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Volume 15/Issue 13


From: "R.G."
I would like some info on the NO-AIDS WALK. We have marched in the walk before and have not heard anything about when and where and what anymore. Can you get all the info to us. We would like to participate again but we need the complete package for sponsors etc. email, Ranny Gunn & Royce Stroope, 530 Merrick St., Shreveport, LA 71104, 318.222.2243, Sincerely,
-Ranny Gunn

Subject: link exchange
Hi, We are Gay Raw Sex and would love to exchange links with your site. Our URL is send us your link informatin and we will get your link up ASAP! Thanks,

Subject: websites
Hi man. I checked out some of the websites listed in your column on page 19 of the May 30 issue. Nice coverage of New Orleans. Rubyfruit Jungle page looked good and I was glad to see the Tuesday night part mentioning country western lessons and dancing and New Orleans' only live gay country western d... It's a great way for people planning to visit to find out what's going on and where even before getting here, saving a lot of time (and frustrations!) It was good to see you Tuesday night. Come back soon. Bye.
-Mike Thomas

Subject: Southern Decadence
I'll be in New Orleans for Southern Decadence this year. Please send me Ambush. I read the article in Our World magazine. Thanks

From: Joe Krinock
Subject: Re:
Dear Rodger, Thank you for your comments. The folks at (the rainbow award givers) forwarded this mail to me, and I believe it warrants a response.

>>To whom this may concern, Guess you guys take a very fast look at the pages you give awards to. has to be one of the worst pages I have ever gone to for links that don't work. Just check his rainbow page out and your find 97 percent of the links don't work and are out dated.>>

I realize this problem with my site. Unfortunately, the focus of my pages are not my links, as you might suggest. It's my online diary which can be found at: I've kept the diary for a year and a half now. It shows my life as a gay teenager, dealing with life issues such as dating, religion, friends, and life from my perspective.

>>You guys should >>look a little bit before you hand out awards for garabge web sites like >>his. isn't worthy of your award.

Maybe if you would of looked around for more than a minute, you would of found out that my site isn't garbage. For you to make an accusations such as this tells me that you have *way* too much time on your hands to actually take the time to write to the Rainbow Award committee and shred me to bits. Also, you must have such a hatred towards me to take the effort to write such a nasty letter. Maybe if you had the balls to write *me* instead, and mention the problem, I could view you in a different light than I do now. I never intended my site to be a 'links' site, nor will I ever intend it to be. It's my personal home page, and thus, has to do about me. Heck, I could yank out Rainbow World, and the site would not be any worse off.

>> People expect when they >>check you page out for award winning sites that they will be just that >>and this one just plainb stinks.

Well, my site has won more than it's fair share of awards. I've received a Freedom award, a Les Bois award (From the Idaho PFLAG) and a market-tek award for my site. What about you? Do you even *have* a web site I could visit and give my review on? Apparently you don't, judging from the hotmail address, so from the looks of it, I'm doing a hell of a lot more for the gay community than you are. I can't babysit my web site constantly and check every link. Those sites were added in the beginning of 1997, and they all worked when I first put them up on the page. Considering I work 12 hours a day on top of trying to maintain my site, answer the mounds of e-mail (I've gotten over 300 letters this month telling me to keep up the good work) then having to listen to you vent about how horrible my site is when you looked at one page on it is a bit annoying to say the least. Until you have room to complain, don't. And next time, if you have a problem with my site, write me. OK?
-Joe Krinock -

From: (Rip Naquin)
Subject: Re: What a waste!
>Just spend 15 minutes on your web site trying to find out about Gay >Pride day in NOLA and then failing that, tried to find the phone number >of any of the bars in the Quarters so I could find out direct. >Your pages have art and a lot of hot air ... no information. >What a disappointment, but then, you are from Baton Rouge. >
-Irene Stuber

Pride just gave us updates June 9, 1997. Ambush provides the space, the organizations provide the information. Pride Fest'97 is Saturday and Sunday, October 11th & 12th. It puzzles me that you did not see the Pride phone numbers on their home page. If I wanted Pride info, I would call Pride, not the bars. However, all of the bars have phone numbers listed. Perhaps you should read a little more carefully. Point of information, there is only one Quarter. Quarters would mean more than one. Good Luck,
-Rip Naquin

