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allons acadiana

Volume 15/Issue 20

by J.D. Norris

Walking out the door this morning I knew I smelled something a little different, and it wasn't the septic tank overflowing again, thank God!

This smell was a little familiar, and combined with a coolness that could only mean one thing, fall is almost here! That's right, all us big boys sweating our Twinkie-pasted thighs off this summer have a little something to sigh happily about.

This time of year is so much more than a season for me, it is most definitely a state of mind. To hell with those watermelons and pool parties I keep having to make excuses for not attending-bring on the chill of Autumn! Bring on the pumpkin pie, the yams, the simmering gumbo and the long pants! I can once again wear long-sleeved shirts and sweaters without spending four hours in Red Lerille's steam room sweating off last night's rice and gravy....I love it!

If you were anywhere near the Atchafalaya Basin over the past two weeks, you've heard a lot about what's going on in Acadiana club life and gossip circles. John and I spent a few hours with Images owner Lori Wheat and sweet Dawn last week and they both brought us up to speed on where one of Louisiana's largest, if not THE largest, gay nightclub is headed in the wake of its recent change in ownership.

Lori, fresh from hiring new club manager Augie, says the dance emporium's Thursday night Retro theme is really taking off and drawing in late-week revelers from Baton Rouge and Lake Charles....very cool. If you haven't dropped by the club lately, do so on a Thursday evening. Wheat's staff goes all out throwing beads and flower stickers over anything that will stand still long enough to hold them.

Anybody heard anything lately on the two new club open ings? I have. John Gilland, big daddy of Lake Charle's Crystal's and Lafayette's Quarter, is putting the finishing touches on his newest venture, The Sound Factory. You've seen the ads in recent weeks and I happen to know John has a battery of workers filing in and out of the building during the day doing some very interesting and innovative things. Just how the club will differ from Images I'm not quite sure. But John has put plenty of detail into the club's own image traveling around other southern cities getting ideas for themes & decor.

The Sound Factory is slated to open on Halloween, fitting for Big Daddy John's reputation for making a big entrance. Of course, you've heard all that before, but have you heard he's looking at other sites in Acadiana for yet another night club? You go right ahead girl, be the Bill Gates of queer bars, just keep me dancing!

So the much-awaited Jules opened along Lafayette's gay strip last Wednesday. Just when the club's opening would be was speculated on for weeks and seemed to take several folks by surprise. But opening its doors dead-center of the work week didn't stop a huge crowd from welcoming it in. I haven't made the visit as of this writing, but after less than 24 hours in business, I've already heard Jules described as everything from beautiful to high-energy cruise, (figure that one out).

The club was billed as kind of a cruise bar with a dance floor but from the word I've heard, there was plenty more dancing going on than cruising. Every new club has to find its niche, let's see how Jules evolves over the next few weeks. What we do have with this new club, however, is a tremendous choice in nightclubs. We've seen this many clubs in the area in the past, but they were always quick to fade due to the local community's focus on partying downtown. Let's see if we're diverse enough now to support these three businesses all located on the same street and within three blocks of each other. Another thing is also sure, parking along the Jefferson Street stretch is sure to congest, especially on theater nights and Lafayette's weekly straight-fest, Downtown Alive. Congratulations to Jules! We're glad to have you!

I spoke to Miss Gay Louisiana America pageant owner Rick Martinez last week and he's been running crazy preparing the new Miss GLA, Sylvia Scarlett, for the big pageant in Charlotte, NC. An impromptu auto accident last week put me out of commission for a few days and Sylvia and I haven't been able to meet up with each other for our short profile. Check it out in two weeks, she's plenty of fun to read about and well worth the wait!

Scene & Noted

Oh, my sweet Houston lesbian friend Bootsy is taking a trip down to the hub city next weekend. Bootsy is recently single and a big-city business owner who's looking for a little bayou filly to share her homestead with-any takers? She's actually scouting locations in the area and in New Orleans where she may open one of her "Mad Elegance" novelty stores. If you're familiar with Houston, that's kind of like an upscale Lobo. While in town, Bootsy may want to meet up with Lori Wheat, I hear she and Dawn are considering, quite heavily, the inclusion of a special shop located inside Images that will include, among other things, rainbow paraphernalia, stickers, t-shirts, etc. All right for queer retailers!

What's going on with the krewes of R.O.U. and Apollo? If there are any little tidbits or good information on when your announcement parties will be, drop me a line via e-mail: JayDempsey

My old, old, old friend Josie has been out and loud lately, and looking great with the new hair style. So glad to see you baby, don't you owe me lunch? And I still can't get over those photos Ms. Lori took for her upcoming November advertising! I'll buy a copy of THAT any day baby!

Whose planning what for Halloween? I know two who likely already have their costumes planned, Brandon and Cookie. What fun pictures I saw of those two this week. I'm still not sure who Cookie is, but she looks like she'd be real fun to party with! Has anyone seen Condom Queen Lois? It's been so long old friend, what are you doing with yourself these days?!?! I've seen Chili Pepper and Troy whoring the streets recently. Ms. Troy must have fixed the transmission on that grocerygetter of hers to be out before 9pm. Either that or stud-boy Jody renewed her secured Visa card for six more weeks.

Stay safe and enjoy your first few days of fall, you deserve it! Until next time!

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