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3 snaps

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 1



Well, well, well . . . it's been a long time since I've written to my wonderful brothers and sisters of our vast community! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and even better New Year's. I worked all New Year's at Oz running my lights and doing security and by the sight of things, all of you were having a wonderful time.

Some of you were messy, and some were well on they're way. I love watching you all have a good time because you all deserve to have fun in life. So what's up on the resolutions list for 97? I would like to hear some of your resolutions and would love to print them. I have set myself with a self improvement list for 97. I've been practicing before New Year's on a couple things. My top resolutions are: Personal Goals : 1. Save up some money. 2. Start back at the gym. 3. Stop smoking cigarettes. 4. Take a couple of trips this year. 5. Work harder on Pride Fest and Gay Appreciation Awards. 6. Buy a new car.

So far I have saved a good some of money, have dedicated 1 hour of the day to going to the gym, bought a pack of nicoderm patches to quite smoking, have plane tickets for my boyfriend and I to go on a nice, romantic trip real soon. Whew....doing pretty good so far! I just know this cigarette thing is going to be a bitch! But I'm gonna do it! I have lots of determination built up for 97.

So now you know mine, I'd like to know yours! You can send all correspondence to 3 Snaps, c/o Ambush Mag 2000, 828-A Bourbon St., 70116 -3137 or E-mail me at Anyway I'm doing very well and happier than I've been in a long time with lots of improvements! A new life, a new fun and wonderful man, a new house, and even better...a new outlook on life. Have you ever gone through a dark age where you felt locked in to whatever situation you were in and couldn't get out? "Been there, done that, over and out of it!" I'm just glad it's over! Now let's get caught up...


Let's see...several events have happened lately that will change all of us ultimately. First our Gay Pride Fest will never be the same. Ron Wilcox and I had the honor of attending the IALGPC (International Association of Lesbian and Gay Pride Coordinators) Conference in Kansas City, MO as representatives of the New Orleans Alliance of Pride, Inc.

This is a group that has been around some 15 years and is responsible for making all associated prides across the world successful. Just some of the members are New York, West Hollywood, Atlanta, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and tons of others. The resources are astounding and the help and support is incredible.

The Pride board will be attending the POSE (Prides of the Southeast) regional conference in March then the 97 IALGPC Conference in New York for November. So we have a world of learning and growth coming in landslide proportions and YES...we need lots of help so get involved quick!

You would even have opportunity to work at one of the larger prides across the states. This is a turning point for our Pride Fest as well as our community to stand and be proud. We may be considered a minority but we know what's really going on around us. Just 10% of the population...I think not!

Next we suffered some major losses! The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen victims and Scott Freeman of Clover Grill. There were many lessons to learn from these happenings, but getting down to the personal side that I learned...we should love our friends as dearly and sincerely as you can while you can because you never know when they'll be gone.

One reason I love my friends like I do is because I consider them my family first and foremost. Not everyone in the family is good and nice but they are still family. Some need spankings, some need hugs and some even need to be avoided and just left to their own world till they figure out what's going on around them! You should always be there when someone needs you because you never know when you might need them. Good "gree-gree" produces Good "gree-gree"!

Then one of our proudest moments...the March on City Hall and the Candlelight Vigil. I couldn't have been prouder of those from our community that stood up for themselves and one another. By marching, protesting and standing up to the city council on challenging they're job duties. Fabulous, simply fabulous! Have noticed many more "men in blue" and some fine ones too! That's always a plus. Snap!

The vigil was breathtaking! I stopped by boyfriends side, held his hand and watched as river of family and friends walked silent, arm in arm, hand in hand down to the Pizza Kitchen to pay homage to our lost loved ones.

Lunar Lite

Just what has been going on under the light of the moon lately?

Lots of fun for those daring enough to play with some of the handsome boys that have been visiting our fair city.

Of course for New Year's there were three celebs in town. We had CeCe Penniston at the Parade, Varla Jean Merman at Lafittes and the beautiful Robin S at Oz. I wasn't able to get an interview with CeCe, but I understand Varla just performed at Carnegie Hall in New York. You Go Girl! Our growing up and blossoming into a raging success. At the other end of the block Robin S brought her dancers/backup singers which even included her 16 year old daughter. Fabulous performance and they're company the same.

After her show they took a rest while Robin and I got acquainted. Down to earth and a dedicated mother. Her greatest hobby is being a cabby for her 3 children. With a new album being launched soon, her life doesn't slow for even a minute and neither does her family time. She loves her fans and it shows in her performance. Up close and personal is her belief reflected.

