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allons acadiana

Volume 15/Issue 17

by J.D. Norris

If Acadiana, i.e. south Louisiana, is to have its own version of the Castro, Montrose or French Quarter beyond the Lavender Line, it is quickly becoming downtown's Jefferson Street.

I'll dispense with the explanations of my eight-month sabbatical from these pages for my once loyal readers. Suffice it to say it is so nice to be here in print among the pages of one of Earth's greatest gay [bar] rags!

There is so much going on in Acadiana these days, I feel like Rip Van Winkle...much of it has happened right under my nose and it's very exciting. Oh, and most of it is going on along the infamous, newly redesigned Jefferson Street.

John and I have been spending lots of time at Images and have wasted no time in catching up on the garbage: all those whispers are true about Big Daddy John Gilland opening up a new night spot. As we learned last Saturday, the endeavor isn't quite as much a secret as Gilland had planned, everybody's talking about it -the Sound Factory...of course yours truly knows every little bit about the deal but, for the most part, have been sworn to secrecy. What I can tell you is that John, one-half of the Gilland and Lori Wheat team who brought us Images, are not parting on uncomfortable terms. These two dance emporiums will, for the most part, coexist peacefully and in tandem. As for where the club is and when it might open, read the pages of Ambush for details.

I do know that Big Daddy John has already lined up a Halloween night that would make Anne Rice wet her black panties. As for entertainment and design, I'm bursting to tell you about who one of the well known DJs will be for the new place and what the look will be but my wings are clipped for now-at least, I think they are -if I spill too much right now, John may stop those generous palimony payments he's been so kind to shower me with (grin). Let's see, Images, aside from the new look, keeps growing by leaps and bounds with new faces . I don't know if I'm just getting older or losing my familiarity with what's going on down here but I swear there's been some huge implant of new faces going on. Oh course, the same old tired stand-bys you're so used to seeing out and about are, for the most part, still there , but all these new boys and girls .... I understand Lafayette is quickly becoming the overwhelming choice of many Baton Rougeites for weekend fun. Maybe that accounts for all the crowds.

Speaking of Images, has anyone besides me, John and the Hubbell telescope picked up on Ms. Lori Wheat's ever-so-huge engagement ring?!? Seems her and gal-pal Dawn will tie the knot in a not-so-official commitment ceremony in the fall-you geaux girls!! You know Lori, you can really make it official if you do it in Hawaii, and the hula girls aren't so bad looking either.

Okay, more about new clubs: We hear the grand opening of Jules, a major cruise and dance joint, will open soon on Lafayette's Jefferson Street, just catty-cornered from Images, thus the remarks about the Acadiana version of Montrose. I've promised the new owners I wouldn't divulge too much now, but I have had a personal tour of the sight and it's going to be VERY cool; what's more, all these sites along the Pink Drag, (Jefferson St.), will work well together and offer something for everyone . Stay tuned, we'll be telling you lots more!

It's Called the Nineties, Step Into Them! An observation from bar side while sitting in Images over the weekend taking special note from the crowd.... I just thought a little reminder would be in order to help some of you who are having a little trouble letting go of: A) your childhood and, B) Old trends. Rule no. one for living in the nineties and being a cool grown-up: tightly rolled, white Guess Jeans are passe', plain and simple. I hear Levis are back in with a vengeance and, if that doesn't do the trick, get yourself some L.L. Bean's hiking shorts and a pair of street boots. It's much more nineties. Rule no. two: little bandanas made out of cocktail napkins around the bottle neck of your lite beer is out. This trend went out with the Bush administration but some boys and girls apparently see it as a fashion statement and are having a little trouble letting go. It's okay, you can do it!

And one more little trend that really isn't getting off the ground too well and deals with drinking: those little lights in beer cups. Lots of you know what I'm talking about. If you need a flash light to navigate yourself across the dance floor honey, you're better off staying at home with your Madonna tapes watching Molly Ringwald movies. Give it up before you kill whatever image it is you might have left.

Scene & Noted All congratulations to Mr. Gay Louisiana, Chris Tarot (hope I got the title and spelling right little GOP buddy. If not, spank me later); also to Stephanie Stevens on her recent coronation as Queen of the Royal Order of Unicorn. We weren't in the nightclub door five seconds before she broke the news-news, I might add, we got weeks ago. I also noted Larry Bagnaris tramping around the Hub City fresh from a local AIDS fund-raiser. Hey Larry, I could use that calendar you promised!!!!!

Oh, and Will Parr is looking great and, believe it or not, VERY available-Will, have you been using that SoloFlex again? Do share the secret!!! And lest I forget Acadiana being treated to all the Chili it can eat for $20 a night ... Chili Pepper was whoring around last Saturday being her old wild self-I swear that girl absorbs more cocktails from old men than a box of Depends. Oh Chili, stop cruising those stalls, you're wearing holes in your kneepads. And who was that Jamie person keeping company with the male version of Stephanie Stevens last week? John says last he heard from that girl, she was married with two kittens and a lovely duplex somewhere on New Orleans' West Bank. Nonetheless, Jamie looked as though he was enjoying himself last week, or was he? John says you can never be too sure with that one!

That's all for this week ... I promise to file my tongue before next issue.. It's good to be back! Sweet dreams! I love you John-boy. Can I have a new car now?!?!

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