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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 12


Kenny Takes on Two Kings;
Pensacola Bad News for Two Red Stickers

It was a great night out in Baton Rouge as the Krewe of Apollo's annual turnabout program met with a packed house at the Mirror Lounge, and George's hosted their annual beach party weekend to a resounding number of happy beachers. It was like Memorial Day all over again. I don't recall a dull moment anywhere in town, and I made all of the "in" spots.

It certainly wasn't dull for two royalty members, Damon and Sam, who met the remarkable Kenny, with the radiant personality, lovely smile, and sexy body. This beautiful man-child livened up the night, and this continued on to George's where the evening's activities came to a halt, and he ended up spending the night in BR instead of driving back to New Orleans.

Perhaps this nice young man will become a member of the elite group of Apolloites. He's interested. We're always interested. Come on aboard, sweetheart, and enjoy the ride. I'm sure Ira would love that-and a few others too.

I have to tell you a little about the show. It all got started with a sexy, high-voltage performance by Miss National Apollo, who always does a magnificent job. This was followed by some surprises. That fabulous trio of Dixie Cups-Joe, Les, and Scott-were absolutely spectacular in several numbers, and this was only the beginning of the show.

It was followed by the beautiful Queen Apollo XVI, gorgeous Terry, doing "Killing Me Softly," Roberta-style. This was followed by Mr. National Apollo, a very delightful individual and one of my favorite people in all the world. Curtis, sweetheart, you are definitely fantastic in all respects, and your talent brought some added class to this show.

Now talk about class and you have to include Dolly Hardon, or whatever. The master gardner Ken brought this segment a rousing number. Another doll by the name of Urethra, or something like that, did a great Aretha. She looked a lot like an Apollo president. Next up was Jezebel Jones, a certain dish from Port Arthur. This lovely had more boobs than I could keep up with-front, back, under and over.

Next up was a return for the Dixie Cups doing "So Fine" with a couple of audience participants, followed again by that wonderful Mr. National Apollo doing Miss Carryon Luggage. It reminded me of Chaka Khan.

A trip to the '70s wouldn't be complete without a streaker, so along came two sweet Texans doing the Harlan and Ethel routine. That streaker looked familiar! Holy Merde! If I had been Ethel, I would have took out after him too.

It was all in fun. It raised a lot of money with part of the proceeds going to the Apollo AIDS Crisis Fund. That's what happens when "We Are Family." If you missed this one, my friends, you missed a special treat as only the Apollo guys can dish it out.

By the way, that other dynamic Beaumont boy did the announcing, and he did good, real good, just like I knew he would.

Don't forget the big contest coming up in September. It's the Mr. and Miss Apollo contest to be held at the Hide-A-Way. Several candidates have already acknowledged their intent to claim the crowns, but it's too early to predict the outcome. There are some great talents lining up, and the promise of a great show looms just around the corner. Stay tuned to this column for more info on this and other great activities taking place in jolly, old Red Stick.

Well, back to the Memorial Day activities. I mentioned that this past weekend was a continuing of the activities started the week before. This is true. Baton Rouge knows how to party, and the fun for me started at George's, then to the Blue Parrot. In fact, I made my way back and forth between these two bars all afternoon and into the night. Both establishments had great food, cold, cold drinks, and lots of happy people passing a good time. I know it wasn't Florida, but a pleasurable experience can sometimes be found in your own back yard. It's a lot cheaper too.

Sweet Richard cooked me a fabulous, big rib, and Shane made sure I enjoyed it. When you have someone like this fabulous bartender around, everything just has to be good. George's has a number of new bartenders-all great-lookin' male hunks. I don't know where Richard finds them, but I have to compliment him on his taste in men. He can pick spectacular guys, like Brad, Todd and Douglas, which probably is one of the reasons he keeps his place packed all the time. I'll be telling you more about these guys later. Remind me sometimes to tell you about Shane and that fabulous riverboat boy.

Memorial Day also brought great food and a packed house to the Blue Parrot. Don and Tom are extremely nice, and I enjoyed my time there with Ricky, Fluffy, Dean, Bill and all the others. It's simply a great, great place to hang out-no pun intended here. However, with that sweet Fluffy around, there's no telling what's going to hang out.

