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mr/miss apollo baton rouge chosen

Volume 15/Issue 20


Mr. and Miss Apollo Competition Big Success

The Hide-A-Way, located on Exchange Place, was the site of the annual Mr. and Miss Apollo Baton Rouge competition, and it was a packed house that enjoyed the events of the evening. Winning the top honors were Mr. Chris Terro of Lafayette and Miss Yvette LeVeaux of Baton Rouge. Also in competition for the title was Beaumont's own, Miss Amanda Edwards. The crowd that showed up for this event was surprised at the number of talented people who contributed their time and energy to this event.

Heading an all-star cast of celebrities were Miss D.D. DeMarco and Miss Tasha Rae, two of the capital city's newest and best entertainers, LeShay Production's own Miss Candi LeShay, and Miss Courtney Cortez, who had performed for an Apollo event that was held at George's a few years back.

Special guests were the reigning Mr. and Miss Apollo Baton Rouge, Mr. Curtis Thomas and Miss Carrione Synclaire. Curtis is also the reigning Mr. National Apollo, and Carrione just relinquished her Miss Gay Louisiana crown at Images a couple of weeks ago to the dynamic Miss Sylvia Scarlett.

Emcee for the program was the book baron, Damon, with excellent help from Tommy (TTT), Les, Ken and Joe. Decorations were complimentary from Flowers by Jimmy Thomas, one of the city's outstanding florists, and all decorations were the splendid creation of Les and Joe. Kylie handled the lighting, and Dale taped the event. Darlene handled all the music for the contestants and performers.

Judges for this event were Smiley Anders, Karen Martin, and Jay Martin of the Advocate staff, Leonard Sonnier, local entertainment mogel, and the marvelously talented Darby Alfred of Darby Alfred Couturiers. This panel represented a well-rounded group of professionals with experience and knowledge of fashion, interview techniques, and talent appraisal.

It was the largest and most successful Apollo fundraiser to date held at a local bar, and this in itself speaks very highly of the lesbian community, which made up a greater part of the audience. It also shows the support the women in the area give to local talent and local organizations, and it was all made possible by the cooperation and generosity of owner Minette and her fine staff of regulars and extras she hired to cover this prestigious show.

Terro and LeVeaux will now compete in the Mr. and Miss National Apollo contest to be held in Lafayette at Images in November.

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