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Volume 15/Issue 13

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Disney Report

Yes, yes, yes! Disney has done it again! Gay Day was once again a grand success and heavily patroned by thousands of gays and lesbians. I saw lots of our local "family" out riding the rides and enjoying being with each other.

With Disney celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, one of the greatest changes to the Kingdom was the castle that stands front and center as you walk down Main Street. I called it "fagging out" the castle. It looked like a giant candy cake.

Disney Castle With tons of frosting, lifesavers and lots of other candies. Now only a "queen" could design such a site. Thousands filled the Main Street Square to see the special 25th Anniversary Show. The show was spectacular with excerpts of all the latest Disney Animations. The whole day was great, but many went back to their Disney Resorts early to get ready for "One Mighty Party".

Disney's MGM Studios shut down their park early in final preparations for the late night event. The gates reopened for party patrons eagerly waiting to experience this dance party.

Lisa, Donnie and I arrived at the front entrance gates to get our tickets from Oz's Si in the ticket window. The music and energy filled the entire park. Once past the gates, the music (by DJ Abel) took control of your body. The 3 of us were totally blown away by what our eyes beheld. The entire Main Street of MGM was converted into a dance floor. With towering scaffolds lining the sides of the street to hold the speakers and light systems. A constant cloud of fog sat above the 6,000 men and womyn dancing uncontrollably. Lonnie Gordon and two choreographed dancers, came out on the stage at the end of the "dance floor" and gave an unforgettable show of dancing and song.

MGM even opened their newest ride, the Hollywood Tower of Terror II for the patrons to ride.

To sum it up...Johnny Chisholm, Jeffery Sanker and Disney's MGM Studios put on the biggest & best gay dance party of all time.


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