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Volume 21/Issue 14/2003

Rip & Marsha



by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain 
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"Irish" Mike & Bianca Del Rio to Emcee Coronation July 19

"Irish" Mike Sheehan

Bianca Del Rio

Southern Decadence Grand Marshal (SDGM) XXX "Irish" Mike Sheehan and SDGM XXIX Bianca Del Rio will emcee the Official Southern Decadence Coronation on Sat., July 19, 8-10pm at the Bourbon Pub/Parade, 801 Bourbon St. Sheehan will announce his successor, SDGM XXXI. The gala show will feature the talents of former Southern Decadence Grand Marshals, plus Donnie Jay, Sebastian, Kabrina Watson and other guests.

The new grand marshal will lead the 32nd Official Southern Decadence celebration which includes the giant 31st Annual Official Southern Decadence Parade on Sun., Aug. 31, beginning at Lucille's Golden Lantern, 1239 Royal St. at 2pm sharp.

The rumor mill is already churning throughout the Big Easy as everyone tries to guess who the lucky individual will be. It is an important choice as this 31st grand marshal will set the tone for the Decadence 2003 blowout. SouthernDecadence.COM has been bombarded with e-mails requesting the theme and colors for the celebration. We'll all know on Sat., July 19, so don't miss this fun evening of entertainment and excitement culminating in the announcement of SDGM XXXI.

Southern Decadence Grand Marshals include:

SDGM I Frederick Wright 1974

SDGM II Jerome Williams 1975 [deceased]

SDGM III Preston Hemmings 1976

SDGM IV Robert Laurent 1977

SDGM V Robert King

and SDGM VI Kathleen Kavanaugh 1978

SDGM VII Bruce Harris 1979

SDGM VIII Tom Tippin 1980

SDGM IX Tommy Stephan 1981

SDGM X Don Ezell 1982 [deceased]

SDGM XI Danny Wilson 1983 [deceased]

SDGM XII Mumbo 1984

SDGM XIII Michael "Fish" Hickerson 1985

SDGM XIV Kathleen Conlon 1986

SDGM XV Olive 1987

SDGM XVI Jerome Lebo 1988 [deceased]

SDGM XVII George Goode 1989 [deceased]

SDGM XVIII Ruby 1990 [deceased]

SDGM XIX Jamie Temple 1991

SDGM XX Rhee 1992 [deceased]

SDGM XXI Ms. Fly 1993 [deceased]

SDGM XXII Alain 1994

SDGM XXIII Blanche 1995

SDGM XXIV Wayne White 1996

SDGM XXV Miss Love 1997

SDGM XXVI Robin Malta 1998

SDGM XXVII Errol Rizzuto 1999

SDGMs XXVIII Tony Langlinais & Thom "Smurf" Murphy [deceased] 2000

SDGMs XXIX Bianca Del Rio, Pat "Estelle" Ritter & Rick Thomas, 2001

SDGMs XXX "Irish" Mike Sheehan, 2002

16th GAA Gala Names Winners; Raises Over $3,000 for Buzzy's Boys & Girls

The 16th Annual Gay Appreciation Awards Gala brought winners from Austin, Metairie and New Orleans to the stage at Body & Soul in New Orleans. The event raised over $3,000 for the William Fanning Foundation, better known as Buzzy's Boys & Girls. Due to the generosity of corporate sponsor, Ambush Mag, all monies generated through VIP Table sales, door admissions and stage performance tips went to the charity. A final tally was not available as of press time.

The William Fanning Foundation benefits "the emergency quality of life needs" for those affected by HIV/AIDS. To qualify for benefits, a Case Social Worker with NO/AIDS Task Force and other agencies, must refer an individual to the foundation. Over $500,000 has been dispersed by the foundation. The strictly volunteer foundation board oversees the disbursements. No monies are used for paid staff or overhead.

This year's gala honored Martha "Marty" Curtin and Barbara "Koo" Gaffney, recipients of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the GAA Board of Directors. The couple, who have been partners for over 17 years, have dedicated over 10 years of that time to the charitable works of the William Fanning Foundation (Buzzy's Boys & Girls), beneficiary of this year's GAA Gala. Curtin is Treasurer and Gaffney is Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Past Lifetime Achievement Award recipients include Jimmie Callaway, the late Dan Fountain [Betty Buttons], the late Andy Boudreaux, the late Buzzy Fanning, the late Dirty Dottie, Miss Fury, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain, the late Dan Romero, the late Miss Do, Louise McFarland, Dixie Fasnacht, Alice Brady and John Dodt, Gene Adams, Charlene Schneider and Steve Mettner.

