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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 14


Krewe of Hedon Elects Officers, Royalty;
Bubba, aka Buddy, Corrects Brad

The Krewe of Hedon held their meeting to select new officers and royalty for 1998. As most of you know, this is a mixed krewe-gay, straight, male, female, etc., and it is one of those fun groups without the cutthroat politics that so many organizations seem to adopt. It's a brotherhood, sisterhood kind of group, and it is always nice to be included in their gatherings. They participate in two parades here in Baton Rouge-the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade and the St. Patrick's Day Parade-and have purchased their own (large) float, not bad for such a young krewe.

This past week's gathering at that fabulous home on the lake saw the election of that outrageously cute and sweet John as King Hedon V and the lovely Annie as their Queen Hedon V. Our sexy and dynamic lawyer Joseph gave up his captainship to this year's queen Kathy, and plans are in full swing to present a great 1998 bal masque. As soon as their date is announced, I will pass in on to you.

Current King Richard, the other half of the sexy lawyer combo, will rule until their next ball. He and Kathy are a wonderful royal pair and serve their krewe with dignity and honor. Speaking of sexy lawyers, I do believe that honor belongs to John too.

Have any of you talked to Buddy recently at the Hide-A-Way? Well, she doesn't exist, but Bubba does. For shame! For shame! I've misunderstood someone's name, or nickname, as the case might be. Bubba was heartbroken when I identified her as Buddy, but when the music's going and the drinks are flowing, one name pretty much sounds like the other. At any rate, I just want this precious doll to know that I have corrected my name file to read Bubba, not Buddy, but you do make a good buddy-for Marie at least. Don't you? I apologize! I apologize! I apologize! Don't whip up on me! Please!

The Krewe of Apollo Baton Rouge has announced that its Bal Masque XVII will be held on Friday night, February 6, 1998 at the L.S.U. Assembly Center. It promises to be one of the best of any ball season with Captain Denny and Co-captain Joe in charge. I know for a fact that Joe is operating at full steam, and his talented endeavors are already showing. This boy is so full of energy that you just want to jump on that bandwagon and join in the festivities. With the help of his equally talented boy-toy Les, the success of this ball is assured.

I must tell you that when it comes to leather, Baton Rouge is right up there with the best. Last week saw the locals welcome the New Orleans representatives to a bar run here. The Crescent City boys started out at George's, went on over to the Blue Parrot and ended up at Traditions. Of course, our precious Greg was leading the congregation as only a true leather stud can do, and notable among the participants was Mr. Louisiana Leather of 1997, that vibrant Mr. Knight. And among the guests was that especially nice Jackson, Mississippi boy. It was so nice to have you back in big BR, George. You are absolutely fabulous, and your participation, leadership, and great costumes in the Lords of Leather Bal Masque presentations have meant so much to promote a positive image of your group. I rather admire you for that.

In fact, I think the Lords of Leather is one of the finest of all the Mardi Gras krewes, and if you've never attended a leather ball, you've missed something really nice.

A great time was had by all on this bar run. For fear of leaving someone else out and hurting feelings, I'll just say that this entire group was the sexiest cluster of male humanity I've seen in a long while (with that one lady leatherite as the exception) since the last time I went to the Phoenix. You see, Jamie darling. I really like your fine watering hole and have enjoyed all my visits there.

The Blue Parrot is still improving its decor. Don and Tom have completely redone the patio which could now be called the piano patio. The bar came out, the piano was moved over, tables and chairs were added, and plants have been placed around to enhance the beauty. If you didn't know the actual location, you would think immediately of one of the beautiful settings you find in New Orleans.

Something else that is most impressive is the large Louisiana map in rainbow colors that has been painted on the wall where the tropical plants used to be. On one side is a large rainbow flag, and on the other is the leather flag. It really does add to the overall atmosphere of the bar, and the painted outline of Louisiana is a product of the versatile and cute Tom and Bill's dynamic Dean. As I've said before, the combined energy of Don and Tom really shows their dedication to providing the gay and lesbian community a fine place to relax. I rather like it at the Blue Parrot, and I especially like their choice of bartenders. They don't come any better than that Livonia gal Steve and his sexy and sweet little sidekick Greg.

Something else that impressed me about the Blue Parrot this week was the number of stars purchased to help Lisa, the condom lady, buy lubricant to put in her safe sex packets. The wall was covered, and I noticed that the New Orleans leather guys did their part to help Lisa out. That's very commendable, and I heard that Fluffy bought seventy stars himself. I think this is just fabulous, but I also think our condom lady deserves all the support she can get for the exceptional job she has done over the years. Whereas the state would have the bars, bookstores and other businesses buy the safe sex supplies, our community has gotten together to do it among ourselves. The AIDS Crisis Fund of the Krewe of Apollo is supplying the condoms, and the stars at $1 each will provide the lube needed to place in the packets, with other groups supplying the remaining packet items. Poopoo on the state for canceling the funding for condoms and assigning a full time employee to promote the sale of state-authorized latex! Let's just hope all those loose weenies in the legislature stay covered with our donated condoms-or maybe they will purchase them since they voted to do that anyway. Yeah! Buy them, dudes! And I use the term dudes very loosely!

