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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 13


Blue Parrot Site of Impressive Commitment Ceremony;
King Apollo XVII Hosts Intimate Dinner

One of the capital city's most beautiful and impressive ceremonies took place last Saturday at the Blue Parrot. For that occasion, Don and Tom turned their place of business into a miniature chapel, tastefully decorated for this special commitment ceremony.

It was Tangy and Charlyn's commitment to a life together with the ceremony being officiated by Don, and the lovely Charlyn, wearing a stylish, ankle-length peach dress, being escorted and given to Tangy by Tom before this intimate gathering of friends. The actual ceremony and exchanging of rings was one of love and understanding between two very charming individuals. James, King R.O. U. XIV, gave the toast as the attendees raised their glasses of champagne to honor the committed couple.

The cake was cut, the food was served, and it was away to Disney World and a fabulous honeymoon for the newly committed, who charmed everyone with their openness of attraction and love. The one thing that I noticed was that the audience was filled with straight friends, and this was such a wonderful and positive outpouring of support for Tangy and Charlyn. As an added note, I must say that when the bridal bouquet was tossed into the crowd, I was astounded to see it being caught by none other than our very own Cary C. Darling. Darling! Whatever are you going to do now? Amend your wayward ways?

At this point I need to mention the commitment being made by Don and Tom to the gay and lesbian community here in Red Stick. It's been a long while since I've seen two individuals so enthusiastic about their business and the open support they have given to everyone. The energy abounds, and the results are becoming evident to everyone. The Blue Parrot is becoming a favorite place for many in the community, and this is due to their own positive commitment of offering a great meeting place for their clientele. Congratulations, guys!

Another intimate gathering took place earlier in the week at the home of King Apollo XVII, the charming and vibrant Sam. The simplicity of the occasion made it even more touching as these close friends enjoyed their time together, dining and talking about old times, old friendships, and the future plans of one and all.

I was given a tour of the home by Sam and that ever-charming Mr. Butt Beautiful of 1997, gorgeous Kyle. Sam's collectibles are fascinating and quite valuable, and they show the expertise that this royal gentleman possesses. It was an honor being included in this special gathering, and you may note a lack of pictures to illustrate this occasion. That's the way I thought this should be. Privacy among close friends is a treasure to those included in it.

I must tell you that the chef did a wonderful job preparing the food. I always have known that Kyle's hands were quite talented but I didn't realize how this talent extended to the kitchen. He can also tickle the ivories quite well and is an accomplished musician.

Well, it was happy birthday to a couple of Baton Rouge's finest young men. That cute Chance celebrated with friends, and I have to thank that wonderful Brian for clueing me in on this. Chance is one of those shy young men possessing a smoldering sexuality. I doubt if he even realizes how sexy he really is. I do trust he got everything he wanted on his special day.

The other birthday I just happen to have remembered was that of a beautiful and hunky stud. As luck would have it, Mario came by Hibiscus Bookstore while I was visiting with the book baron, and I got to chat with him and give him a surprise gift. It seems that this beautiful manchild already had a remarkable day as he turned 21. He took a dollar, went to the casino, and guess what? The bells went off, and he went away $1,100 richer. Was it luck? Whatever it was, it couldn't have happened to a nicer young man.

I find Mario to be one of the most genuine of all the young men I've had the pleasure of meeting. In comparison, he ranks there with Brian, Kyle, Joey, and several others. You only have to talk to someone briefly to come to this conclusion. With Mario, I find that his sincerity, integrity, and honesty are his passwords to that status of being a genuine and caring human being. There is nothing false in his friendship. So many young men come along today, and they fade away in obvious pretentious patterns of friendship and loyalty. Mario is a jewel among jewels, a diamond of beautiful proportions.

I also talked to the very gorgeous Tasha, James' significant other, and she told me all about the Mr. and Miss R.O.U. contest held at Images in Lafayette. That hunky and charming Chris Terro was named Mr. R. O. U. and Tamara Colburn took the Miss R. O. U. title. There was a Ms category but I failed to get the winners name on this one. I was talking with Tasha at the commitment ceremony, and I just had too many things going on in the note-taking department. (Actually, she didn't really recall the name but I hated to "spill the beans," so to speak.)

I made my way to George's on several occasions. I wanted to get a picture of Doug, but he wasn't in a photography mood. It seems he got a scratch on the side of his face while being involved in a friendly game of scuffling. I trust the game was worth it. Don't you just love tales of conquest?

Richard and Guy report the packed house they had for karaoke. This is one of the best places to be on Thursday nights. Good times are had by all. I can just see that marvelous Shane right now as he performs on that stage. The boy is absolutely one of the finest assets to ever come along at George's. Others need to learn from him. He just charms his way into everyone's lives as he works his sweet, wonderful little buns off. I also stopped in last week when Brad was working, but I didn't get to chat with him. It was happy hour and lots of happy people were passing a good time at Richard's outstanding bar.

The Krewe of Apollo Shreveport chose their new Mr. and Miss Apollo on Saturday, June 21 st. I'd like to make it and give you a full report, but it's difficult to get up into the hill country. In fact, with all the publicity they got last year, a tacky-minded individual didn't appreciate the coverage and suggested that I stick to the Southland and stay out of dear, old Shreve land. Unless I make that extra effort to go up for the event, there won't be a whole hellava lot of coverage. And I have a prior engagement already scheduled. I will, however, get that sweetheart of sweethearts, the lovely Queen Ronnie, to take a note or two for me. In fact, I've already discussed the matter with him. I just can't condemn an entire city for what one or two narrow-minded individuals think. The tacky action of some individuals just goes to show that you can please some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.

