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Volume 15/Issue 15


To: webmaster
Subject: Question For You
Dear WebMaster: I was wondering if the Southern Decadence Celebration in New Orleans is strictly Gay or does the Straight community take part as well. I was thinking of going with straight friends but I don't know if they will be comfortable there. Thank you in advance for your response.
-Tony Winney

To: Anthony Winney
Subject: Re: Question For You
Tony, In New Orleans everyone participates in everything. Many of our straight friends even join in the Decadence Parade itself. I'm sure your straight friends will enjoy our end of summer celebration immensely!
-Rip Naquin-Delain

From: Peter
Subject: advertising
I own a condo on Prytania and I want to Advertise it on your web page. Let me know What I have to Submit. Thanks

From: mjwings
Subject: Drag Queen Estate Sale
Wow am I glad I found you... I am the fortunate ( or unfortunate... ) beneficiary of my late fathers estate. He was a world class closet drag queen and I know his soul would rest better If I found a loving home for his 100 plus handmade silk and silk velvet gowns and lingerie. He was a medium sized fellow with a velvet, silk and fur fetish in the New Orleans /Mardi gras style. Every color of the rainbow plus fur (blue fox, lynx)/ velvet bedspreads, coats etc. Expensive and worth every penny. I need some guidance on how to locate potential buyers, whether retail or personal. Please advise. Thanks!!
-BudGal's Trustee

From: Jim Eggeling
Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
Dear George Patterson, Thanks for your message. It's great to have my work appreciated. I'll soon link my page to your page and display your award logo in my Acknowlegements.

From: "Alan L Strong"
Subject: Re: July Rainbow Award - Alan L Strong's Theatre
Dear George, I was very touched by your email telling me about the publication of mine in ambush mag. Looks like a fascinating publication and I'll enjoy seeing the next edition. Thank you for your continued kindness. Best wishes,

Subject: Guest Book
name: Mark Albert
description: I THINK IT'S A COOL SPOT. I check it out all the time.
home: Ruston/LA/USA
find us: by surfing the web

From: Adiane
Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
George Patterson wrote: > Dear Adiane, > Congratulations! Your site (Adiane's Den) has been chosen for June's > Rainbow Award. Hi George, First, let me say Thanks! I've already put the logo up on my page linking back to you. Btw, just out of curiousity, do you have the logo with a white background instead of black? No biggie, would just look better on my site. Thanks again.

From: Candace L. Cheliew)
Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
Dear Rainbow Award Committee, Thank you very much for the honor! I am adding the logo, complete with link, to the homepage today. I am very proud to be honored by your committee, and added to your database. Keep up the good work!
-Candace Cheliew, Editor

From: Alan L Strong
Subject: July Rainbow Award - Alan L Strong's Theatre
Dear George Patterson I really must thank the Rainbow Awards panel and yourself for awarding me the Rainbow Award for July. I feel very proud indeed and somehow, tonight, this huge cyberspace world seems a little smaller as a group of people in USA have felt my site worthy of such approval. It will make me so happy to display the Award on my site and, of course, it encourages me to develop it further. Again, a sincerest thank you.

From: "Chikara" Chikara@MBnet.MB.CA
Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
Thanks for honouring my site! Look forward to linking up.

From: Mark Woodruff
Subject: Hustler spots
Do you know of any hustler spots in your town? Thanks for any information you can offer.

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