To: (Rip Naquin)
Subject: Re: What a waste!
Oh thanks - as one who LIVED in the French Quarter, let me assure you that the use of the word QUARTERS is not only correct but is ABSOLUTELY correct. It just goes to show you how much out of it you are ... Gay Pride Day was ORIGINALLY set for the third Sunday of June. That's why the parades in Boston, LA, SF, etc. in June. WE - used to hold the celebration in the park on Esplanade in Marigny. I did read your web site *very* thoroughly - and then wondered why. You are so busy with graphics you miss telling the story - or the point of the page. All that cuteness, especially about the Quarter, and you didn't even know about the usage of the QuarterS ... FYI, Quarter(S) usage comes from being the Quarters of the Spanish troops over on Barracks Street ... It's old New Orleans ... native, that is.
-Irene Stuber

From: "Colette M. Guste"
Subject: FUN
Hello Becky, My computer is all of six weeks old...what a blast I am having...found your sight:NEW ORLEANS..good is really terrif ic...keep up the fortunate that we get to live in such a great city. Yes, see you on the STREETS. As always..HA! Later,
-Colette Guste

Subject: hi Hey Becky!
Do you know of a restaurant called Lady Chen's ... ? I really enjoyed your tour. Thanks!
-Atlanta Guy

From: Barry Sherbal
Subject: Lists not upto-date
I recently forwarded your list of Kansas City, MO bars to a friend that just moved there. He told me that he tried to call/visit some of them but they wre not there or open. How often do you check to see if the places on your list are still in business?
-Barry Sherbal

Subject: Webpage
Great job on the site!! Got to visit last year - guests of Mark McCartney (BugLady?) ... anyhow... really enjoyed the sites ... hope to rtn sometime ... Just wanted to let ya know the site is really greeeaaaaaaaaaat!!
-George & Glenn

Subject: Schedule?
Any suggestions on how long I should stay, i.e., what events are worth attending? Also, any suggestions on where to stay? No hurry, but, if you have a chance to respond, I would appreciate a response since I have never been to N. O.

From: "Dr. Alain Saint-Saens"
Subject: invitation
Dear Colleague, dear friends, As General Editor at University Press of the South, Inc., I would like to invite you to visit our new Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Studies Series at: We encourage submission of manuscripts for possible publication. Cordially,
-Dr. Alain Saint-Saens

From: "Colette M. Guste"
Subject: having fun....
Hello all, Are we having fun yet? Just surfing the web when I should be sleeping...found your site...good job...also, like the music..I lived in the Quarter for 10 yrs. Myself...The quarter is great...well, off surfing...Oh, by the way, I am new to the neon world...finally have a studio of my interested ... please have it!...Again, love your New Orleans. I will have to check out your chat area .... sounds like a blast....later people .... keep in touch... Yes,

From: DeltaDykel
Subject: 50/50 Essay Contest
We all search for community and Delta Dyke Productions is doing an essay contest in order to raise money to start a Lesbian & Gay Men's Community Center in our area. This will be a 50/50 raffle giving the winner of the contest 50 % of the total take while the other 50 % will go to the community center fund. Rules are simple, send a $10.00 entry along with your essay sharing with us "what the Lesbian and Gay men's community means to you. How you have pride, joy, and happiness being Lesbian/Gay. Contest ends midnight, August 15th and the winner will be notified Sept. 1. Please give us a name & a way to contact you so we can notify the winner. This way our community will win twice. Some lucky person will win and so will our community. Let's work together to make a strong, happy, healthy and pride filled community. It takes each one of us to make dreams become reality!! Send entry to Delta Dyke Production, attention Essay, P.O. Box 1023, Pensacola, FL 32595-1023. For more information contact Denise Eaker at 904.438.0333 or e-mail DeltaDykel, This contest is for all lesbians and gays, everywhere.

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