Volume 21/Issue 15/2003

 Marty Curtin & Koo Gaffney accept the 2003 Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding community service at the 16th Annual Gay Appreciation Awards Gala July 13 at Body & Soul in New Orleans. The event raised $3,225 for the William J. Fanning Foundation (Buzzy's Boys & Girls).

VIP Table Sales generated $2,500 including: $200 - Phoenix, $200 - Arthur's House of Glamour, $200 - Corner Pocket, $200 - Oz, $100 - Kims 940 Night Club, $200 - Bywater Bar.B.Que/Lorenzo's, $200 - Eclipse Hair Salon, $300 - LeRoundup, $300 - Cowpokes, $100 - Lewis Routh/Watta LewLew Productions, $100 - Winaford Green, $100 - Sylvia Frank & Pat Skelly, and $300 - Hair Asylum.

Door admissions generated $400 while stage performance tips generated $225.

Personal donations generated $100 including $50 - GAA Gala DJ Joann Guidoz, $25 - socialite Charlie Hooper, and $25 - GAA Founder Marcy Marcell. For more info visit AmbushMag.COM/GAA.



Legendary Phoenix Bar Baron  Jamie Temple led a bevy of beauties during the incredible 21st Anniversary Show celebrating "Legal in every state!" In New Orleans, the Phoenix is noted for its unusual cast of characters for these special entertainment spectacles. The Gulf South readership of Ambush voted the Phoenix Leather Bar of the Year for the fourth year in a row.



Fabulous Chase lends vocal talent to Lords of Leatherís American Bandstand show at the Barn at Cowpokes in New Orleans.


Petronius' Larry Anderson and  Corner Pocket's Michael Elias join the festivities at Ms. Fly's Yellow Party hosted annually by the Krewe of Petronius at the Corner Pocket in New Orleans.


Wil, Winner of the Hunkiest Man Contest is joined by Country Club Bar Baron Karl Wilder, and runner-up Mike at the end of competition hosted by Camp Fire Video at the Country Club in New Orleans.


Ervin Rhodes hosted a gala gathering for his 81st birthday at Chet's in New Orleans, with the usual cake and a bountiful buffet. As is rapidly becoming the norm, money was raised and donated to a variety of good causes.



Danny LaCompte, master of ceremonies for the 3rd Marigny Leather Contest, displays the treasured trophy he received as the South Central Regional Winner from the Pantheon of Leather. A title-holder himself, Danny is also the immediate past president of the New Orleans Bears.



Capt. Ron Issler, Gar Williams, Electra City & Jay Cooper celebrate at the Krewe of Amon Ra's Esther Williams Swimming Party hosted at the McCarthy Park Guest House in the Bywater section of New Orleans.



Bar Baron Kim Ficaro celebrates with Amanda during Kims 940s Star 80 Night hosted Thursdays at the popular New Orleans night club.


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