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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 17


Steve and Mr. Bill Do Alaska;
Richard and Guy Take On the Big Apple

It was a cool and wonderful July for the Livonia girls. Mr. Bill took his Steve, famous for his work at the Blue Parrot, up to Alaska for a visit with friend Cherie, a very famous drag queen of the Northwest. It was also time to pay a visit to his brother Clyde's grave in Anchorage. Actually the friendship was between Cherie and Clyde, but it was all a family affair when our two Livonia chicks made their way into the area. According to Steve, they were welcomed by all in the gay community there.

He had great things to say about the Raven, one of Anchorage's two gay bars and not that new character in the Spiderman comic strip. They were treated like royalty on a state visit to Alaska. It was red carpet treatment all the way. The other bar in Anchorage is the Blue Moon, a dance bar similar to our own Traditions.

Dan (the above referenced Cherie), a travel agent with Apollo Travel, saw that they did Alaska in style, with visits into the majestic mountains surrounding the area, checking out the glaciers, staying at their camp on a lake north of the city, and meeting all of Clyde's friends who loved him and recall great memories of this fine man. There were still eighteen hours of sunlight, but it really never got dark.

Our Steve and Mr. Bill were amazed at this natural wonder. They recommend a trip to Alaska for anyone desiring a chance for getting away to the wilderness and for experiencing nature's incomparable beauty.

Our fabulous owner of George's, sweet and considerate Rich ard, did his thing up New York way. Richard and his gracious Guy are fans of any Broadway show and could easily be called "Broadway prolific." Guy reads and remembers everything in the programs and is such a fun person to be around, especially when he's out of town. Just name the show, and our Richard and Guy know all about it. From Red Stick to the Big Apple, sweet Richard is the man of the hour, and Guy is his man Friday.

Going along on this latest trip was Kiwi, Cody, and Mark, who met Denver, another Baton Rougean, who gathered up several Ft. Lauderdale studs, namely John, David and Marvin, and they all merged on the Big Apple. It was Chicago, Les Miserables, The Life, Making Porn, and Tina Turner for the main entertainment this time, but the bars of Chelsea saw our Red Stickers quite a bit. Also a highlight of this trip was a couple of outstanding museums and a dinner at Stingy LuLu's, a '50s diner where all the waitresses are drag queens. Patty Wack was their waitress, and sweet Richard used that name in the big turnabout last week.

Now that was a big event. It was a packed house again as George's played host to everyone in a dragarama to beat all dragaramas. The bar manager, that charming Douglas, was fabulous in that black outfit and even danced on the bar, but from all accounts, he's a charmer at any time. Shane was also in fine form as well as Todd and Keith, but it was Cody who brought the house down. Tiara Sparkles was fabulous, but she always has been, and always will be. There's a kind of class there that you don't find very often.

And check out that new George's bartender, fabulous Keith. I've known this one for a long time, and they don't come any better. And, darlings, I only speak of personality here. What did you think I meant?

I have to tell you something else about Richard. Excuse me for bragging so much about my buddy, but the last number of the show last week was dedicated to the Apollo AIDS Crisis fund, and all tips, including a BIG check from Richard, gave this fund a hefty boost. The customers gave. Our community benefited. It was not planned, but this is something that Richard is famous for, and it falls under the heading of generosity.

The Mirror Lounge is taking on a new look with a few changes planned for the interior. New owners Jeff and Danny are about to bring this one back to life. They have quite a few shows planned, and it looks like they have it all together to create a fun atmosphere for our community. Jeff is a Slidell boy, and Danny hails from Vicksburg. Together, they look to be a dynamic force for our area. Welcome, guys! It's good to have you here!

The grand opening will be September 6, but don't wait until then. Go on out and greet them. Show them how friendly we can be here in the capital city.

La Shai Productions is doing a show at the Mirror on September 20, so reserve this date and have a great time. The last show there was the Miss South Central Louisiana America pageant, and the reigning Queen R.O.U. of Lafayette, Effie Marie, won this coveted crown.