Who said that!?

Besides, I'm a Caddo Parish person by birth and just love Kenneth Ann's fine watering hole, The Korner Lounge, and I still think that Mr. Apollo last year was one of the sexiest young men I've ever seen. He can grace my presence any old time he so desires. I also have a unique way of removing boots, sweetheart.

Oh, yes. Ronnie says that Shreveport's Krewe of Apollo Bal Masque is set for February 14, 1998. Mark your calendars for this event.

Sweet, wonderful Kylie just got back from San Francisco, and he had a blast. It was his first trip out, and he reports that he and several friends, hoofed it to every nook and cranny in this fabulous city by the bay. He was sad to leave but was glad to get home so that he could rest up from his journey. Rest? Just what all did you do out there, darling? Now don't go getting any ideas about moving, sweetie. We need your pretty body right here in Red Stick.

Another Brad is enjoying his duties at the Mirror Lounge and is looking forward to the upcoming visit by Run Jane Run. He's a sweetie, and you all need to go by and check out this cutie. He's a Maine boy-and Irish to boot-and I just love that cool Irish accent he has.

Roger will be going to Houston with his new job assignment and TTT will be left alone to carry on. It looks as if the interstate between Baton Rouge and Big H will see a lot of action. These boys are so loving it's difficult to separate them. They are happily married and so very much in love. In case you don't remember, TTT is short for Terrifically Terrible Tommy. Did I ever tell you about his beeper technique?

TTT is still taking care of your travel needs, so beep him. You know he turns the sound off but the buzz vibrates his lefty and gives him an instant boost. If you aren't interested in travel arrangements, you can still give him a much-needed tingle while he's hard at work-his co-workers still haven't figured out why he frequently jumps and smiles so often.

The Hide-A-Way is gearing up for several programs that should interest you. Just check out their ads and fliers to stay updated or give Marie a call. In addition to the planned local Mr. and Miss Apollo contest on Saturday, Sept. 6, she's planning a Friday night of karaoke with the Apollo studs being invited to participate. That ought to be a hoot. (Hey, Bokey darling! Won't to go over and play!)

Photodoc's Brad is out and around again. He's been work ing so much, I hadn't seen him since we attended the Artists Against AIDS show a while back. It's always nice to see him out and about.

The Time Zone issues you a personal greeting and invites you to participate in their bar over on Main Street. They are noted for their great drinks and a neighborly touch. They are always busy and always welcome your visits. I noticed James and some bare-chested stud cleaning a refrigerator outside of the restaurant section last week. Something is always going on over there. I guess they were expanding again and cleaning out some of the items which they no longer needed.

That precious Greg really knows how to attract customers to the Blue Parrot. He's the Shane counterpart, and I sometimes go to this bar just to gaze upon that beautiful body. I think he is one of the sexiest young men in Red Stick. Don and Tom are fortunate to have him.

Bartender Steve said that Mike and Paul are settling into their new quarters in Key West. They will be taking over the Wendy's there and welcome all Red Stickers when you visit this island paradise.

The Committee of Friends will hold their 6th annual fundraiser, "Picnic With Friends," on Saturday, July 5th at the private residence of Wayne Myers, located at 15346 Perkins Road. Last year, $25,000 was raised to benefit the agencies that provide support to those infected with HIV/AIDS and their families. A silent auction will be held as part of this program.

For more information, call 318.296.7476. Please attend and bring your friends.

I don't know if you readers see copies of The Banner, the publica tion from PFLAG in New Orleans. I think it is appropriate to quote from their latest issue which involves the rudeness that Sandra Pailet and other PFLAG members were subjected to when they went to a committee hearing at the State Capitol on the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, that stupid thing that Senator Phil Short got started. What happened when she tried to speak out on this subject of useless gay bashing came from Senator Lomax Jordan (R-Lafayette).

At the hearing, speakers representing the Christian Coalition were allowed as much time as they needed to make their case for the proposal, but when Sandra tried to present the view of a parent of a gay child, she was cut off very rudely and treated with total disrespect by Jordan, who was chairing the meeting. She finally gave up all efforts to express her views. A letter has been sent to the Senate president protesting his inappropriate behavior. Whoever chairs a meeting is supposed to be neutral and give both sides a fair hearing on any issue. If you are a constituent of Jordan, a letter of reprimand would certainly be appropriate and would send a message to him that all citizens, whether you agree with them or not, deserve to be treated fairly. After all, we do all live in a democracy; at least, I grew up believing in this. That's why I make it a point to vote in every election. The less than honorable Jordan can be voted out of office, or doesn't he know that? Of course, that applies to that Short guy too!

I don't know if you all noticed the latest statistics to come out of the CDC in Atlanta, but Red Stick has jumped to #10 [from 20th] in the list of places with the highest number of AIDS cases. The previous list showed New Orleans in tenth place. Please remember to play safely. And you can always find condoms at the bars and at Hibiscus Bookstore. It's better to be safe than sorry. Please keep plenty with you at all times.

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