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Volume 23/Issue 13/2005

Rip & Marsha



by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain 
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Gay Appreciation Awards Top 5 Finalists Hail from Austin, Mobile, New Orleans & Pensacola

The Gulf South readership of Ambush Mag cast the majority of ballots on-line this year to decide the Top 5 Finalists, and ultimately the winners, of the 18th annual Gay Appreciation Awards. For the first time, votes were cast from all seven states which comprise the Gulf South readership of this mag. Only 6 ballots were cast via snail mail. Finalists hail from Austin, Texas; Mobile, Alabama; New Orleans, Louisiana and Pensacola, Florida.

The Top 5 Finalists include:

Circuit Party/Event of the Year - Abracadabra, Halloween, Gay Easter Parade, Rolling On The River: Beauty With A Cause, Southern Decadence;

Hair Salon of the Year - Arthur's House of Glamour, Hair Asylum, Mickey Nolan Salon, Salon d'Malta, Salvador Joseph's;

Gay Carnival (Mardi Gras) Ball of the Year - Krewe of Amon Ra, Krewe of Armeinius, Krewe of Petronius, Lords of Leather, Mystic Krewe of Satyricon;

Neighborhood Bar of the Year - Corner Pocket, Cowpokes, Four Seasons/Metairie, Good Friends, Friendly Bar;

Buzzy Fanning AIDS Award - Austin Babtist Women/Austin, NO/AIDS Task Force, Project Lazarus, Wally Sherwood, Taylor Trinity/Austin;

Bitch of the Year - Bianca Del Rio, Phyllis Denmark, Glenn Fonte, Rusty LaRoux, Robin Malta;

Show Bar of the Year - Big Daddy's, Cowpokes, Four Seasons/Metairie, Golden Lantern, Oz;

Performing Arts Award - Austin Babtist Women/Austin, Drama!, Hollywood Heaven, New Orleans Gay Men's Chorus, People Come & Go So Quickly Here!;

Restaurant/Deli of the Year - Bywater Bar.B.Que, Clover Grill, Katz Deli/Austin, Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, Quarter Scene Restaurant;

Dance Bar of the Year - B-Bob's/Mobile, Cowpokes, Oilcan Harry's/Austin, Oz, Parade;

Bartender of the Year - Jim Doyle/Friendly Bar, Mike Farley/Oz, Allen Jones/Oz, Rex Romans/Cowpokes, Chris St. Pierre/Oz;

DJ of the Year - Filthy Rich/Rain/Austin, Raymond Mattix/Oz, Mary Pappas/Oz, Tim Pflueger/Oz, Darren Thomas/Parade;

Leather Bar of the Year - B-Bob's/Mobile, Chain Drive/Austin, Cowpokes, Phoenix, Rawhide;

GLBT Business of the Year - Alternatives, Georgian Furnishing Co., Pride Specialty, Queen Fashions, Tapelenders/Austin;

Leather Person of the Year - Dr. Alan Bowers, Mina Hernandez, Timm Holt, Wally Sherwood, Jamie Temple;

Transgender of the Year - Regina Adams, Vivica Devereaux, Rusty LaRoux, Marcy Marcell, TT Thompson;

Lesbian of the Year - Lili Alpaugh, Marty Curtin, Mina Hernandez, Pat McCardle, Mary Pappas;

Gay Man of the Year - Johnny Chisholm, Michael Elias, Tommy Elias, Robin Malta, Wally Sherwood;

Entertainer of the Year - Austin Babtist Women/Austin, Electra City, Savanna DeLorean, Bianca Del Rio, Taylor Trinity/Austin.

The winners will be announced at the 18th annual GAA Gala on Sun., July 10, 8-10pm at Body & Soul, 525 Marigny, in New Orleans. All Show Bar of the Year Finalists are invited to perform a production number along with last year's Entertainer of the Year, Bianca Del Rio. The GAA Board of Directors is excited to have the Austin Babtist Women, former Entertainers of the Year, as special guest stars for the 2005 Gala.

In the next edition of Ambush, the GAA Board will announce it's selection of the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, the Board will announce the Top 5 Finalists for the Cheridon Comedy Award, and the Fly Fashion Glamour and Victim Awards. The winners of those three awards will also be announced at the Gala along with the recipient of the Marsha Delain Award of Excellence presented by Marsha Naquin-Delain.

The Board of Directors includes Lisa Beaumann, Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Toni Pizanie and Rip and Marsha Naquin-Delain. For additional information on past winners visit archive.ambushmag.com/GAA.

Decadence is Coming!!!

You know Southern Decadence is right around the corner when last year's grand marshal is preparing to announce his successor. That's right, Southern Decadence Grand Marshal XXXII Donnie "Jager" Jay James has set Sun., July 17 as the date for the Official Southern Decadence Coronation. He has also decided to hold this monumentous event at Oz New Orleans, 800 Bourbon St., beginning at 3pm. The new grand marshal(s) will reign as SDGM(s) XXXIII over the 34th annual Official Southern Decadence blowout celebrating "Gay Life, Music & Culture".

SDGM(s) XXXIII will set the tone for this year's celebration with his/her/their own theme, colors and song. The Coronation festivities will include a show featuring past grand marshals and special guests, the SDGM announcement, and the unveiling of the new poster by renowned photographer Larry Graham. A celebratory bar run following the announcement is open to all.

