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erotic film reviews

Volume 15/Issue 12

Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Last Taboo

Studio 2000 is one of the most active studios at this time in filming and presenting outstanding movies for adult male audiences. I've watched them over the past couple of years, and they have done a fine job in putting together quality entertainment and also bringing out subject matter that is both interesting and timely.

The Last Taboo is a good case in point--love without marriage and love with the marriage ceremony. Lots of top stars got together to put this one over. Mark Montana is listed above the credits, but I found that all of these guys stood on equal ground. Logan Reed and Matt Bradshaw again turned in fine sexual performances, especially Logan, not because he is a favorite with me, but the scene of him alone pleasing himself was one of the best I've ever seen on film. It is exactly what all voyeuristic individuals come to love, and he did a bang-up job. Whacking off was never any better than the technique he used.

The Last TabooOther stars in this movie were newcomers Drew Beaumont and Rick Chase with fine supporting work from Tyler Gray, Sam Crocket, Jake Taylor, Tony Brocco, Tyler Tauzan, Marc Calles, Jon Davis and Tony Brandon.

Montana is all for the institution of marriage whereas Beaumont feels that love is enough if it's said in the proper context. Therein lies the story, and as it unfolds, the viewer is taken to several places where wild sex is taking place, especially that four and five encounter session in the locker room with Montana emptying his load from the balcony. And Davis does a great job introducing Chase to first-time male sex in a hot park scene. Another hot scene takes place on the ranch where happily marrieds Bradshaw and Tauzin take in (or adopt) a younster and care for him like a son. It's "All in the Family," and it's a lovely, lovely relationship.

Beaumont's tender scene with Gray where he explains his love is exceptionally good, but it's Montana and Reed who don't mind shouting to the world that "we're here, we're queer, and we can get married if we want to." Heteros need to get over it. The ending is beautiful. You can just feel the pride as these two guys share their love in a meaningful relationship.

Louisianians will again appreciate the state's connection in this movie-namely Bradshaw and Tauzin-and if Mr. Reed would like to count Red Stick as his home, I'm certain this can be arranged.

Contact Studio 2000, 1.800.435.2445 or write 7510 Sunset Blvd., Suite 1437, Los Angeles, CA 90046 to order.

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