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erotic film reviews

Volume 15/Issue 19

Flickin' with Brad

Deep In The Brig

Centaur Films, Inc. and Director Chip Daniels present one of their hottest videos yet concerning life in the military. This time Director Daniels takes us to where many Marine or Navy men fear to go, the Brig. The Brig is the military's version of a prison. Deep In The BrigUnfortunately, as those who have been there know too well, it combines the worst of a civilian prison with the worst of a military boot camp. In other words, it's a hell hole! Deep In The Brig is a story of carnal passions deep in the brig.

The story opens with Navy Seamen Kevin Kramer and Brian Daniels trading blows with Marines Devon Miles and Billy Dare in Chip's Bar. The bartender calls the police who soon arrive in the person of Director Daniels in a cameo performance as the police officer accompanied by Marine MP Private John Ross. Quickly getting things under control, Patrolman Daniels turns the dynamic foursome over to MP Ross, who promptly marches them off to the infamous brig.

Once in the reception area of the Brig, we encounter Navy Lieutenant Mark Mason in charge, and already in residence, waiting to be taken to his cell, Marine Private Scott Lyons, who got lost during his attempt at completing the Marine's endurance test, the Crucible, and is being punished for having been AWOL with another Marine.

Upon their arrival, MP Ross is quickly dispatched to bed down Private Lyons in the nearby cell block. At the same time, Seaman Kramer begins to get the attention of Lieutenant Mason by doing just about everything you don't do in the Brig. As the foursome is stripped for inspection, Mason begins to single out Kramer for special attention. But before he departs with Kramer in tow, he again dispatches MP Ross, this time to take Private Billy Dare to the shower for a much needed cleaning. Upon Ross' return, Mason leaves him in charge of Seaman Brian Daniels and Private Devon Miles, while he escorts Seaman Kramer to a solitary confinement cell.

Suddenly finding himself in charge, MP Ross decides Daniels and Miles need a more detailed inspection. Particularly of their butts as, once naked, he has them spread-eagled across the Lieutenant's desk for a body cavity search followed by one of the hottest sex scenes of the video between all three. There isn't a hole among them that is left unplugged.

At the same time, we see that Private Dare has begun to clean himself up in the shower while an older prisoner, already in residence, Scott Hardman, eye rapes young, petite Dare as he drops the proverbial soap. Hardman quickly takes charge of Dare and is probing his orifices with Hardman's 10" ass-splitter as he shows his young charge the ways of the brig.

We see Seaman Kramer as he is again stripped and literally thrown into solitary confinement by Lieutenant Mason as the Brig's lights go out for the night. Shortly thereafter we peek in on one of the cellblocks where four servicemen have been bedded down for the night. They include Private Lyons and a prisoner we soon learn is Marc Hamilton. Hamilton takes an immediate interest in the seemingly inexperienced Lyons, particularly after hearing of his sexual adventures during the Marine Crucible. In no time at all Hamilton has Lyons showing him his 11" boner, which Hamilton quickly gives a close-up inspection. Hamilton and Lyons pro ceed quietly to bring each other to orgasm, while amazingly, their other cellmates sleep and snore through it all.

Later, in what is the final and hottest scene of the video, Lieutenant Mason, wakes up Seaman Kramer, appearing as a giant vision through his cell door, telling Kramer that "Daddy has come to play." He "forces" a now recalcitrant, naked, demoralized and hungry Kramer to service him with the line, "here's breakfast." This is followed by preparation of Kramer's butt for Mason's 10" tool and one of the hottest poundings on video. The video ends as Kramer, his butt still sore, is told by Mason, to ease the pain by lying on his stomach. Leaving Kramer to wonder, still naked and in solitary, when next, carnal passions will run high, this Deep In The Brig.

For more exciting Centaur videos about man-to-man sex in the U.S. military, see Centaur's Ma rine Trilogy, Forced Service, Raw Recruits and Marine Crucible. Order line: 1.800.446.8843.

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