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hot tails of red stick

A M B U S H M A G 2 0 0 0 - V o l u m e 1 5 - I S S U E 1


And Another Year Begins

Baton Rouge celebrated with balloon drops and a special wedding. While the bar scene was hopping with holiday madness, Skeeter and Tatia tied the knot in royal finery. It was the closeout to a year filled with lots of ups and downs, if you know what I mean. Several memorable things happened last year. Paul and Michael finally opened the Blue Parrot, which has become one of the city's finest watering holes. Richard, over at George's brought in some fabulous dancers while Cody kept packing them in for karaoke nights. The Mirror played host to a number of contests and musical shows, and Jackie and Sandy also opened their Eagle Copy Service on Main Street. Kyle and James brought back the Time Zone to Mac's Bar and added a grill to their endeavors. Hibiscus continued its growth, offering Red Stick shoppers excellent giftables. The Hide-A-Way, out on Exchange Place, also offered some great shows and kept the pool tournaments as a major Thursday night draw. Traditions kept their crowds dancing to the sounds of the nineties by way of the musical expertise of the fabulous Jason and dynamic Karen.

Prior to all this New Year's Eve celebration, everyone con- ducted some great Christmas shows, with dinners that showed the culinary skills of those participating in the events. The Blue Parrot got this off to a great start, followed by the Time Zone, and then George's. The decorations were all elaborate, and it showed the festive and creative talents of all the owners and their hired hands.

George's brought back that fabulous Buck Philips, who is the cover boy for the new movie "Body of Art," and he performed again to the delight of all. However, it was Sister Who-is-it (some know her as Sister Vesta Goodman), who brought the house down, shoutin' and swingin' that tissue around. Let me tell you. Everyone was singing and shouting. One little sweetie was gorgeous in red, another was fantastic in black, a third had a pickin' good time, and the fourth just had a good time. Kiwi did his thing bartending and performing, so it was a fun-filled evening and played to a packed house. Damon and Mike enjoyed one of their rare nights out, and the show was just absolutely fabulous. I think this is to become an annual affair. I certainly hope so. It was a hoot! The real highlight of the evening was meeting a top new video star, Matt Bradshaw. Let me tell you about this tall, handsome, and dark-haired young man. He had a great personality and is quite charming to be with. He's a local lad, and his star has certainly risen in recent months. He's starred in some of the top movies out now, and his physical attributes certainly are memorable. The young man is absolutely gorgeous - head to toe and all points in between. He also has a wonderful weenie - pretty, pretty, pretty. He's cover boy on the new "Savage." (Yum! Yum!)

Well, ball season has arrived, and by the time you read this, it will be well under way. Baton Rouge will see two major balls - the Krewe of Hedon on January 11 and the Krewe of Apollo on January 25. Apollo Lafayette's ball is Sunday, January 12, and Amon-Ra in New Orleans is Saturday, January 18. The Royal Order of Unicorn will be on February 1 in Lafayette, followed by the big ones in New Orleans - Armeinius on Saturday, February 8, and the Lords of Leather, February 9. Of course, Mardi Gras will be on February 1 1, earlier than usual, and some of the krewes chose not to have balls because of the early arrival of the season. Also of interest this holiday season is the premiere of the King Cake Queen Bar Run on January 14 and the big King Cake Queen Party [by invitation] on January 28 at Ambush Headquarters on historic Bourbon Street. Congratulations go out to Queen Reba. May your reign be a wonderful one.

On my "must do" list for 1997, I've placed Evita at the top. I just think Antonio Banderas is the most gorgeous creature on earth, and he has such a pretty weenie. I have the Spanish movie where he bares all. My VCR will never be the same, or, maybe I should say, the copy of the movie will never be the same. And guess what it's called? "Baton Rouge." Don't you just love the originality of Spanish moviemakers? A second item is "do all the balls." That's an annual item on my list. Number three is to enjoy life a little more. I see an island in my future. I always try to make one each year. And one of these years, I'd like to do Montreal and Quebec, but that's been a wish for many years. Item four is a desire to expand on my writing. I've gotten away from the short stories and more into articles. However, I've some tales that need to be told, and they are reaching toward the surface. I had a long chat with Sister Ronnie in Dallas. This lassie is the queen of the Shreveport Apollo ball, which I'm going to miss because of the conflicting date, February 1. (This is also the date of the Apollo ball in Birmingham.) My neighbor, Miss Effie, is the R.O.U. queen, and I dare not miss this sweetie in her debut. Her king, sweet Doug, was in Red Stick last week with ex-king Kenny and his John. It was an after-Christmas shopping spree for this trio.

This drab, terrible weather has put so many people to bed with the flu bug, but many are beginning to come out again. I've had it, and believe me, it's no fun. I trust all your wishes for 1997 will come to pass. Have a great, safe and exciting 1997!

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