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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 18


Cotillion Draws Baton Rouge Royalty;
Minette, Julie Celebrate Birthdays

N ew Orleanians weren't the only ones to enjoy the prestigious annual Magnolia Cotillion. The Krewe of Apollo Baton Rouge was represented by reigning King Apollo XVI and King Apollo XVII-elect Damon and Sam. They arrived early for a private meeting with the honored couple and their assistants. They were joined later by Don and Tom, owners of the Blue Parrot, and TTT himself, the terrifically terrible Tommy, loose in the Quarter and dressed to the hilt. Tommy, darling, you did look magnificent. Kevin came in while we were all on the balcony, and I didn't learn about it until a couple of days later. Other krewe members I recognized were from the Lords of Leather, Armeinius, and Petronius.

When it came to fashion, I've never seen so many beautiful men-and ladies too. I really thought Ms. Fly outdid herself, but yet as long as I've been to parties she's also attended, I've never really had the chance to talk with her. Maybe I should do that and check out her Corner Pocket a little closer. Miss Toni, as Madame de Pompadour, was also very elegant in a very nice ensemble with that daring and plunging neckline. Sweet Reba went from a redhead to a blond, and she was fabulous in a canary cocktail dress. I also arrived early and got to watch her and Sam add finishing touches to the food spread in the upstairs suite. Whether she's on stage performing or taking care of her duties at home, she is still a wonderful and charming individual, a perfect little homemaker.

It was also nice to see Mary Bess again. This lovely lady gets more radiant with each passing year. She was dandy in a white pant suit, but one thing was missing-the hat. She's famous for those hats. I think any woman in a hat is absolutely delightful to look at, and it takes a special person to wear one properly. Mary Bess is a very special person.

I joined the Baton Rougeans on the balcony after finishing my picture duties of the night, and it was such a fine gathering of cultured gentlemen. Those Blue Parrot studs are so very, very nice, and I look forward to more encounters with them. I learned to respect them even more as the night went on.

And went on, it did. I had to go see my wonderful Joe at Lafitte's, but I learned it was his birthday, and he was out celebrating. I had just missed him. Well, Joe darling, I took a guess and went to Good Friends to see you, but somehow the connection was not to be. I hope you enjoyed your big night. I have a special gift for you, but it requires a personal meeting, if you know what I mean.

It was another fine gathering of sorts at Goodfriends. There were lots of Red Stickers celebrating, namely two Scotts, one the muscular hunk and the other with the golden voice who just returned to the capital city. Upstairs in the Queen's Head Pub, I ran into former Baton Rougean, gorgeous, gorgeous Steven, who returned from the bright lights of the Big Apple to New Orleans to star in the highly successful "Pageant." He was with off-duty bartender and one of my good buddies, cutie-pie Seth and his significant other, Marthon. Even though I was sitting at one of the tables, I couldn't help but admire Steven-the dazzling eyes, beautiful smile, and a personality that is infectious to all around him. I knew he was special the first time I saw him when he was still a student at LSU.

Then, wonder of wonders appeared, the dynamic duo from Donaldsonville materialized, the absolutely beautiful Orhan and his wonderful Blake. They had just honored each other with rings, the titty variety. This just seemed to have sealed their love for each other. They radiated a gentle and magnificent aura of togetherness, something very rare and special.

Damon and Sam left our group and made their way back to Baton Rouge, but I remained with Don, Tom and TTT. It was a most exciting evening, but that's a story for another time.

Back in Baton Rouge, Minette celebrated her birthday-- country style. Everyone had their western attire, and our wonderful bar baroness couldn't have looked better. She's simple a great and loving friend, and it's been quite some time since I saw her displaying so much happiness. I watched her playing pool, dancing, and talking to her guests. She really is a great human being, and her Hide-A-Way is an oasis for the lesbians, gays, transgenders and crossdressers who come to enjoy its unique atmosphere. I simply adore you, Minette darling. Thanks for letting me share in your happy evening.

Julie was also celebrating her birthday. This cutie came in with one of my favorite people in the whole world, stunningly handsome Suzanne. They were together as friends. Julie's other half was out of town, so sweet Suzanne wanted to make sure Julie had a lovely time on her day.

Jeff and Danny, new owners of the Mirror Lounge met me at the Hide-A-Way. They wanted to meet Minette, so I invited them to the party. The next night, it was a big show for them at the Mirror, or maybe I should say, a star-studded show. The Lafayette girls, along with the gorgeous queen of the Royal Order of Unicorn, Miss Effie Marie, came out to the capital city for a great lineup of talent. The cast was a fine one, and I have to think it was because my wonderful Shayla Gray put it all together. This beauty has always been one of my favorite people, and I always enjoy her performances. She had even added one of my favorite hunks to the schedule, newly crowned Mr. Louisiana America, Chris Terro, also the reigning Mr. R.O.U. When it comes to entertainment, you can't find a better group than these Lafayette belles. Others who entertained were: Stephanie Stevens, Tamira Colbert, Savannah Leigh, Topaz Dapree, Yvette LeVeaux, Chillie Pepper, and Victoria Valentine, who, if memory serves me correctly, was first runner-up in the Miss Capital City Pageant held at Traditions recently.

