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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 15


More Gatherings of Friends
Fill Local Society Agendas

Sweet Sam, King Apollo XVII, has done it again with a small gathering of close friends. It looks almost like he's trying to do it on a weekly basis with his royal dinners. I think plans are under way as you read this to bring together more into this intimate group of friends. It really is nice to relax in such a casual atmosphere especially with those guys you really care about.

Another get together took place at the Vass complex in the Walden section of our city. Mighty Marshall also knows how to pick a great group and bring them together. It was a marvelous way to spend a Saturday, and the host definitely knows how to throw the big ones.

Both of these parties were filled to capacity with the wonderful guys of Apollo, give or take one or two, and all enjoyed themselves tremendously. After the Vass party, many of the guests made it over to the Mirror Lounge where the Royal Order of Unicorn was having a fundraiser.

Another gathering of Friends was of a different variety. This was the fundraiser held at the Myers estate. It was another of those efforts where Red Stick's gay and lesbian community pulls together for a great cause. It was rained out on Saturday, but the crowds still came the following day to support the cause.

I had a great time at the Blue Parrot last week. Besides dining on some fantastic food, a number of my really close friends were there, and we chitchatted for a long while. The newly committed couple, Tangy and Charlyn, were there, fresh from that Florida honeymoon. My dear buddy Ken was carrying on a lively conversation when I arrived, and he only stopped the chitchat long enough to dine on that scrumptious food. Lea showed up minus his Rod - oops - Ron. Now what made me say that? Bill and Dean and Darren and Herb and Mr. Bill and lots of others came out to continue their support of Don and Tom's efforts at providing such a splendid place to gather. The pride of Livonia, sweet Steve, was just working his precious buns off mixing the drinks and mingling with the guests.

Another gathering took place over at George's too. Beautiful Bokey took on Cary C., the bouquet boy, in a wild bowling game, and Damon was carrying on a lively conversation with sweet Jamie and that fabulous bartender, extra-sexy Shane. You notice I said extra-sexy. Sexy just doesn't do this sweetheart justice. Shane is just simply one of those special people you want to take in your arms and hug and hug and hug-among other things.

I must say that Jamie was in high spirits. He just had a special ring placed in a very strategic location. It wasn't your standard silver or gold ring either. That expensive stone enhanced the looks of that body in a great way, and he loves to show it off. No, darlings, it's not his ding-a-ling. It's at the belly button level. However, maybe I'll ask him about peeking at the other the next time I see him. You never know if you don't ask.

Darling Richard has been a busy boy lately too. In fact, there's so much work going on between his bar and the book baron's booknook that these two haven't been doing their breakfast thing as usual. Everyone has noticed how busy these two are lately. It's summer time, and the living ain't as easy as one might imagine. There's a lot of work to do. Traditions was hopping as usual when my camera went out looking for sexy young guys to photograph. Now don't misunderstand me. I do photograph lots of young ladies, but there's just something about a cute, beautiful, sexy, clean-cut youth that keeps my interest in high gear. If you don't believe me, just ask that wonderful bartender upstairs at this fine dance emporium. Jim is a workaholic, but manages to get a lot of lookin' in between drinks. I hadn't seen this sweetheart since that bar run to New Orleans when we stopped in for a visit at the Rawhide.

Parson Tommy, who was a tremendous help in assisting me this week with news and photos, was having a blast with all of his friends, and the music was keeping the dance floor completely filled. Joe and his Jamie were out again. By the way, did you hear what happened to Jamie's negatives? You know! THOSE negatives! Sweetheart, come see me, and I'll explain how it's done.

Bryan and Shannon were engaged in a hot pool game when I stopped in at the Time Zone. I believe it was Bryan who came out on top. Of the game, darlings! Of the game! Kyle and James got their truck back after that fender-bender experience. And speaking of fender-benders, dandy Danny got his little one dented too. I really don't know why I used the term little here. After all, everyone knows it's just the opposite with this blonde hunk. I believe huge would be a more proper term to use. Right, Hal?

I must tell you all about our elderly traveler. This youthful former king of Apollo has travelitis. I can't keep up with him. He has a different trip to tell about every time I see him. When he's not tripping, he's working out at the Y. My, but the man has stamina! How do you do it, Gene darling? Is it the travel that perks you up or the time you spend in the steam room?

