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erotic film reviews

Volume 15/Issue 15

Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

So Fine

Everything this past week has been So Fine. That's all because of Richie Fine and West Hollywood Film Works. The other cast members are fine in this one too. They include Rick Davis, a gorgeous Chaz Carlton, Chris Hard, Sean Banning, Gordon Lee, Morgan Allen, and Shawn London.

When you throw a safe sex party, you really need to ask Richie how to do one right. When parents are away, the children will play or so they do in this household. We begin our fine excursion earlier in the day when Richie's friend stops by for a morning delight. Of course, our Richie is proud to oblige showing his friend how to do it in the kitchen. Our host for the evening's activities begins things with a fine demonstration of how to make friends and keep them happy. This "hostess with the mostess" definitely fills the bill, and we see how safe sex is done prior to the actual class. I actually thought his partner was a little on the shy side. He kept those drawers on through the whole process. Of course we learn later how he does it with his drawers off, and that boy had nothing to be shy about. I guess Richie was just too anxious to plug away, and the child just didn't have time to drop them all the way. The next scene moves to the evening's party and a look at safe sex with a speech on the way it should be done. After this is over, condoms are said to be located all over the home, and it's now up to everyone to practice doing it right.

Actually, I found the following scene to be quite delightful. Our speaker of the evening gets a partner, goes to the big dressing room off the bedroom, and shows our student first hand how to put on a condom. The lesson is a great one with all those finishing touches thrown in for good measure.

This movie is little on dialogue and long on everything else. In fact, long was the rule of the evening especially when we get to the next part at the pool table. Richie's friend of that earlier meeting explains to his partner that it's okay to do it as long as they stick to the rules of safe sex. That's when those drawers come down and we get to see him close up. Actually his partner was a very nice muscular stud, and I kinda' fell for him right away. I won't go into details here, but seeing is believing, and it was a beautiful sight. The next sight takes place on the stairwell, and this was perhaps the most interesting from the standpoint of positions. I must remember the techniques here. It was show and tell time in a number of different ways. One of the guys was drop-dead gorgeous, and the other was a plain Jane, but what the hell! He knew what he wanted, and they had a jolly good time. That good looking guy had the most fantastic finale I've seen in quite some time. Goodness!

Now we move on to our host who just happens to be in the den with another beautiful stud. Everything is just perfect here with a great 69er routine before we get to the harder stuff. That Richie really knows how to top everything off. Speaking of topping off, by the time I finished with this safe sex party, it was time to try a little of what I had learned. Stay tuned, and I'll let you know that things with me are "So Fine" too.

To learn more about this movie and get a free catalog of available items, call Richard at Hollywood Sales, 1.800.562.5428. Tell him his old buddy Brad, who he met at Mardi Gras, gave you his number.

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