this week. Joy, who moved off to the great heights of Denver, was back in town doing the relatives thing. She loves the area, loves her job, and loves all those happy people she mingles with in Colorado. It's always so nice to see her. Another ex-Red Sticker and one of Damon's friends returned for a week. Happy stud Grant was in town and reports that he too is gaga over his new surroundings. It's Tulsa, and he had nothing but good things to say about the cowboys here. You know, I've always liked a guy who could wear his boots with style and grace, and I've loved it even more when I got them out of those boots. As a former student at that school of higher learning in highly western Fort Worth, I knew my share of cowboys. I'm telling my age, of course, but I was in school with Broadway's great actress Betty Buckley, newsman Bob Schieffer, ballet great Harvey Hysell, actor Van Williams (the Green Hornet and a beautiful, beautiful man), football greats Bob Lilly and Jim Swink, and several others. As I recall, we were all surrounded by cowboys in one way or another. Oh, the good memories. Aren't they great?

Edwin, my newspaper buddy, came up from New Orleans for dinner at Arzi's on Government Street, where all those sexy guys work and the other sexy guys hang out. He reported that he really had a great weekend watching twenty flicks. Poor darling! All were of the XXX variety. Oh well, I suppose the swelling will finally go down.

I also ran into that gorgeous Ricky and his sometimes lover who just got back from Europe. They are great guys, and I love them both. Ricky spends so much time working on the boat that he is pushed for leisure time. Just let me know, honey, and I'll see if I can help you out a little.

Another great guy is David, my drug store cowboy, who is so generous and delightful to be around. You should see him in drag. Wow! What a difference a dress makes! He just tucks that thing away and comes out lookin' fantastic. He and buddies do the rounds in New Orleans, and the next time I see them "in style," I'll try to get pictures to share with you. One of the group is having a birthday soon. I dare not mention his name for fear that he will know something is up. Oh, hell-it's Curtis!!!!

Speaking of Curtis, that Mr. National Apollo, is absolutely wonderful. He has a new hairstyle, and it is so becoming for his gorgeous face. In fact, that boy is gorgeous all over. I said ALL over!

My pepper buddy Larry is still as hot as ever. He's such a sweetie. I love to share with him. Of course, we only talk. He has a significant other, so we don't go there, but our chats are great and we seem to be on the same wave length. I fussed at him for missing that big Apollo party. I was so looking forward to seeing him.

Charlie and Damon spent a glorious day in St. Martinville recently, dining out and buying those great crawfish pies that you can only get at Garrett's, a world famous little pie factory. This is one of the state's most historic little towns; it has always been a nice place to visit. I hear those pies are great, so I guess I'll have to get over there and get some pies too!

I got an e-mail from Timo recently, and he and Jim Buck are sup- posed to meet me over at Hibiscus. I trust Keith will let me borrow the keys to his photo studio, which is located in the complex. I see lots of great pictures in my future.

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