Damon has really been busy over at Hibiscus stocking all the new items. Keith has been under the weather, and, without the extra help, the book man has had little time for leisure. However, he did have wonderful visits from two Tims. The first is that sexy one that lives over in Spanish Town. The other is the dark-haired beauty who keeps this book baron so happy. In fact, I'm told that this is one of three. No wonder the guy's exhausted. After all, he isn't as young as he used to be.

The great Greg came by to see me last week. This guy just gets more gorgeous every day. He updated me on the leather group's activities in New Orleans, and this reminds me of an invitation I received earlier this year.

I must contact vivacious Vinnie and his Greg about that boat trip down the bayou into the swamp below New Orleans. Invitations like this don't come too often, and I must participate. Vinnie has promised me a great time, and I can hardly wait. I haven't seen this duo since that Armeinius krewe function at Le Petit earlier this year.

My neighbor Rod over in Spanish Town has really been working lately. This child has been managing that new furniture and design place over at Citiplace. It seems the big guy quit, and our Rod moved up the scale to take over the place. Nice going, sweetheart. Keep it up! Keep it up! And speaking of workers, movie baron Leonard hasn't stopped either. Really! This summers work schedules have been the pits for so many studs in Red Stick, but when all is said and done, the likes of all will come out smelling like beautiful roses. Work brings out the best in so many in the wonderful world of gaydom. It all has to do with creativity, originality, and an eye for beauty. Leonard is just a very special friend, and I treasure our times together. He's a great chef, and he really knows how to wine you and dine you.

LEGAL is having a victory night at all bars in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Successes in the Legislature have prompted this celebration, and full details are soon to be released. All businesses are invited to participate. It sounds like one big bar run with our legal expert Brian leading the troops. I've known Brian for quite some time, and I think the gay and lesbian community is so fortunate to have him working the politicians. Did I say that right?

Hair-Raiser '97 is set for Monday, August 18th. This is a fundraiser for the "Client Assistance Fund" for Friends for Life: Capital Area HIV/AIDS Services. For an updated list of participating salons, call 504.923.2277. Make plans now to have your hair cut, curled, colored, braided or whatever. Stylists will be donating their charges for these services to Friends.

I didn't make Richard's karaoke last week, but I'm told the place was packed. It always is, but for some reason, this particular week saw many who never come out at all. Karaoke is Cody's trademark, and he's done wonders to enhance the pleasure that can be found at George's on any given Thursday. If you add a certain buddy named Matt, you have perfection right in front of you. By the way, Cody dear. When is the big Matt coming back?

I don't know how many of you noticed it, but the latest issue of a major gay magazine has a model wearing an OZ/New Orleans T-shirt. That's what I call getting a lot of publicity for one T-shirt, but Johnny and Tommy have a knack for producing lots of good things for the community. Good things always happen to those who deserve it. I think these two guys are at the top of the list in my book. By the way, Johnny darling, I kept an eye on Cy for you while he was in the area. You know that sweet boy just gets more gorgeous with every passing day.

I've made two quick trips to New Orleans recently. The last one was to pick up some flowers from Edwin at his French Quarter home. And, of course, I had to dine with the elite who count Petunia's as their choice of great restaurants. I'm always so pleasured when I go there. The food is divine, the atmosphere is super nice, and the waiters are all absolutely the finest you're going to find anywhere. A great milk and brandy punch always gets me started off right. I love you all, darlings. And I'll return as soon as I can.

I did manage to stop in at Oz and Good Friends, but I had to make a mad dash back to Red Stick for an appointment. The next time, I must seek out my wonderful Joe at Lafitte's and chat with him a while. Sweetheart, I see you every day at the office. I just love that picture of you in front of Rip and Marsha's spacious digs on Bourbon Street.

You know I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't tell you about the latest from the wonderful TTT. Well, as all of you know, Roger is now in Houston with a three-week work-related trip to Chicago thrown in, and Tommy is all alone. Well, he wasn't alone the other night. Let's see. I believe it was in New Orleans that TTT and the Rog were out having a last evening of celebrating before the big move. This beautiful boy named Steve from down in the bayou country around Houma just took an instant licking - oops - liking to our TTT. Before you know it, Rog was asked to make himself scarce so this new-found friend wouldn't feel so threatened. Threatened! Well, honeys, that's not what I would call it. I think in the world of MTV it's called bump and grind. It was exploration with a capital E. My, My, My! It reminds me of that time at George's- but we won't go there. Not this time anyway.

Stay tuned. One never knows what the lads and lassies of Red Stick will do. Brad will keep you posted on all events. Secrets are meant to be shared, and hot tails are meant to be bared.

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