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allons acadiana

Volume 15/Issue 21

by J.D. Norris

Apollo Lafayette Announces Royalty With A Bang!
John Gilland Is How Old?
National Mr. & Ms. Apollo Comes To The Hub City

I really can't say it's been a dull month, not at all. Between the car accidents, fighting with arrogant insurance companies, physical therapy and auto shopping, there's also been a little time for fall fun.

Last Saturday, (okay, so you've probably heard this already), John and I were on hand for the annual Krewe of Apollo De Lafayette's royalty announcement party. (I don't know what was more attractive, King-elect Joey Billeaud or that hors d'oeuvres platters served up by Mikey Doumit at A' La Carte staff.)

Anyway, fall is in full swing as is planning on Apollo's annual ball masque this winter. Announced as royalty for the next big ball, Joey Billeaud as King Apollo XVIIWVDGEH (or whatever) and Queen Phillip LeBlanc. Husbands Tim Lege and Wayne were all proud smiles and grins standing next to their royal spouses.

It was kind of special for me, not that I actually left the house in coat and tie on a Saturday night, but that one of the nicest people around has been named King Apollo and will be celebrated at the krewe's next ball. Congratulations to Joey and Tim, you deserve it!

On another Apollo note, Sweet Ted Viator informed me that his krewe will sponsor the annual Mr. & Ms. National Apollo competition this November 8 in Lafayette. Seems big shows like this are flocking to Acadiana for whatever reason. Ted tells me any gay or lesbian-friendly organization may sponsor up to two contestants in each category for the pageant, so it'll be interesting to see who enters. The Ambush cameras will be there, so stay tuned!

That Queen's How Old?

A happy birthday to SOUND FACTORY/CRYSTAL'S owner, Big Daddy John Gilland...I just love him to death.... Now John, while I *DO* have a hard time believing that you were born in 1967, I do feel your pain over the recent fleecing you took at that Crescent City watering hole... Seems like a new wallet is in order for the birthday boy...That or a pair of suspenders... Happy birthday! When you see John this week, give him a hug, it's been a challenging month for Louisiana's nightclub guru.

And while I'm on the subject of nightclubs, John G. is still aiming at a Halloween grand opening for his newest venture, THE SOUND FACTORY.... All of Lafayette has been abuzz over when this newest dance emporium will open it's doors. Never has Acadiana had such a wide and competitive choice of nightspot to choose from... With IMAGES right down the street and the city's newest club, JULES, opening just two weeks hence.

My John and I have taken a sneak peek inside the new club, formerly THE QUARTER...Gilland and staff have gutted the building and done things to it I can't even put down on paper, you'll just have to stop by....With all these choices, it's going to be a busy Halloween for one queer rag writer....(Where's my rollerblades?!?)

After a quick stop at IMAGES last weekend, John and I also popped into JULES...How many ways can you say Eighties in flourescent? Owners Ron and Randy, (I still don't know their last names), have done the place up real nice with that 80's kind of feel... You'll know what I mean when you drop by to have a drink... John loves it and has hounded me for three weeks to go test JULES' huge dance floor....(I think it's those neon palm trees he gets into)...As for me, the crowd of straight and gay customers puts a different twist on the usual night out and I find that refreshing...Good luck to them.

Scene & Noted: Again and Again and Again...

I keep seeing those little bandanas around beer bottles, what's with that anyway? Seven long years, do I feel an itch for The Sound Factory's CONNIE and Lady DEBRA? Congratulations on your anniversary loves.....Debra, how have you done it for seven big ones my little princess? I mean, we all love Ms. Connie, but I bet those Army drill routines get exhausting! (And was that a new anniversary gift I saw parked out front last week?). New Iberia's Ms. Harold has been seen and noted out and about the last few weeks....That queen looks more beefed and tanned every time I see her, what's your secret precious, Dick Clark vitamins?

It's a short one but stay tuned for Halloween and Apollo pics in our next issue... Got some info you'd like to share, drop us a line online at: JayDemp

Until next time!

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