King Cake Queen IX Lisa Beaumann and King Cake Queen X Teryl-Lynn Foxx emceed the festive gala. Returning Entertainer of the Year, Austin Babtist Women (direct from Austin), wowed the audience as did Top 5 Show Bar of the Year Finalist: Big Daddy's, Cowpokes, Golden Lantern, and Oz, all from New Orleans

The Top 5 Finalist in each public voting category were selected by the Gulf South readership of Ambush Mag through both on-line and print ballots.

The 2003 winners include:

Circuit Party/Event of the Year: Halloween/New Orleans;

Hair Salon of the Year: Hair Asylum/New Orleans;

Newcomer of the Year: Kabrina Watson/New Orleans;

Neighborhood Bar of the Year: Corner Pocket/New Orleans;

Buzzy Fanning AIDS Award: Austin Babtist Women/Austin;

Bitch of the Year: Bianca Del Rio/New Orleans;

Show Bar of the Year: Oz/New Orleans;

Performing Arts Award: Capital City Men's Chorus/Austin;

Restaurant/Deli of the Year: Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli/New Orleans;

Dance Bar of the Year: Oz/New Orleans;

Bartender of the Year: Allen Jones/Oz/New Orleans;

DJ of the Year: Mary Pappas/Oz/New Orleans;

Leather Bar of the Year: Phoenix/New Orleans;

GLBT Business of the Year: Queen Fashions/New Orleans-Metairie;

Leather Person of the Year: Wally Sherwood/New Orleans;

Transgender of the Year: Regina Tickle/New Orleans;

Lesbian of the Year: Red Hanson/New Orleans;

Gay Man of the Year: Jamie Temple/New Orleans; and

Entertainer of the Year: Bianca Del Rio/New Orleans.

In addition to the various public voting awards, the Board selected winners in 3 special categories including:

Cheridon Comedy Award: Adam Hawkins/New Orleans;

Fly Fashion Glamour: Raven Kennedy/New Orleans; and

Fly Fashion Victim: Klorocks Bleachmen/New Orleans.

The Marsha Delain Award of Excellence (the Drag Ambassador Award) was presented to the Austin Babtist Women/Austin for their outstanding dedication to the GLBT community for raising over $5 million for charity throughout Texas and the Gulf South by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain.

The awards thanks those in the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender community who are many times not recognized for the outstanding services and efforts they perform. These individuals and businesses have made the GLBT community into the viable, successful and powerful community it is today across the Gulf South.

French Quarter personality Marcy Marcell founded the Gay Appreciation Awards [GAA] in 1987. Marcell turned over the reigns of the GAA in 1997 to Ambush.

The GAA Board of Directors includes Lisa Beaumann, Lance Ford, Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain and Toni J.P. Pizanie.

Ambush is proud to sponsor the Gay Appreciation Awards each year. For more info, visit archive.ambushmag.com/GAA.

Harrah’s Returns Once Again as Official Southern Decadence Casino

Industry giant Harrah’s New Orleans Casino returns as Official Southern Decadence Casino for the third year, through extensive sponsorship agreements. The company, through individual banner ads for the months of August and September, cosponsors both the SouthernDecadence.COM and GayNewOrleans.COM Web sites.

Additionally, the company cosponsors the full page color ads appearing in Ambush promoting Official Southern Decadence XXXII along with SouthernDecadence.COM and Ambush Mag.

Although Ambush has participated in Southern Decadence since the beginning of the publication, it began promoting what has become the giant end of Summer Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (GLBT) celebration, and its grand marshals, aggressively in 1991, when Ambush friend Ms. Fly [the late Lee Fetherston] became SDGM XXI. That same year Ambush hosted the first Official Southern Decadence Bead Toss from its 828 Bourbon St. balcony led by SDGM XXI Ms. Fly.

The SD celebration continued to grow through print promos and the "tella queen network."

In 1995 the Internet exploded onto the scene, leveling the playing field internationally, and Ambush joined the effort launching SouthernDecadence.COM, GayNewOrleans.COM, AmbushMag.COM, and GayMardiGras.COM in Dec. of that year. SouthernDecadence.COM is the original and only Official Web Site of Southern Decadence dedicated to the preservation of the history and traditions of Southern Decadence in New Orleans since 1972.

The Web site promotes the holiday, the grand marshals and the numerous events held throughout New Orleans. But neither Ambush nor SouthernDecadence.COM can take all of the credit for making the holiday into the huge event it has become.

The international marketing efforts of Ambush, along with local businesses, as well as the grand marshals network, and "tella queen network," together, are all responsible for the mega success of Southern Decadence and the huge economic impact, in the millions of dollars, it has on the City of New Orleans.

AIDSLaw Honors Winners of Community-Service Awards

AIDSLaw of Louisiana, the state's only non-profit provider of free legal services to those affected by HIV and AIDS, honored four individuals and an organization for their work on behalf of the HIV- and AIDS-affected community at an awards party held on Fri. June 20, in the main lobby of Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans. All tax-deductible proceeds benefited the clients served by AIDSLaw.

