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allons acadiana

Volume 15/Issue 19

by J.D. Norris

Rick Martinez has been bringing his Miss Gay Louisiana America pageant to Lafayette for three years now and in that time, the event has come to symbolize the very best Louisiana has to offer, especially its gay community.

After three very long but entertaining nights for Martinez, his staff and the staff of Lafayette's Images, not to mention one awfully exhausted queer-rag writer, the competition for the best Louisiana female illusionists have to offer ended with Sylvia Scarlett, Miss Gay Monroe, being crowned the best in the bayou state, Miss Gay Louisiana-America; and, considering she comes from a state known throughout the U.S. gay community for being rich in talent, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know she's one of the best in the world, but a little more on Sylvia later, in our next issue.

Okay, so John and I may have been rooting for the hometown favorites, but I can't say anyone out performed the other during the three-day event. The audience, for the most part, was well behaved and mild-mannered.

Accolades to Rick and partner Paul Lasseigne, MGLA pageant administrator, for pulling off the event with all the class of a debutante' ball. The set was wonderful and there was no better place to hold the thing. As a matter of fact, you might be interested in knowing that nightclubs throughout Louisiana wage a bidding war to sway Martinez and pageant officials to hold the cash-cow weekend in their establishments. But considering Images provides the largest open space of its kind in the state, it's no wonder Lafayette gets the honor.

Martinez and his organizers erase the term "drag" and follow the protocol many other professional & straight pageants do to bring dignity to the competition. Cheers also to Robbie McClellan, Robin Guidry, Chris Terro, C&D Printing, Rick Allen Scott Wilborn, Scott Maxwell and all the others I'm forgetting. They ran the show, all three nights, like clock-work.

I'm no Ansel Adams, but I do try my best to get up close and personal with my throw-away camera during things like this. Last Friday night, I apparently got a bit too close to the stage for one overzealous pageant organizer hunk; I thought the poor thing was gonna pop a gut because I got a little close to one of the judges-I guess the Secret Service was busy that night-anyway, he said all was fine once I told him who I was-or was that laughing I heard as he walked away?

It so happens we attended the first night with gal-pal Debbie and her husband along with a few other friends. Debbie's been waiting on Miss Gay Louisiana America all year now to see just how "those female impersonators look up close." I hope you got some good beauty tips, girl!

And More To Come...

In our next issue, look for a short profile and photo of our new Miss Gay Louisiana America, Sylvia Scarlett. There's lots of her to know about, as the good people of Monroe will likely tell you. And a fond, very fond, farewell to outgoing Miss Gay Louisiana America Carrione Synclaire. We chatted on the way to our cars during Sunday's contestants brunch. Aside from keeping her title for an entire year, traveling the state and much of the south promoting Louisiana's gay community, Carrione manages a full time job as a store manager and is a senior at Southern University majoring in something I can't even pronounce. You geaux girl! These contestants were some of the nicest people I've met all year.

May I Have Some More, Sir?

Like the big sow I am, I'm still savoring the eats catered dur- ing Sunday's ritzy contestants brunch held at The Ballroom by studly Keith Sonnier and cuddly Earl Reed who had the place in full drag as close to 100 people checked in to the private party honoring the judges, guests, contestants and hosts of this year's pageant. (Thanks for the coffee, Earl! Got any leftovers???) That's where I got the rare privilege of seeing those vying for the title sans makeup and looking like the fine young men they are. I felt like Mama Cass at a Playboy party. Most of these guys look even better out of full makeup and dress than they do in their alter-ego...and me without my lip-gloss!

Scene, Noted and "Oh, Go Home Ms. Thang"

Of course everybody has been keeping their mugs on the street as the hot weather cools down a bit and the excitement of fall and the opening of two new local nightclubs approach. Will Parr was seen two weeks in a row-that's a record for our little St. Martin recluse! Legal Lover Edwin P. was out and about last week also. Queen R.O.U. Stephanie Stevens helped out during MGLA-I ran across some old pictures of you girl! Call us! Robert doesn't look so bad himself. Mr. Gay Louisiana America, Chris Terro, was out and about last weekend also. Chris, I hear there's a Limbaugh rally next month-you driving? Valarie Sugarbaker, second alternate Miss Gay Louisiana America and the reigning Miss Lakeshore, did a stunning spiritual performance during last week's competition...if anyone is deserving of a special title, it's our own Valarie! Better luck next year you!

There, now was that so bad? I didn't think so. We've got a lot more gossip and info to share in the next issue-a lot more-full of background stories on naughty, messy cowboys and the queen who couldn't.... Got your curiosity going?? Good! Look for my profile on Sylvia Scarlett in the next issue along with more photos. Thanks for reading! Until next time!

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