My day wasn't complete until I stopped in at the Time Zone. It was here that I ran into that dynamic duo of uncaped crusaders, the mighty Mark and his marvelous Mike of jingle bell fame. Talk about ringing chimes! These two are chiming specialists, and they only come up for air on rare occasions. We had a nice time at the TZ. The other Mike, from down Ascension way, shares notes with me on these two. And to think, it actually started in the back seat of Damon's car. That's what happens when you have the kingly touch.

Now let me tell you about some thing just a little on the negative side. Pensacola offers a great fun place every Memorial Day for thousands of happy people, and this is with the knowledge that most of these jerks running businesses here apparently don't know how to appreciate good gay money. Well, here's something that will interest you, even disgust you, to a point.

Tonia and Becca went to a lot of trouble and expense having T-shirts made for the weekend. They checked ahead, and Escambia County issued them a permit as a street vendor to sell the T-shirts, but, alas, Santa Rosa Island has leadership separate from the rest of the county, state and nation, so they were not allowed to sell the shirts. In fact, their truck was about to be towed, and they had to pay the guy to unchain it and let them keep it. Had the shirts been offered by a local business, it would have been just fine, but no outsiders were allowed to partake of a little business intake.

Needless to say, the shirts were not sold, and I can vouch for their beauty of design and quality of material, so Hibiscus Bookstore has offered the gals a chance to sell what they have left. Here's how it works. They are $12.00 each, with $1.00 going to the Lambda Group and $1.00 going to the Apollo AIDS Crisis Fund. They are available in large, extra large, and extra, extra large. By helping the girls recoup some of their loss, two fine organizations will also benefit.

As far as Pensacola is concerned, I trust that everyone next year will stamp, their money as gay or lesbian, and show all these ass-wipes that green is green, and sexual preference is here to stay. So get used to it! It ain't ever going away!

Here's a thought! Isn't there another place along the Gulf Coast where Memorial Day could be spent and the visitors shown a little more respect? Poo, poo on Pensacola! Shame! Shame! Shame on all of you!

Last week while at the Hide-A- Way, I got to help see Susie off to her new place of abode. Susie and Susan are two great gals, and I will miss seeing Susie. I think she's moving down Houma way. With Susie in Houma and Susan in BR, I have a feeling that road is going to see a lot of tire action.

Tigger has a new truck. It's red, has a covered bed, semi-dark windows, and a studly driver who is rearin' to go. I've known this young man for quite some time, and I have to admit that red is a great color for him. It signifies a hot, hot personality, or something like that. I'm sure you'll see him out at George's or Traditions. He's unattached now, but with the new wheels, this could be only temporary. He's known for being rather hot-blooded, and his tank is full and set for happy cruising. Right, Keith?

I heard by way of the grapevine that fantastically talented and gorgeous Stephanie Williams had her tires slashed. This lovely creature doesn't deserve something like this. Really, no one does, but unfortunately there are those creeps in the world who have no respect for other people or their property. Chin up, darling. You are a nice, nice sweetheart, and you can certainly hold your pretty head high to low life such as this.

Sexy Tim of Spanish Town just got back from Chicago and reports that the big leather event there was too spectacular for words. Just feature 200 to 500 leather-clad dreamboats all in one room, and you know what he means.

Of course, Tim is such a gorgeous hunk himself that I'm sure all eyes were on him.

By the time you read this, our Crescent City leatherites will have had a big show called "Back to Broadway." You can always pick up tickets to these events at Hibiscus, a strong supporter of the leather community in Red Stick. After all, that's where wonderful Gregory hangs out. Don't you just love the way I worded that, darling?

Another contest will take place while this column is going to press, but I will tell you all about the Mr., Miss, and Ms. R.O.U. Pageant next time around.

If you haven't stopped by the Mir- ror Lounge to see the new bar tender Brad, you've missed a treat. This blonde beauty has a radiant personality that just shows what a sparkling and refreshing young man he really is. I found him to be extremely nice, very Irish, and quite enjoyable to be around. I'm here, honey, and I'll be around again. See ya'!

Have any of you noticed that extremely sexy UPS guy? He works in the downtown area, and he is just about the most precious and most gorgeous hunk I've ever seen. If you read this, sweetheart, remember that I'm available. I hear you work out before going to work each day. No wonder you have such a fabulous body, but then you can tell your genes are of the best variety. Whoever put you together was a master craftsman. Wow!

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