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erotic film reviews

Volume 15/Issue 15

Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Fine Daze

I found "So Fine" so enjoyable that I decided to try "Fine Daze." This was another of those "I'll take care of the place while your gone" stories. This time a nice aunt left our Richie Fine in charge of her home, complete with beautiful patio and pool area.

Of course, immediately, the pool boy arrives, and it's much better to have sex than clean an already beautiful pool. Richie takes care of this sweetheart right away. What I liked about this and all other scenes in this movie was the unique way the photography went from color to black and white. Actually the black and white was an overlay, but it gave you two views of the scene which made for some erotic encounters from the viewer perspective.

Next we see two of Richie's friends, one older and one younger, who get it on by the pool. I don't think I ever saw a nipple ring that would shake the way this one did when our daddy man was humping his boy child. It was great.

Next we see our horny Richie take on another dude, knowing full well that they are being watched from a window of the house. I'm not sure by who because there were a number of house guests. I guess Richie just doesn't mind showing it all off, and I certainly don't mind watching. Well, he finishes his top job again, and we're invited then to see that bedroom scene between two guests.

It appears that all these guests are co-workers of Richie and from the looks of things they certainly have a nice office arrangement. All's well, I suppose, that ends well. It's that last statement made by Richie's boyfriend that might make you think a little harshly about our Fine boy, but that's for you to see and not for me to tell you about. I was just glad to finally see our Richie take it up the chute. And when the boyfriend and top man is Brent Cross, then you have one hot scene.

Throw in the likes of Kristian Brooks, Ethan-Michael Ayers, Rick Davis, Seth Black, Sam Crockett, and Ryan Powell, and you have another enjoyable hour or so with the boys of Hollywood Sales.

Call Richard at 1.800.562.5428 for a free catalog of their movies.

They are giving the Bjorns and Bel Amis and Studio 2000s some stiff competition.

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