snap pics
Volume 20/Issue 14/2002

photos: Phyllis Denmark, Rip Naquin-Delain & Wally Sherwood

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  • S01.jpg - Steve Mettner accepts 15th Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • S02.jpg - Lisa Beaumann & Teryl-Lynn Foxx flank Bud Light GAA sponsors Margaret Jackson, Stephen Fischer & Jerry Peters
  • S03.jpg - Marsha Naquin-Delain & New Orleans AIDS Monument Chair Susan Levingston
  • S04.jpg - Gay Man of the Year David Weick & Austin Ambush Rep Eric Crabtree
  • S05.jpg - Austin Babtist Women [O'Feelya Faith, Ima Spinster, Widow Modine Murphy, Deacon Dave & Ethel Mae Studebaker] accept Entertainer of the Year.
  • S06.jpg - Michael Banko, Tommy Elias & Tim Pflueger accept Show Bar of the Year for Oz New Orleans.
  • S07.jpg - Tonisha TT Thompson accepts Transgender of the Year.
  • S08.jpg - Miss Gay LA America Asya Alexander accepts Fly Fashion Glamour Award from Miss L.
  • S09.jpg - Marcy Marcell accepts the Fly Fashion Victim Award.
  • S10.jpg - Bambi & The Dixie Chunks accept the Cheridon Comedy Award.
  • S11.jpg - Steve Mettner accepts Restaurant/Deli of the Year for Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli from Miss L.
  • S12.jpg - Tim Pflueger/Oz aka Tim Boxer accepts DJ of the Year.
  • S13.jpg - Wally Sherwood accepts Leather Person of the Year.
  • S14.jpg - Tommy Elias accepts Dance Bar of the Year for Oz from Teryl-Lynn Foxx & Lisa Beaumann.
  • S15.jpg - Ann, Gary & Electra City accept GLBT Bus. of the Year for Queen Fashions.
  • S16.jpg - The cast of Glitz accepts the Performing Arts Award.
  • S17.jpg - Blanche DeBris accepts Newcomer of the Year.
  • S18.jpg - Corner Pocket accepts Neighborhood Bar of the Year.
  • S19.jpg - Rex Romans/Cowpokes accepts Bartender of the Year from Teryl-Lynn.
  • S20.jpg - Tommy Elias accepts Circuit Party/Event of the Year for Johnny Chisholm's Memorial Wknd./Pensacola.
  • S21.jpg - Jamie Temple accepts Leather Bar of the Year for the Phoenix from Teryl-Lynn Foxx & Lisa Beaumann.
  • S22.jpg - Derisha Jenkins accepts Marsha Delain Award of Excellence/TheDrag Ambassador Award from Marsha.
  • S23.jpg - Bianca Del Rio accepts well deserved Bitch of the Year from Lisa Beaumann.
  • S24.jpg - Arthur Severio, Alexandra Romanov & Scotty Vaccarro/Arthur's House of Glamour accept Hair Salon of the Year.
  • S25.jpg - Ann, Electra City & Gary/Queen Fashions accept GLBT Friendly Business of the Year.
  • S26.jpg - Special Guest Ethel Mae Studebaker & Austin Babtist Women
  • S27.jpg - Special Guest Ima Spinster & Austin Babtist Women
  • S28.jpg - Special Guest Widow Modine Murphy & Austin Babtist Women
  • S29.jpg - Special Guest O'Feelya Faith & Austin Babtist Women
  • S30.jpg - Show Bar of the Year Finalist Cowpokes/Production Presentation
  • S31.jpg - Celebrity Emcees EGM III Teryl-Lynn Foxx & KCQ IX Lisa Beaumann
  • S32.jpg - Show Bar of the Year Finalist Golden Lantern Production Presentation/Connie Marcelle, Tonisha TT Thompson & Marcy Marcell
  • S33.jpg - Entertainer of the Year 2000 Bianca Del Rio as Cher
  • S34.jpg - Show Bar of the Year Finalist Oz Production Presentation/Michael Banko, Lisa Beaumann as Liza Menalli & Joshua Mesa
  • S35.jpg - Show Bar of the Year Finalist Oz Production Presentation/Teryl-Lynn Foxx as Dione Warwick
  • S36.jpg - Show Bar of the Year Finalist Oz Production Presentation/Joshua Mesa, Nikki Rich as Bette Midler & Michael Banko
  • S37.jpg - Show Bar of the Year Finalist Oz Production Presentation/Blanche DeBris
  • S38.jpg - Volunteer door personnel Clarence Jackson & Carl Ford flank GAA stage set designer Kenny Zibilich
  • S39.jpg -Partners Robert Teir & Johnny Smith of Austin accept Buzzy Fanning Fight Against AIDS Award for Taylor Trinity/Austin.
  • S40.jpg - Top 5 Performing Arts Finalist Slutpuppy Revue/Ken Gue & Donnie Jay

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