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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 19


Dominique Domitrix Dominates
Blue Parrot's First Leather Night

I t was a time to remember as the Blue Parrot officially dedicated their Friday nights to leather lovers. It was Dominique Domitrix who actually christened the event with her effervescent presence, a stunningly spectacular outfit, and her slave, a very sexy stud in skin-tight attire, dark glasses, and desirous of a little whip action. Dominique made her way into the history books at this outstanding watering hole. Don and Tom were quite nicely attired in their vests, and everyone else had a touch of leather somewhere on their bodies-even if all was not actually visible. As you well know, genitalia without a little leather decoration is like a glass of tea minus the lemon. Really, darlings! Get with the program!

Darren looked fantastic in his Scottish kilt and vest, and true to what I've always heard, the guy did not have on anything underneath, except for that ring, of course. The Krewe of Apollo was represented by Damon, King Apollo XVI, and bartenders for the event were studly Steve and gorgeous Greg. As most of you know (or maybe you don't know), the local area is heavily populated with the leatherites, many with bodily adornments, which, to me, means a lot of pain, but yet there is still that mystique about these additional trimmings. I've always leaned toward the gentle side, but there's something about a leather guy that is really a turn on.

So, if you are inclined to crave a sniff of the good leather stuff, just make your appearance at the Blue Parrot every Friday night. Give in to your wildest dreams. Join the men of leather in a night of temptation and pleasures. As Dominique would say, you ain't seen nothing yet. Fridays at the Blue Parrot means lots of leather and studs galore.

The studs were also out at George's on several nights. Of course, karaoke always packs them in, but dynamic Richard has had strippers, singers, and surprise guests. It's just all a part of his excellent game plan to bring the very best in entertainment to our capital city. Richard has a lot of surprises coming in the entertainment department, so stay tuned and learn all about them.

In case you haven't done so yet, check out George's on Ambush's web site. His bar is the only Baton Rouge business on the famous A list so all you have to do is just dial this cool place up at You may even want to check out the chat room for George's. You just never know WHO you will meet at this location. Of course, there are lots of other places and people to see at the A list, so check these locations out soon.

Traditions was also packed when I stopped in last week. Wild and wonderful Trixxie was assisting Hair in welcoming everyone to this fine establishment. I talked with Doc John for quite a while. You usually find him on the door, or maybe I should say, at the door. He tries to keep all the young studs in line. Actually I've seen the lines, and they don't seem to move that fast. I guess he's checking more than IDs. I didn't get to talk to Scott-Mr. Doc John, that is-but I did catch a glimpse of him as he headed to the inner sanctum with some of his friends.

If you enjoy the latest in dance and the very best in dance rhythms, you can't beat Traditions. And be sure to check out the great Jimo upstairs. Super bartender. Super nice guy. All of these guys and gals make Traditions what it really is-one of the Deep South's best dance emporiums.

Several nice things have hap- pened at the Mirror Lounge too. Danny and Jeff are really in there making things gel to perfection. These new owners are doing their best to bring back the glory days to this Third Street establishment. Their goal is to make it again the showplace for organizational activities and will feature the finest in entertainment events.

At one of their recent shows, Miss D.D. DeMarco made her debut for Baton Rougeans. She was elegant and beautiful and talented. I have a feeling she will be back again and again.

Another performer who I think is outstanding in all respects is Miss Candi LeShay, currently reigning as Miss Louisiana Universe. This lass has a great future, full of charm and vitality. Miss Candi is a dandy.

It was good to see the likes of Shayla Gray and Effie Marie again. They always add charm and dignity to any show, as does the incomparable Stephanie Stevens. A lot of new talent is cropping up all over the place. That's a good sign. I hope to see the trend continue.

And continue it did with the big Grand Opening show. Danny and Jeff did it again with a bunch of talented performers. I'm especially fond of Crystal Kayne of Jackson, Mississippi. This lovely sweetheart can really belt out a good one. In fact, she did three numbers at this show. Surprise of surprises was the outstandingly talented Kara Ervin, whom I last saw at the fabulous Magnolia Cotillion XXIII in August. Whether she sings or plays that piano, she has got to be one of the finest and best talents to come along in quite some time.

I also have to comment on Susan, the owner of Pier 11 in Slidell. She performed a couple of numbers, and if this is any indication of what goes on at Pier 11, I'd suggest that everyone try this watering hole out. Just go I-20 instead of I-10 on your next trip to New Orleans, and pay this talented young lady and her bar a visit. The Mirror Lounge did a good thing when they invited them up for the festivities. Now I'm waiting for an invite to their big opening (if they haven't had it yet), or at least to one of their special events over in Slidell. How about it, sweetheart?