Jeff and Danny also had a group of friends come up (or should I say down) from Jackson, Mississippi. I immediately flipped over one of them, but I won't embarrass him by calling him out by name. You know me when it comes to a blond beauty of excellent proportions, and I refer to this with a lustful thought on my mind. Maybe I should discuss this with our new bar owners. After all, they are friends and know this beautiful dude. How about it guys? Who was that fantastic hunk?!

I made my way to the Time Zone on several occasions. They are located across the street from Hibiscus Bookstore, so I do double visits every chance I get. They had a fabulous cook-out last week, but these functions are always great. The fun night came when I met the Blue Parrot's Steve at the TZ for a drink and chitchat. I'm so glad I stopped in. Miracle of miracles occurred! Kyle planted a kiss on James, a first since I've been going to their bar. It wasn't a planned event, and even if it had been, I didn't have my camera there to record it.

I also had a fabulous dinner last week at the Blue Parrot. The food was great. I must remember to call Paul and Michael in Key West and tell them how much these boys (Don and Tom, of course) are doing for this community. In addition to all the excellent food they prepare, they are super, super nice. They just seem to have it all together. And from what I hear, you guys in Key West are loving our southern-most city. I'm glad. I love you both, and I certainly miss you.

Richard and Guy are still talking about their big New York trip. Maybe I'll go with them the next time. I crave the bright lights, and this just might be right up my alley. Doug and his Jason seem to be happier than ever. Sometimes I look at them, and I'm reminded of another marvelous couple, Scott and John. They are an adorable twosome, and the way they dress makes them almost look like twins. From redheads to blonds, I think they are beautiful, all four of them.

Mark's Mike went steppin' with Damon while Mark was in Lexington with Truman and Jim. Kelly Cruise, Truman's son-oops, daughter-was a candidate in the Miss Entertainer of the Year Pageant. At any rate, Mike and the book baron made it to Traditions and the Mirror. Both had to work the next day and had to settle for a short night on the town, but they did have a wonderful meal at the Thai Kitchen, and a mutual admiration conversation. They have been friends for years and share so many interests, especially gardening.

Another birthday celebrant was Hal. It was a big surprise event held at Marshall's fabulous home in Walden. It was a gathering of friends, dear to him, and it spelled number 40 for our Hal.

As school days return and sum- mer nears an end, vacations are just about to be a thing of the past, at least until next year. Our fabulous Larry and his Jeff decided to do the Canadian trip to Montreal, and they had a marvelous time, quite unlike the story I heard from sweet Michael from the Ark-La-Tex. First off, Larry reports that they stayed in a hotel that was nothing more than an oversized bathhouse. The room was small, but the atmosphere was fantastic. In fact, the atmosphere was great in every place they went. There were porn movies being shown continually in all the bars, even the straight ones. Now fancy that! Both French and English was spoken, and the overall feel of the gay section of Montreal was a definite likeness to Bourbon Street in New Orleans. In Montreal, it's called Super Block with lots of gay bars and businesses and underground malls.

Larry also said that they went to Priape, a store like Hibiscus. However, there was a basement here, and this was the leather shop, with all items being made on the spot. The best thing he reports is the nude dancers. There were weenies all over the place. Larry and Jeff say that this is the place to go if you really want a great change, preferably in the summer when the climate is more agreeable to us Southerners.

Now the opposite side of the coin is an earlier visit by a Shreveport friend, who had a horrible time. It took him a while to catch on to what was going on. It all happened soon after the Oklahoma City bombing. He was interrogated at the border, and for the entire time he was in Canada, he was followed almost to the point of harassment. He was there with a group of seminar people, but he found himself to be isolated and really afraid to go anywhere. His room was completely checked out while he was at dinner, with his things apparently being turned upside down in an effort to find something. Whether he was eating or shopping, there was always someone following him or watching from a distance-not one person, but several men. It was the most unnerving experience he had ever had, and it only stopped the day prior to his departure. The only thing he could figure out from this treatment was that he perhaps had a resemblance to the "other" person supposedly connected to the bombing but never found. Other than that conclusion, he can't be for sure, but he can tell you one thing. He will never go to Canada again. It was all uncalled for, and he had a miserable time.

I had a wonderful visit with Jackie, Sandy, B.J., and Kim over at the Eagle Copy Service. It was on Sandy's birthday, and we shared good conversation and an Italian cream cake with fresh coffee. The coffee was just to my taste. It put hair on my tongue! Oh, by the way, Mr. Delhi Freddy-twirl, Pearl!

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