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Volume 15/Issue 20


From: "Brandon Richard"
Subject: My First Mardi Gras
Here's a story you might find amusing....
I went to my first Mardi Gras in 1995. I attended Auburn University at the time and there just happened to be a math conference at LSU the same time as Mardi Gras. Since this was a big regional conference, the school paid for the trip.

On Fat Tuesday, our little group from Auburn had some time off, so we went to New Orleans. I was both amazed and excited. Being bisexual, I was in my element (except for the fact that no one at school knew I was). After getting a little toasty, I was more than willing to show ANYTHING for beads-I wanted beads! I came up to a woman on the balcony and asked for beads. Her response was, "Let me see something." So I dropped my shorts and am now standing on the street in my blue and white polka dot boxers (with the rest of my fellow graduate students shocked I have gone this far). The woman wanted to see more. In a split second response, and realizing that if I'm going to show myself off, I want to do it in full glory, I responded "UP OR DOWN?" A big grin came across her face and of course she said, "Up." So I excused myself to underneath the balcony and started jacking off. As I start up, people come from everywhere with cameras trying to take pictures. I respond to them that this is not a photo shoot-but oh well. As I finish getting hard, I step out into the street and show off my wares. And got some pretty damn good beads for the task too.

After just totally embarassing the people I'm with, they drag me away kicking and screaming and return to LSU. I would LOVE to return with some friends of mine and return to My "element" with[out] worrying about who I'm with. I have some people who are interested as well, but are wondering if there are any rooms still let and about how much they would cost? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
-Brandon K. Richard,

Subject: I Found You
Rip and Marsha, What a FABULOUS Web-Site. I've been On-Line for about 2 weeks and this is the most fun I've had yet! You might remember me. I'm Miss Fly's friend Bob from Michigan. I worked for Lee the first three years he had the bar and visit him frequently. If you see his tired ass, please tell him I said hello. We need to up-date him and get him on-line. Maybe next time I see him (Oct 4,5,6) I'll talk him into it. PLEASE keep up the GREAT work.
-Bob Weemhoff

Subject: Big Easy
I am looking for an answer to the question: How did New Orleans get the nickname "The Big Easy"? Please answer my questions as soon as possible. I love your Web Site! Thank you.

From: Brock
Subject: BARS
thank you sooooo much for this list of Bars. I just moved to michigan and had no clue as where to hang out.

From: Sykes2OOO@aol-com
Subject: House Music
Browsing your site and wondering if there's any club within French Quarter that plays East Coast House Music. Could you give me a list. I'm in town this coming weekend with my friend.

Subject: Nice pics!
How would I be able to get some of the pictures that you have on the internet. I really like them! Please let me know if it's possible. Thanks!

From: Paul Bruce
Subject: Sounds like a lot of fun
Hi there and greetings from Australia home of the Other Gay Mardi gras. What strange customs you guys over there have, but you certainly know how to have a fun time. May i extend an invitation to Australia to all of New Orleans , and hope that you can show for some beads over here too. Nice web site , loved the panoramas of the event too. yours,

From: Maurizio Sibona
Subject: information
my name is MAURIZIO SIBONA, and I am an Orthopaedic Technician. This year I shall go in New Orleans for Medtrade and I wish to visit someone of wheelchair distributors in the New Orleans area. I think that shall be a occasion of business. Could you suggest me some adress? Thank you,
-Maurizio Sibona,
e-mail; fax 011-858176

Subject: Classifieds
Trying to find ads on gay bars for sale in Lafayette area. Please advise where to find any items of this kind in your newspaper. Also, what are your rates for advertising "Looking to buy Gay Bar." Thank You for your help.

To: Rip Naquin ripna@ambush
Subject: Re: Gay Europe - SWEDEN!
Rip Naquin wrote:> Hi Nicke,> I have just updated the site. Your Stockholm EuroPride '98> is now linked from every page. Please feel free to email any press releases> on the event available. I would like to print it in AMBUSH Mag 2000 situated> in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and online @> Thanks, >
-Rip Naquin-Delain, Webmaster > >Hello friends,> >I am working with Stockholm EuroPride '98. On your page with information> >about SWEDEN you have a link to EuroPride 97 witch was in Paris> >(France). Please change the link to Stockholm EuroPride '98> >> >Thanks! -Nicke Johansson, Sweden Thanks! You will get all information through our mailinglist. In Pride
-Nicke Johansson

Subject: Re: New Ambush?
Thanks for the info! Keep it coming I really do enjoy the Hot Tells of the Red Stick. I love to keep up what is going on in the greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge, La. I am orginally from Minden, Louisana now in Newberry, South Carolina. Keep up the good work guys and gals! Love U all

From: "Neal H. Clark"
Subject: pics
Hi, was at this year's party, [Southern Decadence] had a good time. are you going to post any pics of this years parade??

Goodmorning, I believe there is a new Musical opening in New Orleans in October by the name of Pretty Baby. Can you help with information such as dates and the name of the theatre where it's playing and ticket prices. Thanks
-Les McWilliams

From: (Rip Naquin)
Subject: Re: Need Info
Hi Paul, The Club New Orleans at 515 Toulouse, located in the French Quarter has extensive gym equipment, where most of gay locals work out. Gene or Pete could answer any other questions you may have @ 504.581.2402. Enjoy your visit!
-Rip Naquin-Delain

>Dear Rip: > I enjoy your web site very much and visit it often. You guys do a >great job. I was wondering if you might help me since you are so >knowledgable of the New Orleans area. After exhausting research I have been >unable to locate any fitness clubs in New Orleans that would be considered >"gay friendly".> I will be traveling that way in couple of months and really don't like>missing my workout, not even for one day, but I would rather go to a gym that>is either gay owned or at least tolerant of others.>I have been able to find a list of gyms but no reference is made to the>enviroment>if you know what I mean.>Thank you for your help. Keep up the good work.

Subject: Guest Book
name: J Riggs
description: Great site
Would like to add a link to it on our site. PrideWorks is Southwest Florida's Gay & Lesbian On-Line Community Resource Center
home: sarasota Fl
f ind us: by word of mouth

Subject: Guest Book
name: Richard Kleinschmidt
description: Wonderful guide for travel or overall information on gay USA events and news
home: Atlanta, GA USA
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: couples counseling
We are looking for a couples counseling session. We would like individuals or groups for sexual awareness issues in a gay commitment. Thanks,

Subject: homeless
Please help!!! I know a woman who is gay, homeless, and in dire need of help. Can you suggest a place for her. Her name is Joyce.

Subject: Guest Book
name: Armond Blackwater
description: I love your site. It does N'Orleans proud. Thanks for being here.
home: tampa/fl/usa
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: John Hartman
description: Great! Will be back! most impressive!
home: Toledo, Ohio,USA
f ind us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: Al Sherick
description: Great site! I visit often and this looks like the perfect guide to what's happenin'!!
home: Nashville, Tn
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: Scott Paynter
description: great!! I like it very much.... love the web site .... love the music .... again thanks
home: Clifton,CO
find us: by surfing the web

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