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erotic film reviews

Volume 15/Issue 18

Flickin' with Brad
by Brad Benedict, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

What does one do to top such a successful movie as Mardi Gras Cowboy? Well, you film a little ditty called At Twilight Come the Flesh Eaters. Overall this movie is quite good, but I did have trouble keeping the characters straight, no pun intended.

The overall story was very, very good, but I did get a little tired of the telephone calls (although they were quite clever), the crapper visits with no toilet paper (somehow seeing someone take a dump turns me off), and that screeching female at the beginning got on my nerves as well as seeing that significant other cutting those onions over and over and over. Seeing pretty weenies is more of my idea of a good scene, and this movie has a lot of them so that makes up for any faults this feature might have. Now that I've got the negative out of the way, let's see some of the positive. What did I like best about this movie? Well, Jim Buck, of course. I really think he is a big talent who will be around for years to come, and with Vidkid Timo, you have a magical combination. I've known Timo for a long time, but I see his talent for comical writing as being his best asset, a plus when it comes to adult videos. Of course, I should say his acting is good too. It's not everyone who can do drag, give a blow job in a cemetery, and act like Varla Merman all at the same time.

The use of black and white segments to mock Night of the Living Dead was very effective, and seeing our Ambush stud in all his glory was quite rewarding. Now let's talk about this a little. This was done via a video found by these two nosey broads who went into Jim Buck's room. It showed Jim Buck, Timo and What's His Name doing their three way in great form. I guess I really could have done without seeing that hairy butt hole in close up on that wide screen, but after I recovered from the shock, it was hump city with Jim Buck and Timo pumping away. This was a memorable scene for me and will probably always stand out in my mind as a fantastic piece of movie making. No, that's not what I meant to say. I'll probably remember this scene forever and ever and ever. Yes. That's it.

I could list you all the stars of this film but it would be longer than the review. Since I didn't have a box cover or anything to use other than the copy of the movie, I kept pausing and writing down all the names. I was impressed and knew I was about to see something special. I saw my good little buddy, sweet Richard, briefly. I'm not certain if he was listed among the cast members. Really. This whole thing got to be so ridiculously funny that I had to keep my eyes glued to the screen. Of course, every time Jim Buck dropped those pants, I couldn't take my eyes away. He has the most gorgeous weenie I've ever seen.

This is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long while, and with adult comedy, it's even funnier. If you can go through the phone calls and that nasty-mouthed babe in New York, you will come away with a good feeling and a little bit of a surprise ending. I think the combo of Jim Buck and Timo makes for a fresh new look at video viewing. It's clever, outrageous, and definitely enjoyable.

This is a very special and original movie with lots of special people doing lots of funny things, and it is well worth owning a copy and supporting our Louisiana community of actors and actresses. In a way, I see history in the making here. It's called presentation with a flair for the unusual, and I think others will begin to copy the talents of this winning combination. I'm just pleased to see things going so well for the Vidkid and the Buck boy.

This movie will not be released by a distributor, so in order to obtain copies, you must request one through Timo's website: http://www.timo Do it soon, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

If I reviewed all of Dallas Taylor's movies, I'd be here for a long time. The list in length is comparable to the Vidkid's cast for his twilight flick. From the looks of his list of credits, he has been a very busy boy over the years. He's one model that has proven his worth by the amount of work he has produced. He is blonde, humpy and still adorable after all these years.

He has been in many top movies, such as All About Sex, Top Men, Top to Bottom, Lowe Down, Romeo and Julian, Idol Inn Exile, Paradise Beach, Goodfellows/Badfellows, and Summer Obsession. The list goes on and on, and his star quality has never diminished. He did a memorable turn in Hot House Lodge. Taylor was in fine form as he does the big dirty with Ken Montana on the lounge couch in the lodge. This is a hot scene and one of the many that has made him famous in video history. In Leather Story, he gets it on with the rest of the cock rings and arm bands as he does his leather thing.

Right now, he's on a whirlwind tour of the country, allowing everyone close-up glimpses of his pretty weenie. This month alone, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, and New Orleans have experienced the magic touch of a master craftsman. Congenial and very friendly, this man has the touch of a star that endears him to the hearts of many fans who continue to enjoy his films. May the list continue to grow!

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