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allons acadiana

Volume 15/Issue 18

by J.D. Norris

Okay, so I can tell you now, but it isn't like you haven't already heard the latest bar gossip: you all know John Gilland, co-owner of Images and owner of Crystal's, will be opening up a shining new nightclub soon. What you may not know is all the details.

The growing gay metropolis that is downtown Jefferson Street will soon include The Sound Factory, what Gilland says will be his biggest and best achievement so far in his growing string of nightclubs. The opening date is Oct. 31, Halloween. He'll be bringing Images' east-side bar gurus Connie and Debra to help him run the place-Gilland and his girl-wonders have overseen renovations of the club currently known as The Quarter. The difference will be the entire building which Big Daddy has purchased will have different level areas of entertainment. Of course, your's truly has had the big, personalized tour. Everything's black so far-Black!! (How novel). But by the time opening night rolls around, I'm sure we'll all be in for a fun surprise.

More Bar Gossip

Gilland and Images' other half, Lori Wheat, insist they're parting ways cordially. They'll still be chums and both say the two dance emporiums will coexist peacefully. Speaking of Lori, who will continue to run one of Louisiana's largest and best known nightclubs, the curly haired, soon-to-be married type promises me she has some changes of her own in store. Images will begin to have more of a rave feel about it. Okay, I'm not sure if I'm using the word "rave" correctly, but suffice it to say the club will continue to keep up with the trends in both decor and music. Incidentally, check out what the club is offering in this issue: all the $1 long necks a tipsy girl can hold and VERY interesting music lineups on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Let's not forget the other new club opening soon, catty-cornered across from Images-Jules. I also got to sneak-peek inside of that one and I think it will go along with the growing demands of our expanding community, while the other two major spots will enjoy their own clientele. The idea here is an up-scale cruise bar, (kind of like those found in the Crescent City, but complete with infamous back room?) We'll have to wait and see. That's all I'm going to give you on what's going on with the club owners.

Threesome For Miss Gay Louisiana-America!

For the third year running, one of the most elaborate and well-orchestrated drag pageants in America will be held in Lafayette soon- Rick Martinez is bringing his Miss Gay Louisiana America pageant back to the city Sept. 5, 6 and 7 at 6pm. Thanks go to the folks at Images and the warm, supportive crowds who've packed the complex for the show since 1995. Forgive me for not remembering all the names of our local finalists hoping to bring the crown home, but I know Lafayette's Shayla Gray is among one of the lucky few to compete. Know who the rest are? E-mail me at: The show is three whole nights of fun, frolicking camps, glamour, illusion and, yes, lots of talent. As a matter of fact, John and I will be playing host to an out-of-area straight couple coming in to see the shows. Better make plans now, even in a club as huge as Images, space is at a premium just like parking. We always have extra special fun standing outside counting U- Haul trucks full of wigs and sparkly evening gowns . (Ever seen a queen squeal with horror at the sight of a moving van full of her gowns and makeup only to realize she's left her favorite, form-fitting pair of pumps back at the motel she checked out of yesterday?)

Seen But Not Always Noted

Have I congratulated Stephanie Stevens as Queen ROU- elect? Happy day! And it was only a few issues ago I was asking what had become of the poor dear. And to you too Chris Terro, on your crowning, or medaling, as Mr. Gay Louisiana America.

Geaux Hibiscus, Get Lucky!

While in Baton Rouge recently attending a special legislative conference for my "real" job, I dropped by Hibiscus Book store just a spit away from the capitol grounds. Many of you know about our little friend Damon, the owner and quintessential Ambush columnist, who owns the joint. What you might not know is that it isn't such a rotten place to go to meet cute guys-or girls. I swear the place was filled with a dozen UPS drivers anxious for a little attention. Of course, Damon doesn't own a cruise bar, but it doesn't hurt to look across the greeting cards and throw a little wink across the room either. LOVE the gay pride stickers, Damon. So does everyone else at work!

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