Upcoming events scheduled for the Mirror Lounge are the Miss Baton Rouge Universe contest set for Sept. 20; the Mr. and Miss Mirror contest, Sept. 27; and, the return of the great India Sherry, who is scheduled in for Oct, 4. It looks as if the old Mirror days are returning.

For those of you who are wondering, that excellent announcer at the Mirror shows is Hayne. This is a super-nice guy, and he really knows how to handle a microphone. It looks as if he's had lots of practice, but I'm not sure it was with the electrical variety. I also have to mention that Miss D.D. DeMarco made another appearance at the opening show. This is one fine entertainer.

I've been to the Time Zone several times. I always enjoy a cool one at this Main Street establishment. I usually drink here and shop at Hibiscus before heading home. Sometimes I even check out that sexy lawyer whose office is located across the street. I also always enjoy Fluffy's company and get a kick out of some of the antics going on here. For neighborhood relief, stop in for a little rest and relaxation. Kyle and James make you feel right at home. They've dressed up the place a lot, and it should appeal to anyone. You won't know unless you try it out, and I suggest you do so as soon as possible.

Damon reports on a visit from Jake, one of the nation's most prominent photographers and a resident of the Castro in San Francisco. He stopped in to compare notes with the book baron and was accompanied by a couple of other studs. I think you are going to see his works on display at Hibiscus in their newly remodeled photography studio. I wish I had been there to meet this one, but I'll have to settle for the picture that the book baron gave me.

The Hide-A-Way is another place that deserves your attention. Located out on Exchange Place, Marie and Bubba run a tight ship for the mighty Minette. Their schedule of events is also full of quality entertainment, and you can always have a great time here. Try a visit here, and you will see why this remains such a popular bar.

The captain of the Mystic Krewe of Apollo - Shreveport has announced that Sat., Sept. 20 will be the day their new royalty for Bal Masque XII will be announced. This will take place at the Exposition Hall, 400 Clyde Fant Parkway in this Ark-La-Tex city.

According to the fantastic Cody, one of my favorites won the coveted Miss Gay Louisiana America crown in Lafayette last week. She's Sylvia Scarlett, the pride of Monroe. She was sponsored by Hott Shotz, the Traditions of the North Country. This win was long overdue for this sweetheart. I've seen her perform many times, and she is a very beautiful and talented entertainer. Hott Shotz is noted for its fine shows. You've missed a treat if you don't go by there and check it out while you are in Monroe. In fact, it's worth the trip just to go up to this Ouachita city. I think I just may do this soon....

Not everyone in our capital city vacated the area for Deca- dence and the Crescent City; however, it was a nice diversion for many of us. I had to go down (don't you just love to say that!) and cover the big leather contest which you can check out in another section of this issue of Ambush. And, true to form, I made my way first to that fabulous of all restaurants, Petunia's, for a lovely dining experience. With the heat outside, this oasis in the French Quarter offered me a welcome respite from my writing and photography duties. I dined in elegance once more, among friends and family, and I went away completely satisfied and ready to take on the world.

As it was, the world that night was not the crowds on Bourbon Street, but it was the beautiful theater on Canal Street where the leatherites met and chose their best talents. New Orleans is blessed with many fine theaters and offer wonderful shows in all of them, especially the State Palace and Saenger theaters. Even the smaller art houses have a quality of their own which is not found in many cities. It is quite frequently that I see Red Stickers partaking of the delights of this fabulous city on the Mississippi. There is so much to offer here, and it's much more entertaining and interesting than the dull government complexes with shady politicians and a crook here and there.

I also trekked out to Fort Worth last week and spent some time recall ing my happy days at Texas Christian University. Yes, dear friends, I'm a horned frog, or as my dear friends like to call me, a horny frog. It was the first time I had been there in many years, and it was shocking to see how much it had changed-new buildings, new teachers, a bigger campus. It was really a great experience. I didn't have time to visit MY favorite bar, the 651 Club over on South Jennings, but I'll get back one of these years to see the changes here. Dallas is famous for a lot of gay bars and activities, but Fort Worth is a city with a difference. This city, called Cowtown, is just that, and if you like cowboys, this is the place to be, and the 651 Club is a big draw for guys in this category.

Memories are great. So many good times came back to me as I drove around the city and called on old friends, some neighbors, some writers, some Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers. All in all, it was a special time for me. I think I needed this at this time in my life. I now realize I put this trip off too long, and I must do it again soon.

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