I ran into a fabulous couple from New Orleans when I went out to the Blue Parrot last week. Dizzney and Nicholas were up on business. (MY - but that DOES sound erotic!) They were SO friendly-just a very nice duo.

T he Time Zone was lively when I stopped in. Kyle and James are still running their beer and booze specials, so you're missing out if you don't stop in here. I ran into Ken, my fabulous "older" friend here, and we chatted again about old times. My, my! I can still remember the days when I had the hots for him, but he was a taken man, and I never mess around with the married ones, unless they're straight, of course. In fact, the last straight one I met wanted to get into movies, the intimate variety, and will probably end up doing just that. After all, I checked out the equipment, and he certainly has it all in the right places.

T he Hide-A-Way is gearing up for Minette's birthday bash. This is always a big event. Every other Friday you can enjoy karaoke, lesbian style, and it's great. My pretty lawyer Joseph invited me out last week to enjoy his company at this bar, but I just couldn't make it. He did, however, bring his cutie-pie Joe to meet me. And together, they are one beautiful couple. Of course, I've told you before that precious Joseph is gorgeous from one end to the other and all points in between, but this was the first time I met Joe. This youngster is a fine, fine example of young manhood-broad shoulders, beautiful eyes, lovely profile, magnificent buns, and fully-packed box. Oops, I digress. Please forgive me.

J im, over at Traditions, and his John, are planning to attend the big bar convention in Orlando. This sweetie is the best of the best, and I love to sit in his upstairs station and chat with him. Be sure to check him out when you go to Traditions.

H ibiscus Bookstore has had a lot of new visitors lately. It seems to be the gathering point for newcomers desiring information on where to live and what to do in the city. Damon is a goodwill ambassador of sorts and gladly helps out with the information desired. He also stresses, as I do, the importance of keeping the money in the family by supporting gay or lesbian-owned businesses.

I 'd like to say something very positive about the Krewe of Apollo. Regardless of what some people may think, this is not an organization of snobs. It is a group of caring guys who give back to the community much more than they take from it. The AIDS Crisis Fund is a good example, and Queen Terry is to be congratulated for her efforts on the committee at representing the present royal pair, Damon being the current king.

Their reign has been a great one thus far, and the ball, set for Fri., Feb. 6, 1998, will be a great one. Reserve that date now. You won't be disappointed with the work that this fabulous krewe is doing. The big bal masque production is a fun thing, an annual event that brings forth a lot of talent, and it is their way of saying "thank you" and giving back to the community a visually fantastic show for everyone to enjoy.

S weet Sam threw another shindig over at his place. There was that gentle togetherness that you don't see that often, and where better to show it off than at a private residence with a great chef like the dynamic Kyle to keep the attendees satisfied. This was an entertaining night as Billy became the center of attraction-a Billy doll, that is. It was all great fun, and I feel an encore in the works.

R ob and Tommy were in rare form at the Blue Parrot last week. They don't get out too often, and it was such a nice surprise to have them join in the Wednesday night festivities.

T he Mr. Louisiana America title was won recently in Lake Charles by Chris Terro of Lafayette, who, by the way, is also Mr. R.O.U. This is another nice, nice human being, and I'm so pleased to finally see him being recognized. He's scheduled to be a guest performer at the Mr. and Miss Apollo contest set for the Hide-A-Way on Sat., Sept. 13. He is a very talented young man.

M y vote for the cutest couple around now is none other than George's Doug and his precious Jason. They just seem to have been made for each other, a charming, charming match. They exhibit a kind of happiness that you don't see often, and their charm has a way of wearing off on anyone they are around. This is definitely good, and they seem to enjoy sharing their happiness in a very positive way. The gay community is lucky to have them as fellow members.

School is just around the corner. I'd like to be the first to welcome all those new students to the L.S.U. and Southern campuses. Be sure to check out the Decadence festivities in New Orleans. I can't think of a better way to get you into the thick of things. It's your biggest welcoming party this side of Mardi Gras. See ya' there, darlings!

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