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erotic film reviews

Volume 15/Issue 13

Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dark Side Of The Moon

I 've often wanted to go on an archaeological dig, and I finally got to do just that, and it was very nice. I called my experience the Dark Side of the Moon, and Studio 2000 thought it was great enough to pass on to all of you. It's not everyday that you get to look for a stone phallus and study Indian lore. I usually just settle for the normal phallus variety and create my own lore.

It all starts out in camp. Our big star, Mr. Sonny Markham, who was in New Orleans at Oz recently, is dozing and all of a sudden finds out he's not alone. This is where newcomer Kurt Stefano comes along. He's the Indian, and a nice young stud at that. Well, he offers our Sonny boy a big black stone dick, and when Sonny boy reaches out to touch it - Voila! - It's the real damn thing, and a perfect match sizewise. Our Stefano boy is quite well endowed.

Sonny MarkhamSonny Markham
with Logan Reed, from Studio 2000

After the standard sucking and humping, our Sonny boy finds out he's been in a dream state except for the small black phallus hanging around his neck. The camp archaeologist (Jordan West), who seems to be the busy one of the group, just laughs it off. This just couldn't happen, so he tells Sonny to get back to the cave for some more digging.

Along comes new dig worker, my very beautiful buddy Logan Reed, the one with the preciously beautiful penis, the great chest covered with real hair and not polished kiddie flesh, and the fantastic set of buns. He needs a shower, and so does our local Louisiana boy, Matt Bradshaw, who apparently already humped some Indian because he has a black dick around his neck. I had already seen the layout for Matt and Logan in the latest issue of "XXX Showcase," and even made sure my good friend Richard had his own special copy. It was so great that I just could hardly wait to see the movie. I wasn't disappointed. It was the most erotically charged humping scene I've ever witnessed. What more can I possibly say but - Wow!

Next we see our three little cuties putting big rocks in the back of a jeep, and they need to borrow the wheels so they can ride around and cool off. Well, they ride around, but it certainly wasn't in a jeep. This was a fantastic trio situation, handled expertly by a gorgeous Brant Cross, cutie-pie K.C. Hart, and sexy Tyler Flannery. They really didn't cool off that much either. Sweat was poppin' out all over the place as they humped and grunted their way to happiness.

All good stories have to end somewhere, and this is one of these "I told you so a long time ago" type of lines. Jordan becomes a believer as I knew he would, and it all ended happily especially after he got to ride around on Sonny's penile shaft.

I was extremely happy to see my precious Logan, but the shock of shockers was to not only see him take Matt's big weenie up the hiney, but Matt did the opposite this time and relished with glee with Logan's tool impounded in his rear end. I'm not sure how much sleep I'm going to get tonight. I'm going to be thinking about that shower scene for a long time to come, and I'm looking forward to talking to Matt again when he comes back into town, probably to see friend Cody. I hear it's going to be in the very near future.

Give this one 10 stars for the 8 stars who made me so happy. May you all experience the same when you see this Studio One/John Travis creation.

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