New Years Day

New Year's Day was a pretty calm. The Ambush crew took a walk down to Andy Boudreaux's MRB where we awaited the grand and delicious New Year's Buffet created by Chef Joseph Gaines. Wonderful food and fabulous company here. After lunch and socializing, back to work we went, changing hundreds of pages on the Web to '97.

The Flying Penis

Who said you can't have fun just hanging around with friends on the corner of Bourbon and St. Ann (aka: The Lavender Line)? And who said an 8" dildo couldn't give you a couple hours of shear laughter? Well this last Friday night proved all. This was definitely a video moment. After work Friday I was invited by a couple new found friends to have a cocktail at Oz. After our cocktail we proceeded to the 5th floor of the Bourbon Orleans where one of the friends was staying. He needed to check his messages. While we are in the room, our friend whips out an 8" realistic dildo, greases it with KY and pitches it out the balcony door. We gasped in amazement and lots of giggles and ran out on the balcony to see where the toy landed. To our surprise it landed on the sidewalk directly under a spotlight of the Oz balcony. Then the fun began...

The three of us watched and laughed at each reaction as locals and tourists passed, stepped over and gasped at the 8" penis. The climax came after about twenty minutes worth of stomach wrenching laughter when a local walked by and casually picked it up, folded it in half and tried to stuff the huge dong in his jeans pocket. I don't ever recall laughing till I cried before, but we couldn't help it.

We were so entertained by this scenario, that our friend just happened to have another greased and ready to launch. We were celebrating the third friends birthday that night so we gave him the honor. Out on the balcony he went and there went the greased penis. It landed in almost the same spot. For over an hour we watched and giggled in suspense to see who would take this one! It got kicked & tripped over several times.

Then finally it made its way from the side of Oz on St Ann to the middle of Bourbon between the Pub and Oz. As we watched the expressions of those that came in contact with the greased penis the reactions were priceless. From a squeal and a pointing finger, or a dignified nonchalant glance to a group of girls and boys tripping over it and taking pictures...this needed to be on video.

The toy was making its way out of our eye sight so back down to the corner we went. Once down stairs it became the scene of a spectators awaiting the next human reaction or vehicle to run over it. It began sounding like a sports event. When one would react to it or a vehicle would miss it we cheered. When it got ran over by the garbage truck, it sounded like a football fumble ...AAAWWWWE! The penis eventually ended up in Oz by the front doors.

Everyone took turns stepping on it and causing it to stand erect for the next victim. Cups were even placed around it to attempt to warn people from knocking it down. Then the moment we had been waiting for...who was going to pick up the "greased flying penis"? You heard a roar and a round of applause as that adorable manager from Oz, David, boldly walked by the display and picked it up! Proceeded to the "door cover" cabinet and laid it on top! Needless to say we had a great night filled with surprise and endless laughter.

New Meat

After the Lavender Line entertainment calmed down, my dear friends Randy and James from Ambush and Cathedral talked me into heading down to the Corner Pocket with them.

Upon our arrival the Queen of the Financial District, Ms Fly, was already in rare form. I was given the honor to be a judge for her fabulous New Meat Night. Then as tradition holds true the introductions were made with much reading involved. She informed the patrons on her microphone that her latest bought piece was upset because he felt that I owed him $50 for past play time.

Well being quite embarrassed I hid my head under the lip of the bar. As the contest continued, so did she! She threatened to be his debt collector.

I made it through the contest with much help from the other end of the bar. Rawhide manager Bob and husband George sent me a continued flow of Cuevo gold shots. By the end I was quite the brazen one. I ended up with a tie on scores which left the final say to the other judges. This adorable little boy Mark won! Once the contest was completed I headed out quickly before Ms. Fly started on me again.

A word to Ms. Fly . . . I hope he didn't charge $50 for what he has, because it wasn't enough to charge on a breakdown basis. Hopefully he had a good sized strap-on. Love you girl and I will be back to New Meat Night!

By the way boys, if you would like to have a fun-filled time watching and playing with somewhat naked boys head down to the Corner Pocket on Friday nights. I promise you won't have a dull time there, not with Ms. Fly around. Oh, and buy her a couple shots, help stir the pot some, you'll thoroughly enjoy it! This night surely deserves a 3 Snap rating in circle formation!

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