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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 16


Dallas Taylor Does Baton Rouge;
Traditions Hosts Miss Capitol City Pageant

I t was a fun-packed evening in Baton Rouge when precious Richard at George's played host to video star Dallas Taylor, and Traditions rolled out the red carpet for the Miss Capitol City Pageant.

For many, it was a special night to remember. Dallas Taylor is a major video star, and he knew how to keep everyone happy at George's. In fact, several happy people bared some body parts to capture those free videos. The one thing that impressed me most about this star was his way with people. I've interviewed so many stars, especially those who have appeared at Oz and The Parade in New Orleans, and I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly among them. The comments that I heard most about Taylor was his friendly way with everyone. He wasn't a pompous ass-wipe like the Idol one or the stand-offish Lord, and he was more in line with the especially nice Scott Baldwin, Derek Cruise, and my standout favorite, Todd Stevens. Taylor saw that everyone had a great time.

S tars of another variety appeared on stage at Traditions. This was Christine King's farewell to the title of Miss Capitol City, and it was time for new winner Alexis Valentine to reap the rewards of coming out in the number one spot. Miss Trixxie and studly Tyson are responsible for the success of this one, but then when Trixxie is involved, you know it's going to be a successful undertaking. The winner of this one will go on to the Miss Gay Louisiana America Pageant which will be held September 5, 6, 7 at Images in Lafayette.

Victoria Vanderhurst was first runner-up, and our own fabulous Spanish Town babe and current Miss ROU, Effie Marie, took second runner-up. Also on hand to lend her talent to the festivities was Carrione Synclaire, current Miss Gay Louisiana America and Miss Apollo Baton Rouge.

E ffie Marie headed up an all-star cast at the Mirror Lounge during this past two-week period. This was the fundraiser for the Royal Order of Unicorn krewe of Lafayette. This group is planning another show here in Redstick soon. You all know the newly announced king to be. He's home town boy, James, the significant other of that gracious and beautiful Tasha girl.

R eba Douglas was also in town and did a fabulous show over at George's. This lovely New Orleans lass is one of the top performers in my book. I can't say enough good things about her. She's a very talented individual, and you can't go wrong when you go to one of her shows. I'm not one to brag, but I do believe my picture of her in that orange outfit on Mardi Gras day was one of the best I've ever seen. It showed off all her radiant beauty to the max, and that beauty is not only on the outside but straight (and I use that word loosely here) from the heart.

T he Blue Parrot hasn't had any shows, but with this bar, you really don't need one. The stars who shine here are all the locals who deem this the best place to enjoy a fabulous evening. Don and Tom just keep gaining momentum with "regulars," and the numbers of return customers are keeping this place out there with the best of the best. I rather like the exceptional way that Don and Tom run their operation, and they seem to really care about everyone that comes aboard. It's not often that owners of a bar take so much time to make so many people happy and relaxed and satisfied.

A nother place with no shows but nice to check into is the Time Zone. Whether it's beer or booze, these boys know how to do it up right. Their drink prices are just right whether it's a happy hour or happy hours. I also hear their place of abode is about to change. They are giving up their house and moving out toward LSU. Right, guys?

I also had a long chat with Marie at the Hide-A-Way. She's getting ready for that big Mr. and Miss Apollo contest set for Saturday, September 13. They always go out of their way to make the Apolloites happy. Minette runs a wonderful ship, and her guests love the casual atmosphere found at this establishment. Marie does a great job for her-and so does Butch-oops, Bubba.

F luffy's up and around again. This man told me about a fabulous thing he did recently to the homophobic neighbor over on Main with a business located adjacent to Hibiscus. He blew said homo-prick a big kiss and had everyone in the Time Zone in stitches, and Damon was quite pleased with this too. I'm not talking about Eric, so let me say something nice about this lawyer. You may see his antics on TV ads, but this is one nice dude and very gay friendly. His good buddy is a sexy gay lawyer in Hammond, and if you recall one of those two sexy cowboys at Mardi Gras, you know who this one is. They now grace a Frank Parsley postcard.

A nd speaking of sexy gay things, there are two in this same block of Main Street. Most people don't even realize that there is an apartment complex here, but another dynamic lawyer lives here and a fantastically cute little guy can often be seen on the adjacent balcony. Their view of the State Capitol is great, and they can always check out what is going on with the book baron. In fact, it was a sight to behold one afternoon as [a copy of the video] Mardi Gras Cowboy went flying up to that beautiful lawyer who welcomed it with open arms. Talk about personal delivery service!

J ackie and Sandy are keeping the presses going at Eagle Copy Service, and Big Dick is doing the same over at Richard's Printing. I've advised you before, and I do it again here. Support your local gay businesses. Keep the money in the family where it belongs.

R an into that fabulously beautiful lawyer Chad dining at Arzi's on Government with his lover Les. You should have seen the other diners when he hugged my neck in the middle of the restaurant. It doesn't matter; most of them were happy people and just enjoyed the show of affection.

R ed Stick lost a Brad this week. He's our other photo connection, and he transferred to a store in Austin. I've already advised him on the wonders of Hippie Hollow and told him about San Antonio. This is a wonderful area of the country. If you haven't visited either city, you should do so. The closeness is like Baton Rouge to New Orleans, so if you get ready for a change, you don't have far to go. Those naked college boys from UT and Trinity are so gorgeous.

Another nude beach that might interest you is near Houston. It's called Bolivar Beach, and it isn't the easiest to get to, but after you get there it's quite rewarding. MM reported that he had a great time and saw some fabulous scenery. He's also thinking of going to the far end of Padre Island, which also is famous for the no-clothes variety. MM loves the nude form. I don't know how I got into this nudity discussion. Maybe it's because I watched Jim Buck do his thing in that new movie from Vidkid Timo. You all need to see my review of this one. I just love Jim Buck.

M y good friend Edwin is about to move. His landlord passed away recently, and they are having to sell the house to satisfy the will requirements. I'm sure he will stay fairly close to the Quarter even though he is considering a house across the river. Safety is important to him and two attempted break-ins recently has made him a little jittery of this part of Barracks near Rampart. I stayed there at Mardi Gras, and the same thing happened then. Thank goodness for barbed wire and bars, but what a helluva way to survive. Edwin found another apartment in the next block, did a lot of work on it, but decided to let a fellow neighbor have it and opted to go elsewhere. Wherever this may be, the neighborhood will have a great resident. Edwin is not a wild party-goer. He's more of the private variety. You know. One here. One there. Nothing higher than two at a time.

T here's been so much going on recently in Baton Rouge that I've had Keith helping me do pictures. When he's not busy with photo sessions and weddings, I have him help me with the various contests and events going on here. He's also set up his own darkroom, so picture developing will be very private, if you know what I mean. That's black and white and color too. Red Stick is not dull. We do our things, and we do them up right. Just ask all those New Orleans leather guys about our hospitality. Making a bar run up here is quite rewarding, and shopping at Hibiscus is quite enjoyable too.

B y the time you read this, Richard and Guy will be back from New York City and all those plays. I'll tell you about their trip in my next column.

Until then, have fun and do play safe.

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