By the way, Fluffy has recovered from his near-death experience in New Orleans. He was in the hospital, for several days but seems to be doing fine now. That's great news. Keep on doing what the doctor ordered, sweetie. You are a fixture worth fixing.

Well, I've mentioned Apollo's Joe, and the Blue Parrot's Don and Tom's dynamic energies, but let me tell you a little about Richard's Doug. That's Richard as in George's Place, and Doug is the new bar manager who can't stop working. I caught him earlier in the day last week painting the ceiling of the bar, this after he had taken down all the fixtures and cleaned them. Later that same day, I found a dirt-covered, sexy stud digging out the flower bed on the Pastime side of George's. In addition to the inside of the bar and all the improvements there, he's taken on the duties of landscaping and things are going to look great when he completes them. I've seen a lot of changes at George's since Doug came on board, and I have to say that Richard has hit the jackpot with this one-his second jackpot of recent months. Of course, fantastic Shane was a big coup for him, but his backup team of Brad and Jake really make this bar a top notch facility for our community in old Red Stick. Add that marvelous Guy to the team, and you've got quality to the max.

Traditions has a big contest com- ing up in the Miss Capitol City pageant. I hear by way of the Big Dick and the Big 0 that there are quite a few contestants lined up, so this should turn out to be a great show. I see a Trixxie talent somewhere in the background. This lovely lass can do wonders for any show or function in an organization, and this just goes to show that she has a rare kind of class within the community. It's called trust and dignity that only come with a big heart full of compassion and love. You do good things, Trixxie darling. I think you are a fine, fine young lady. Ever consider joining the Krewe of Apollo, darling? We're always looking for a few good gals-oops-men!

Traditions has sold a lot of stars for the condom lady too. They have walls lined with them. As I recall, the Traditionites led the way to quite a few dollars in last year's campaign. I know Andrea (Miss Titty Big) had a hand in this last time, and I hear that she's back on the job. I think she and Hair are great greeters, and I can't say enough about the talents of DJ Jason. I haven't talked with DJ Karen lately, so I've got to get back over there and check every one out.

Brad at the Mirror Lounge was having a great time with the dice last Tuesday. It was flippin' day, but for some reason the dice were rollin' like crazy across the counter. Maybe I should get him to explain what's going on. I can guess, but I won't reveal that guess here.

I also stopped by Eagle Copy Ser vice to chat with Jackie and Sandy. When they aren't managing and taking care of things at the Mirror, they are out promoting one of the best print facilities in this city. Between Eagle and Richard's Printing, gaydom has some great quality work being produced. Of course, Big Dick always seems to do things right.

The Time Zone was packed when I stopped in there. This is an other place that has changed over the last few months. The antique decor suits the surroundings, and customers seem to enjoy this so much. I always enjoy talking to some of the antiques, especially that graphics specialist. We go back a long ways, and we could fill these pages with stories of successes and failures. Love ya, Ken darling. Always have. Always will.

Kyle and James always welcome you to this fine establishment. Their drink specials are exceptionally good, the beer is cold, and they serve up great food on Thursdays and on special occasions. With this duo, the special occasions come at a moment's notice. Oh, I've been meaning to ask you about the new wheels. Nice. Nice. When you tire of bar action, you can go across the street to Hibiscus Bookstore. Book baron Damon has added so many new books, stickers, flags, umbrellas, and jewelry lately that you would think holiday gift-giving is at hand. In fact, come to think of it, it IS July, so we're half-way to Christmas which is lurking around the corner. Start planning now while he has plenty of stock available. There's also plenty of items to choose from for birthday gifts. Many customers have asked about the availability of the movie "Beautiful Thing." Well, beautiful things are always at Hibiscus. Just ask, and you shall receive. By the time you read this, the movie will be available for rent along with many new mainstream and quality film titles-just what gays and lesbians need to while away those leisure hours. Several new women's movies are already on the shelves.

Have you gals seen that titty pic of the Xena woman? It seems she was singing some song at a function down under, and one big one popped out for a moment when she raised her arm. Wouldn't you know there was a photographer there who managed to catch that special moment?

Sweet Joey and his other half dropped in for a chitchat last week, as did that sexy hunk Mario, and that exceptionally gorgeous Kyle (Mr. Butt Beautiful of 1997) paid a visit to a Bungalow resident to check out flowers. Now I've heard it all, but I never called it by that name. Flowers? I also called that flower man Larry to check up on him. He and Steve are doing great. They are two of the outstanding talents that you find in the Krewe of Apollo and have contributed so much to this organization. Now and then I hear from Mighty Mike, but you know how it is when you're in love and have such a passionate other half as he has in Mark. The two are practically inseparable. If you don't believe me, just ask the other Mike from down Ascension way. I always enjoy my visits with TTT, and now that Roger is in Houston, I will have to make certain that our Tommy doesn't get too lonely. Just remember, darling child, Big H is only a few hours away, and this city offers so many fun places to visit.

I'm not really sure why but several happy people have moved into the old capital city recently. Either the job market is better than what I thought, or they are interested in becoming a part of our highly closeted culture. Oh, well, it's on with the show, sweethearts. See ya next time.

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