snap paparazzi 2
Volume 23/Issue 16/2005
photos: Zack Camardelle, Phyllis Denmark,
Rip Naquin-Delain
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Captions can be read at the bottom of this contact sheet!


  • S21-Twisted Robin Malta accepts Man of the Year

  • S22-The Oz Cast & Reps accept Show Bar of the Year

  • S23-Bianca Del Rio (r) accepts Entertainer of the Year from Vicki Vynes

  • S24-Following the GAA Gala, Clint accepts Leather Bar of the Year for the Phoenix

  • S25-Show Bar of the Year Finalist Big Daddy’s

  • S26-Special Guests, The Austin Babtist Women

  • S27-Show Bar of the Year Finalist 4 Seasons

  • S28-Show Bar of the Year Finalist Oz

  • S29-Show Bar of the Year Finalist Cowpokes

  • S30-Show Bar of the Year Finalist Golden Lantern

  • S31-Show Bar of the Year Finalist Golden Lantern

  • S32-VIP Table, The Friendly Bar/Betty’s

  • S33-VIP Table, Tami Tarmac & Friends

  • S34-VIP Table, Mickey Nolan Salon

  • S35-VIP Table, Cowpokes

  • S36-VIP Table, Todd Blauvelt & Slutpuppies

  • S37-VIP Table, Timm Holt & Lords of Leather

  • S38-VIP Table, Hair Asylum

  • S39-VIP Table, Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli

  • S40-Fly Fashion Glamour Top 5 Finalist Opal Masters & partner Darwin Reed

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