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Volume 15/Issue 12


From: Big Easy Gulf Coast Reservations
Subject: Accolades
Sonny, Checked out the new CCC site. Way Cool
-Rick Miles

Subject: hey Ms. Frances!
Becky, Just wanted to say thank you for all of the joy you've brought this sleepy oll town, esp. in .... and the ball and all. I'm sorry to see that end. Best of luck with Daryl's! Can't wait to get a break from Pageant to come see y'all. Let me know what you thought of Pageant - who'd YOU want to win?
Love, a loyal subject,

Subject: Guest Book
name: James Newman
description: I think your page is great! Please continue the the excellent work.
home: Joplin, MO USA
find us: by advertisement/marketing

From: (Hope M McCorkle)
Subject: E-mail Address
I noticed in your May 30- June 12 issue of AMBUSH that the e-mail address for AMBUSH is printed only once, while the www address is throughout the magazine. I do not frequent the world wide web, but have access to e-mail (because with a program called JUNO that promotes free e-mail, I have free e-mail). I'm writing because I've wondered ever since you began releasing businesses' www addresses, if you have considered releasing individuals' e-mail addresses in a listing as sort of an online gay/lesbian chat. I think gays and lesbians with a little spare time on their hands would enjoy writing to one another via e-mail. Thanks for Your Time,

From: R. Ebert
Subject: moving to BatRouge
dear ambushmags, (sounds like funny creatures) ... I am going to move to BatRouge (from Seattle) and am looking for a place to live STARTING on JULY 15 (or Aug 1). How can I place an ad in your paper? (How often does ambush gets printed?) Please send me address and specifics on placing an ad. That would be great. Thanks
-Reika in Seattle

Subject: Hello:)
OK..this is prolly gonna sound really strange ... but I was in NO this past weekend with 5 of my best friends.. gay males. Myself .. I am a str8 female.. but I have the best time with them and they Are my beste@t friends! : So to make a long story short..I met a dancer at incredibly gorgeous one ... even more so than most of them ... LOL! He said he was str8 also...and after a while even my guys agreed that he probably was. I was supposed to meet him Sat night when he got off work..well that would have been Sun at 3 AM ... and I was there, but we missed each other:( He was dancing again Sun evening, and again I was supposed to meet him at 1 0 Sun night ... but I was having dinner with my friends and missed him again. ( By the time I got there, his group had already left for home which is Houston, TX).

I guess what I want to know is ... is there anyway you can help me find him? What I mean is do you know anyone that could get a message to him from me? I know you can't give any info on him:) Surely they are booked into the club through some agency or something? Geeezz I am not nearly as NUTS as I sound ... LOL! Your site is great..kinda afraid to show it to the guys ... LOL! They are way younger than me..and enough is enough.. 1 can see us taking a Taxi to Baton Rouge ... LOL! Rawhide was enough for me ... hey I didn't go into the "back room": D I was hot flashing over the TV .... LOLOL! Thanks

Subject: Guest Book
name: Chuck Salpacka
description: Although I love Gay Seattle, Gay New Orleans is the best!! My boyfriend lives there and I travel there every couple of months or so. The bars are the best!
home: Seattle, Wa. USA
find us: by word of mouth

Subject: Pier 11 Lounge in Slidell!!!!
I am very dissappointed to see that you have no listing for the pier 11 lounge.I hope that this might be just an over sight on your part. I have visited this bar on several occassions and it's a really happening place to party. I hope to see you add it to your list of barssoon.Thanks.
-Troy D. Altizer

Subject: Guest Book
name: Dr. Ulrich Wiesel
description: Great service to find a place to stay at email:
home: Nuremberg, Germany
find us: by surfing the web

From: Jim Anderson
Subject: Re: The Big Easy
George Patterson wrote: > At 05:14 PM 5/23/97 -0500, you wrote: > >Can you tell me why New Orleans is called "The Big Easy"? > Dear Jim, > A gossip columnist for the Times Picayune [Betty Guillaud] coined the phrase in the 70's, in > answer to New York City's "I Love New York" ad campaign; her constant use of > the term to describe New Orleans put it into the general vernacular. > Cordially, > George Patterson, > Dear George: Thank you for your informative and prompt reply to my question. I really appreciate it.
-Jim Anderson

Subject: Guest Book
name: Dan Lee
description: Found your site while looking for info for Southern Decadence. Very helpful and informative. Added it to my favorite places.
home: Lake Charles, LA USA
ind us: by surfing the web

Subject: I PLAN TO PARTY ALL NIGHT (06/05/97)

From: "artboy"
Subject: hi there!
just got back from athens couple of days back. you might wish to include LAMDA which is at the junction between Syngrou Avenue and Lempessi Street. The crowd starts pouring in after lam and parties till dawn. This is a relatively new pub/disco with cute waiters and owners. They're really hot. The cutest dude I've seen anywhere is at this place. Too bad though English is not much spoken here and foreigners are treated with distant respect. The second floor is street level and where you enter in from, the basement floor has got another pub plus some dark rooms and the top floor is a disco/pub. Entrance is cheap at 2,000 Drachmas which is less than US$8 and includes a drink. Music is popular Greek and dance/house. Alexander's more of a pub and also saw a really cute well-hung and muscular jock there. Then there's Mikonos, 5 hours from Athens by boat and locals tell me it's the "purest gay isle in the Med". Too bad i had a short trip there only, but i would like to be back againnext year.
-Giasou fellas!