New Orleans attorney Russ M. Herman emceed the awards ceremony. The party featured food, refreshments, entertainment by pianist David Wood, a silent auction and tarot-card readings.

"The HIV and AIDS epidemic is far from over," said Linton Carney, executive director of AIDSLaw, "and neither are the legal needs of those whose lives have been forever altered by the disease. The award winners we honor tonight have demonstrated untiring devotion to helping individuals improve the quality of their lives, fight both intended and unintended discrimination, and regain the personal integrity they deserve."

Since 1989, AIDSLaw volunteers have helped persons affected by HIV and AIDS with legal issues ranging from discrimination to estate planning. The Pro Bono Publico Awards were established in 1995 as the organization's highest honor for service to the affected community. This year's recipients are: Jane E. Martin, NP, and Brigette Marla Piattoly from New Orleans; and Dr. James S. Osterberger Jr. and Debby Osterberger from Baton Rouge.

AIDSLaw established the Teri Estrada Memorial Award in 1997 to recognize people working on the front lines in the battle against the disease. The award was named in honor of a devoted staff attorney for AIDSLaw who died from AIDS in 1994. This year's recipient is the Vendredi de Nuit Mardi Gras Avant, a charitable organization that hosts an annual extravaganza on the Friday night before Mardi Gras for the benefit of various organizations assisting persons living with HIV and AIDS.

"Hibernia is pleased to support AIDSLaw's recognition of these distinguished volunteers," said James F. Lestelle, Hibernia's senior vice president of corporate communications. Hibernia provided major underwriting for the event.

The winners of this year's awards have long and distinguished records of service in advancing and defending the rights of persons living with HIV and AIDS. Jane E. Martin, N.P., is the principal investigator and project director for the Delta Region AIDS Education and Training Center. She teaches clinical nursing, preventive medicine and public health at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. She is also a nurse practitioner in the HIV out-patient clinic at the Medical Center of Louisiana in New Orleans. She is the executive editor of the journal "HIV Clinician" and serves on the National Nursing HIV Advisory Board for the Federal Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA).

James S. Osterberger Jr., M.D., has been active in the HIV/AIDS field for two decades. He was a founding co-chair of the Baton Rouge AIDS Task Force in 1986 and served on the executive committee of the state task force for AIDS education in secondary schools in 1987. Osterberger has also held leadership positions with Terry Beirn Community Programs for Clinical Research on AIDS and the East Baton Rouge Parish Medical Society's public information and education committee. He served as chair of the Committee on Public Health of the Louisiana State Medical Society from 1996 to 2000, and he has been a member of the Louisiana Commission on AIDS since 1999. His practice encompasses internal medicine, with an emphasis on HIV, chronic fatigue syndrome and related disorders.

Debby Osterberger has worked with Dr. Osterberger since 1980, and she has been a source of comfort and encouragement for many suffering with HIV and AIDS. She frequently joins Dr. Osterberger at HIV-related meeting and conferences to share her experiences with HIV-care providers around the country.

Brigette Marla Piattoly started her own law firm based on the principle that the justice system does not work if the poor and underprivileged do not have access to quality legal representation. She strives to ensure that those in the most desperate need of legal counsel and justice are not turned away. She treats her clients with dignity and provides them with the highest-quality legal representation. Piattoly is a descendant of the Enlightenment-era intellectual and attorney, Scipione Piattoli, who drafted the first democratic constitution in Europe with the revolutionary concept of granting the protection of the law to the poorest people.

AIDSLaw of Louisiana, formed in 1989, provides free legal services to low-income clients living with HIV and AIDS. It is the only organization in Louisiana dedicated exclusively to addressing the legal needs of the HIV and AIDS population.

SouthernDecadence.COM & Ambush Launches 2003
NO Public Sex Campaign

SouthernDecadence.COM, Official Southern Decadence Web Site and Ambush Mag, Official Southern Decadence Guide, along with other area Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender businesses and organizations, have, since 1995, promoted a marketing campaign to end public sex and urination in the streets during the Official Southern Decadence celebration.

The 2003 campaign is bold in its concept to catch the attention of both visitors and locals alike to end public sex, in particular. It simply states "Southern Decadence Wrist Bands" (with a pair of hand cuffs below), followed by "Public Sex=10 Days in Jail!" The design for the campaign was the brain child of New Orleans Human Relations Commission Executive Director Larry Bagneris, Jr. Ambush graphic designer Chris Hall made it a reality.

The GLBT community in New Orleans does not condone nor encourage public sex in the streets.

Visitors and locals are also asked to assist with this problem, by asking other visitors and locals, not to participate in public sex or urination in the streets. Please take these functions inside, and whatever you do, play safe.

Revelers could be arrested and spend their entire Labor Day Weekend in jail. Legal fees could well exceed $200 per offense.

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