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erotic film reviews

Volume 15/Issue 14

Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Private Members

S tudio 2000 has done it again with a very nice look at a special health club. It's called Private Members, and the customers at this place were fantastic. Of course, when you have Matt Bradshaw and Logan Reed, you've got the cream of the crop. I wouldn't trade these two talented gents for a dozen Idols. The sky is full of that type, if you know what I mean.

Let's get a membership card and go inside the club. Besides Bradshaw and Reed, we get to see some amazing performances, or maybe I should say witness some amazing performances primarily at the rear entrance, and I'm not referring to the building.

Knight & West

Brenden Knight & Jordan West

Cast members include Jordan West, Brenden Knight (who really knows how to cum grunt), Derek Bishop, Brad King, Morgan Alan, Tony Cummings, Kip Casey, and Blake Kennedy. You've seen most of these guys in Freshmen, In Touch, and Advocate Men, but you've never seen them the way they are in Private Members.

The first private room is like a hospital emergency room, but what goes on here is just a little bit on the kinky side. I don't know what that green liquid in that enema bag did but it got our guy going good and proper. That weenie really put on a performance for that doctor, and I was totally amazed. But wait, that's only the beginning. Add a butt plug to this and you get a pretty good idea of where this is going.

About now, Logan appears at the entrance and is given room six by that hooded buzzer operator. I was so hoping he was about to get with Matt, but it wasn't to be. I guess he had to save all that energy for that shower scene in Dark Side of the Moon. The scene switches to Matt with that nice young stud properly mounted in that sling, and before you know it, he's getting and receiving at all angles. Goodness, goodness! I haven't seen such moves in quite some time, but I have a feeling that kind of equipment is in Tony's storage area. Right, Greg?

Then it's back to Logan, and he really does a bang-up job. His partner is one of those "I'll take anything up the rear" kind of guys. Let's see if I can keep it in order. (You readers have to remember that Astroglide breaks are necessary about now.) First sweet Logan removes that butt plug with his teeth, and then licks everything. Then he grabs an anal probe and plays around with this as he bites and licks the posterior area. Then we see what happens to our happy recipient when a big, long dildo is used. Oops! Not big enough? Okay. Let's go for a big, fat dildo. Yeah, that's good. Then my Logan inserts that beautiful hose he has between his legs, and I'm actually panting. This is such a hot scene, but it doesn't end here. We go back to the apparatus counter, and - OH, SHIT - there's a big, long and fat monstrosity that our happy recipient can't get enough of. Excuse me. But I have to hit "pause" for a moment and rest.

Okay. I'm fine. So I move on to another room all the time knowing that our entrance keeper is watching everything on camera. He's really turned on by those two young studs who chose the room with the bed, the straps and the other leather stuff. I guess I couldn't enjoy this as much because I was still exhausted from being in that room with Logan. But when it switches over to that jail cell, the attack on that guard, and the eventual three way with our entrance keeper joining in (which is a no-no according to company policy), I was getting primed for another hot scene.

I've got to remember to ask Dennis if he enjoys the cameras over at his workplace in the CBD. I can see that scene now as he proceeds to make himself happy fluffing towels and that gorgeous appendage he has. In fact, I think I may pay him a visit, get a private room, and enjoy a special show. As you all can see by the time you read this, I will have had a fabulous time, and I didn't go to Pensacola to have it. All I have to do is thank my friends at Studio 2000 [800.435.2445].

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