Subject: Guest Book
name: Nigel Hertz
description: Nice site, and very informative...
home: Pietersburg, NP, South Africa
find us: by surfing the web

From: Lena Kovid
Subject: just saying hi .....
... and making you aware of the Andi Wicksham Detective series. four novels...great characters and writing. modern, urban, political, alternative...etc. etc.. lesbian detective, check'em out....I think you might like'em a lot... love.........
-Ik, website:

From: robert settle
Subject: 1970's late
Aloha from Hawaii, I once got 3rd place in a peagent at the DOCK on Polk and Highland. Those were the days! OOH! Sheba and Kimberly Kiss. The Empress.

Subject: Guest Book
name: Tom Sokolowski
Buffalo Pride Online gives your site two thumbs up!!
home: Buffalo, NY, USA
find us: by surfing the web

From: "Mark Braun"
Subject: A strange request...but then again, maybe not so strange!
I'm an attractive 30 yr old NY gay man. I've never visited your city, but I plan on doing so soon. For years now, I've just KNOWN that I want to relocate to New Orleans. My visit would be with a mind towards that. This is not based on any movies, or reading too many Anne Rice books. It's more of a feeling... and I've learned (reluctantly at times) to trust these feelings.
I'm interested in where I should look for housing and employment in your area. I've been employed as a bartender and bar manager at one of the busiest gay bars in NYC, for the last 2 years. I'm also very comfortable working with computer situations, like web design, training, support, etc. Just not the sort of job that locks me in a cubicle all day, away from people. Like I said, I'd like to know how to best job hunt in your city...and where to look for housing. Any tips on economical yet centrally located temporary housing would be appreciated too. I'm not a trendy, gotta have brand name queen. I prefer a sort of "alternative" streetwise scene. (Tends to be cheaper too!) Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
-Mark Braun, 914/664-4781 (voice), P.S. I really liked your site!

Subject: Boulder, CO?
You don't have any gay hangouts listed for Boulder, Colorado-does that mean that there isn't any here? I'm new to the area and trying to find one. Thanks.

Subject: Guest Book
name: Will
description: Very informative site ... thanks ... will in New Orleans for Southern Decadence, the info is very helpful.
home: Denver/Colorado
ind us: by word of mouth

Subject: Guest Book
find us: by surfing the web

From: Victoria Harding
Subject: coming down to the Big Easy
Hi Becky,
Loved your tour! Myself and my girlfriend plan to hit some of the attractions mentioned on your site. We'll be staying in the French Quarter for three days and are flying out from Tampa, FL tonight. We will be certain to drop in at to Rubyfruit Jungle. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help!

From: "Kim Walters"
Subject: MCC's "the food closet" Palm Springs,CA
My name is Kim Walters and I am the founder of a food distribution program for people with AIDS. I am also the Fundraising Chair for a T-Shirt auction with celebrity autographs on them.

Our area had only one program that offered food aid to PWAS in the area, and in February they had to cut 500 of their 700 clients because of money shortfalls. Myself and a handful of volunteers created a food bank, that is now successful and sponsored byMCC of the Coachella Valley.

I have been trying to search for Chastity Bono on the Web to get her to autograph a shirt and I found your Website.. Maybe you guys can help and get some exposure for your event in Palm Springs at the same time. Could you, would you get Chastity Bono, and Thelma Houston to sign one of your Festival T-Shirts and donate them to our effort.

Also if you could get Chastity to get in contact with me, because I want her mother to sign a shirt. I have collected quite a few so far and I just been working a few weeks.

I have AIDS and havejust been diagnosed with PML (onset of Dementia). So I'm trying to get going while I still have my senses in control.

Rip, you and Marsha may remember me from Baton Rouge. Many moons ago when the "Dock" was there. I'm originally from Baton Rouge, been in CA for 16 years, sober 9 years and have a wonderful lover of nearly 1 0 years. lwas a real partier and drunk back in those days, maybe some other names would ring a bell of my old friends: Brian Howell, Larry (Manager of the Dock), Sheba Van Dyke, god I can't remember last names.

Anyway, if you can get us the shirts or you have any questions call 760.324.1168, KIM WALTERS or Rev David Pelletier MCC, 760.322.6998.

Shirts can be sent to: "the food closet" Auction, c/o Kim Walters, 68277 Grandview Ave., Cathedral City, CA 92334;
-Kim, e-mail:

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