Even though 2005 will be the 34th anniversary of the Official Southern Decadence celebration, this will actually be the 32nd year with a grand marshal [the grand marshal selection did not begin until the third year]. However, the new grand marshal(s) will be the 33rd grand marshal(s) [the two in 1978 were counted as grand marshals 5 & 6]. But this is actually only the 33rd parade. There was no parade the first year. Are you confused yet?

For all the latest, visit www.SouthernDecadence.COM, the ORIGINAL & ONLY Official Web Site of Southern Decadence dedicated to the preservation of the history and traditions of Southern Decadence in New Orleans since 1972. Ambush Mag is proud to serve as the ONE & ONLY Official Southern Decadence Guide.

Krystal on Bourbon Brings Back 10˘ Burgers June 28

Ah, remember the days when you could enjoy the big taste of a fresh, hot, small, square Krystal hamburger for just 10 cents? For a price that low you would have to go back to around 1945, the year the fast food icon first came to the Big Easy and started serving up its legendary hamburgers to hungry locals and visitors who traveled near and far for the big taste of Krystal. While the days of two-nickel Krystals have long passed, Krystal customers in New Orleans will have one day to relive the time it cost just a dime when

Krystal celebrates the company’s 60-year legacy in New Orleans and its landmark Bourbon Street location’s 10-year anniversary with specially priced 10˘ Famous Krystal hamburgers on Tues., June 28. Beginning at noon and lasting until 10pm., customers are invited to stop by the Krystal at 116 Bourbon Street on June 28 to enjoy Famous Krystals for just 10˘ each. Each individual customer will be permitted to order up to 6 hamburgers at the throwback price (six for 60 cents) and customers stopping by in pairs will be able to enjoy a Famous Krystal Sackful of 12 for just $1.20. During the 10-hour celebration—one hour for every year Krystal has been on Bourbon Street—special Krystal merchandise, including vintage men’s and women’s t-shirts and truckers caps that commemorate the era of 10˘ Krystals, will also be available at the location throughout the day.

"We’re thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of Krystal on Bourbon Street while also recognizing Krystal’s tremendous 60-year heritage in New Orleans. Offering a day of 10˘ Krystals, with 6 for 60 cents and a Sackful for two for only $1.20, is the perfect way to say thanks to all of the lifelong Krystal lovers who have made the Big Taste of Krystal a big part of growing up in the Big Easy," said D.B. Carnes, owner of local Krystal franchise partner Big Easy Enterprises, which operates the one-of-a-kind Krystal on Bourbon Street. "We’ve also learned that our Krystal on Bourbon is currently ranked number one in franchise sales so far this year, out of more than 180 Krystal franchise locations in 12 states, so that is certainly another great reason to celebrate with our New Orleans area customers who make our restaurant number one."

Since its opening, the Krystal on Bourbon Street has become a favorite destination for Krystal lovers from all across the country who make it a point to visit anytime they are in New Orleans. The unique three-story structure, which is located in what was once part of the Woolworth store at Bourbon and Canal, is the largest of any of Krystal’s 450 restaurants.

"The Krystal on Bourbon Street is a landmark restaurant for our company because of its sheer size, unique design and special location in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world. It is consistently one of our busiest restaurants anywhere, and we’re proud and honored to have New Orleans’ very own D.B. Carnes as the steward of the Krystal brand in the Big Easy," said Fred Exum, chief executive officer, The Krystal Company. On the anniversary celebration, Exum shared, "Together with Big Easy Enterprises, we celebrate Krystal’s legacy in New Orleans and the 10-year milestone of Krystal on Bourbon Street. While many things have changed over the years, including the cost of a Krystal, the big taste of Krystal’s one-of-a-kind menu items is just the same now as it was 60 years ago. Krystal is an original that has stood the test of time to become an icon to people all across the South."

Krystal first arrived to New Orleans 60 years ago when it opened two stores, one at the corner of Canal Street beside the world famous Roosevelt Hotel, which had regular "big band" radio broadcasts from its Blue Room, and the other located in the French Quarter at 109 Royal Street. In the following years, additional Krystal restaurants were added, and by the 1950s, customers were served at locations in the Central Business District at 140 St. Charles Avenue, in the Garden District at 2000 St. Charles Avenue, and in Jefferson Parish at 6633 Airline Highway.  A final Krystal location was added in 1975 in Jefferson Parish at 4243 Veterans Boulevard.   All the restaurants were company-owned, as the Krystal Company did not have franchise restaurants until the early 1990s.

In December 1995, after a period of absence in New Orleans during the 1980s, Krystal returned to the delight of its loyal customers with the opening of the Krystal on Bourbon.  Krystal is the oldest quick service restaurant chain in the South and the second oldest in the United States. Founded in 1932, Krystal restaurants have become more than sparkling-clean eateries where friendly employees serve up fresh, delicious food. Krystal has become a cultural icon and an experience that virtually every man, woman and child in the South has shared. Nearly everyone in the region has a Krystal memory. The Krystal brand—and the great food, service, value and setting that it represents—has taken a prominent place in the South’s cultural landscape. While the company’s identity has always centered on the Famous Krystal hamburger, Krystal’s menu offers a variety of unique menu items that are distinctive in size and shape, served fresh, hot off the grill and perfect anytime of the day.

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