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movie and film reviews

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In this issue I am going to review three very different movies from three very different venues. I think I will start with the worst one first, then go to better, then the best. Remember that these are definately three movies worth seeing just on a comparison basis.

Hustler White is the new art house film by Bruce LaBruce ( what a name). It is about the hustler scene on Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. Bruce LaBruce gives us a very gritty portrait of this way of life, as a film maker his head is in the right place but his execution is very amateurish.

You and I loaded down with a video camera could have made a better film. LaBruce is a very talented writer but as an actor and director he needs to rethink his choices. Hustler White is the kind of cheesy movie I could appreciate if done right. Hustler White is not done right.

From the people who brought you Terms Of Endearment we have Evening Star. This is the sequel starring Shirley MaClaine who as always is absolutely wonderful. In the supporting cast is the very talented Juliette Lewis and, in an Oscar caliber performance, Marion Ross of Happy Days fame. Ross is brillant. I never thought this woman could act; but let me tell you, she steals the show. Evening Star is typical tear-jerker fare; it gives us closure to Terms.

From the people at Showtime we get Bastard Out Of Carolina. This is Angelica Houston's directorial debut. She does it flawlessly. This was the film that Ted Turner paid to have made and then decided that the subject matter was a little too graphic for release. When they decided to shop around until they could find someone to distribute this film, no one wanted to touch it. Finally the people at Showtime took the courage to show this film.

Bastard Out Of Carolina deals with the subject matter of child abuse, and Houston brings it to us in the horrific way that child abuse happens. This film is not for the weak hearted but it is an excellent movie. I hope that Angelica keeps making films because she is on the right track.

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