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Volume 15/Issue 17


From: Keith Truitt
Subject: Gay New Orleans! HUMMMM??????
To whom it may concern! There are two hot gay men from New Orleans who just recently moved here to San Francisco about 4 or 5 weeks ago who suggested that I should definitely surf the net and seriously consider attending this event of yours called Southern Decadence....from the way they described it and from what I've been able to see on the video tapes I just happened to catch on screen at a few of the local gay establishments here in SF, I might just have to seriously consider within the next year or so taking my first trip ever to New Orleans for this event. Being a man of color and community involved leather man, I would like very much to get as much factual information on Southern Decadence as possible.

I've never been to the South but, who knows perhaps your event Southern Decadence might be enough of a reason for me to seriously consider going. I've learned over the years not to always believe the HYPE about almost anything and anyone, but rather approach things with a cautious optimism at best. I want to extend my heartfelt sincerest congratulations to all of you involved directly or indirectly in Southern Decadence on your 25th anniversary, you have much to be proud of and much to celebrate. Perhaps I might in the future experience what I've been hearing more and more about recently here in San Francisco, namely that one of the premier events that all gay, lesbian, & bi-sexual people from around the United States and around the world should definitely make it a point of attending is Southern Decadence. --Keith Truitt

From: (Rip Naquin)
Subject: Gay New Orleans/Southern Decadence
Hi Keith, All of the information you need is available on our various web sites. For Gay New Orleans info you should visit both and Gay Mardi Gras also is a wealth of info Current and past info on Southern Decadence is available The AMBUSH Mag 2000 site @ is updated every two weeks with a new issue. I believe you will find our city an incredible adventure. It has been that way for my partner of 23 years and myself. Hope you enjoy New Orleans!
--Rip Naquin-Delain
From: Keith Truitt
Subject: Re: Gay New Orleans/Southern Decadence
Dear Rip! Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my e-mail, I most certainly will make sure that I bookmark Southern Decadence for current and future referral, however being someone who was brought up in the Midwest (Chicago, Illinois no less) and whereas I am of African American descent I'm wondering about the mix feelings of being in the South for the first time ever in my life considering all that has taken place there over the past 30 years or more in relation to minorities. Basically Rip what I'm wondering is that is this the kind of place that those of us who are non-white would feel welcomed? I know this may be hard for many gays who are not of African American descent to understand the possible mix emotion that some of the landmarks that many people in New Orleans cherish so dearly hold so much pain, and misery for others. Perhaps I will never really know the answers to these questions that are in my mind until I dare venture to New Orleans. We'll See Rip. Thank you so much for your time.

Subject: Reunion of former Southern Decadadence Grand Marshals and Founders
Hi, My name is Robert King (5th grand marshal) and I am planning on attending the 25th anniversary of Southern Decadence on Aug. 29-31. Can you tell if there is a site where former Founders and Marshals plan to gather prior to the parade on Aug. 31? I will also be in town on the weekend (Aug.22-24) and have reservations to stay at the Best Western Inn on Bourbon St. (corner of Toulouse); These trips tend to get expensive due to the fact that I am in a wheelchair and most of my friends have steps and/or narrow bathrooom doors. Do you know of any less-expensive places that I could stay on the first weekend. I have accomatitions [sic] for Decadence Weekend but the Aug. 22-24 date is quite expensive. E-mail me at Many thanks,
--Robert King (Helen)

From: (Rip Naquin)
Subject: SD Grand Marshals
Dear Robert, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I am forwarding your email to the new Grand Marshal Miss Love. Many parties honoring all of the grand marshals are in the works. I know that one is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 28th, 8pm at the Golden Lantern called "A Bridal Shower." As plans are confirmed, I will be posting them on the Southern Decadence site at You can also find the complete calendar of events that weekend at I would suggest that you contact Big Easy/French Quarter Lodging @ or French Quarter Accommodation Service @ for lodging info. Both of these companies are experts finding just the right accommodations for specific needs. I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet you at one of the functions this year. Best wishes,
--Rip Naquin-Delain

Subject: SD former Grand Marshals tour of tours
Hi Rip, Thanks for the info you sent. I wanted to let you know that on Ambush's SD events that it has been a tradition for a long time for the former marshals and the new one to go out on the weekend prior to the SD weekend to various bars that the parade route might stop. Usually these bars will offer the former and new marshals complimentary cocktails in hopes that the parade will chose their place to drop in on during the course of the parade. This year it will be on Aug. 23. I don't know if this would be listed as an upcoming event, but being the 25th annaversary of SD some of the other SD founders do plan on keeping this treadition going. Since you are on the inernet many people are keeping up with the events of SD. Whether Ambush wishes to include this in their calander of events is, of course, up to your staff. I know many former marshals and founders of SD are planning on being in N.O. this year. I just thought you might like to know. Again, thanks for the lodging information. Being there 2 weekends in a row gets to be quite expensive for me (especially since I need wheelchair accessability). I could stay with friends there, but it seems everyone I know has steps and/or other obstacles which make it difficult to stay. I am keeping the addresses you sent me in a file for future reference. I do hope to meet you face-to-face at least one of the weekends that I am there. Warm wishes,
--Robert King

To: Computer Tower
From: George Patterson
Subject: Re: Boys in the band
At 11:20 AM 8/2/97 -0500, you wrote:>My EMAIL Address is >Dear Sir or Madam,>How much are the tickets to "Boys in the Band" Where can you buy the >tickets in advance.>PS Thank George Patterson for being helpful to give me information about>the bars.>Thanks,>Steve McCabe

Dear Steve, The tickets are $20. each. Send check made out to: "Krewe of Petronius," along with a self-addressed-stamped envelope and the krewe'll mail you your tickets. Send to: Mickey Gil, Captain, Krewe of Petronius, 1021 Gov. Nicholls St., New Orleans, LA 70116. The show is: Fri. - Sun., Aug. 22 - 31. Cordially,
--George Patterson

Subject: miller love your site
...i really appreciate what Miller has done for the gay community... i was a little disappointed that right under the miller ad you showed budweiser as a favorite beer ... i really believe you can put out there what u need ... but, i once made a very bad decision over *drinking* bud in front of Miller's gay rep .... we didn't get the endorsement we had previously had...just an fyi.
--gary lanham, dallas, texas

Subject: Not Like Other Boys
Dear Ambush Editor: I was surfing and found your recommendation to read my (and my mother's) memoir, Not Like Other Boys! More important than the good feeling it gave me, I was grateful to see that you recommended it to all parents...Our book is due out in paperback in September (Alyson Publications) and I am happy to report that my mother and I will be the focus of a segment on Dateline/NBCs show on Tuesday night, September 2 at 10:00 (NY time). I hope you'll let your readers know) Thanks again for the review. Regards,
--Christopher Shyer

Took the tour!! It was wonderful ... we plan to come down Labor Day. We had never heard of Southern Decadence!! We are gonna have a GREAT time. Hope we see you there!! --Marianne, Daniel, Christopher, and Allison

From: "Patrick "
Subject: thank you
becky, honey.... thank you so much for your educational and insightful tour. i have more of an idea what to expect. my lover has been there several times, but it'll be my first. i'm coming for marti gras, then southern decadence, then again just to enjoy without the masses. hope that it is all you said it was. any suggestions on what to do first?

Subject: gay bars
name: Steve McCabe
description: You had a nice description of the gay bars in New Orleans. We are going there for Southern Decadence. email: home: Falls Church, Virginia USA

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