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Volume 15/Issue 20

Dear Rip,

On behalf of Artists Against AIDS and the community we serve, I would like to thank you for vour assistance with our V Annual Gala, "Musical Magic 97". Ambush Mag 2000's Sponsorship helped to make our event not only possible, but successful.

As you know, the amount of money needed to care for just one person afflicted with this deadly disease is enormous-exceeding the fund raising capabilities of this group and most others. It is only through caring companies and individuals such as yourself that we are able to provide an evening of award-winning entertainment and in turn raise monies to benefit local AIDS organizations.

Again, many thanks and best wishes for a prosperous year! With regards, I remain, Sincerely yours,
--Kathy Rhodes, Co-Executive Director Artists Against AIDS

Dear Friends Rip, Marsh, Sonny, George and all those writing on our history,

I sent you a copy of a booklet HIC put out in memory of the main co-founder, Don Slater. I hope you got it. What I thought about is letting you know that you can let your readers know that we will be happy to send a copy to anyone wanting material on the early movement and pioneers in this area of civil rights. We would only ask for a $1 donation to cover mailing 1st class. Also, I see an e-mail from someone asking you to send copies to Austin-so urge visitors to New Orleans to take a few copies back with them to their home towns and put them in bars, centers, etc., so that their friends can see what is happening in LA. I am sorry LA got a black eye because of a few greedy whatever-was it cops, elected officials, judges, politicians or what that used a bad law to stop innocent tourists in our state, but we know that, just as Colorado never was a bad state for those of our community, Louisiana is not a bad state for us, we just have to do our part to make things better, and making it better for homosexual citizens makes it better for ALL citizens. It would help if we can communicate within our own community. I had to read your paper to learn that LEGAL had a meeting in Shreveport, and have yet to ever have them or others send material for HIC and our library/archives. Thanks for sending Ambush up our way. Best wishes for Pridefest. Sincerely,
-William Edward Glover, Vice Chair, Homosexual Information Center, Bossier City, LA, 318.742.4709.

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or email to]

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