Volume 22/Issue 15/2004

The Gay Appreciation Awards (GAA) Board of Directors presented the prestigious 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award to Donald "Donnie Jay" James for his outstanding community service during the 17th Annual GAA Gala at Body & Soul in New Orleans. Photo: GAA Board member Ms. L Ford, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Donald James, w/GAA Board member's Marsha Naquin-Delain, Toni JP Pizanie, Lisa Beaumann & Teryl-Lynn Foxx.




The winners of the 17th Annual Gay Appreciation Awards, voted on by the Gulf South readership of Ambush Mag, helped raise $3,080 for this year's beneficiary, the William Fanning Foundation (Buzzy's Boys & Girls), at the 17th GAA Gala hosted at Body & Soul in New Orleans.



The fab Pfister Sisters: Holley Bendtsen, Debbie Davis and Yvette Voelker Cuccia helped raise over $300 for Project Lazarus on July 4th at Chet's Pub in New Orleans.



Local celebrity Victoria Versashe celebrated her birthday blowout with renowned artist Jacey Frew at Oz in New Orleans.



Artist Jacey Frew was feted at her art exhibition hosted by partner Pat McArdle at the Country Club in New Orleans.



Bar Baron CW Stambaugh and Show Director Connie Marcelle celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Starlight By The Park in New Orleans raising over $500 for the local SPCA.



Crescent City Outlaws Mina Hernandez joined Lords of Leather Captain Timm Holt for the krewe's annual American Bandstand turnabout, this year taking a Sea Cruise, at Cowpokes' Barn Theatre in New Orleans.



Enrique Mresco receives a check for NO/AIDS Task Force from Lords of Leather President Todd Cole during the annual American Bandstand turnabout hosted at Cowpokes' Barn Theatre in New Orleans.



Exe. Dir. Richard Vititoe accepts a donation for United Services for AIDS from Lords of Leather President Todd Cole during the annual American Bandstand turnabout hosted at Cowpokes' Barn Theatre in New Orleans.



Pride's Donnie Jay is joined by Mr. Knights d'Orleans Allen during the Pride Fest fund-raiser hosted by the Phoenix in New Orleans benefiting the city's 25th annual Pride Festival.



The Dixie Cups headlined at the 10th Annual Laz Fest raising over $60,000 for Project Lazarus in New Orleans hosted on July 4th.


Artist extraordinaire Veronica Powers displays her latest work, the impressive 5 1/2 by 7 foot Rochelle: A Story of Storyville, at a reception in her honor at The Country Club in New Orleans.


Knights d'Orleans' newest active member Tom Anderton was the big raffle winner at New Orleans Bear & Bear Trapper Social Club's Patriotic Beer Bust at the Phoenix July 4th weekend in New Orleans.

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