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Volume 15/Issue 21


From: (Daren J. Cormier)
Subject: Missing home
Hi! Living on the island of Guam and just bought my first computer. Came across this site and it made me homesick. Know that anyone from home would understand that. What's new around the city? Bye for now.

From: "Dean W. Johnson"
Subject: Former New Orleanian
HI GIRLS!!!!! This sight is a sight! I left N.O. ten years ago, and frankly don't miss it too often. However, when I saw Miss Becky I got a twinge of HOME SICKNESS! I remember one freezing cold Mardi Gras when she was judging a Beauty Contest on Burgundy St. (1986) and spilling Beer on my freezing hands trying to clap for a bunch of frozen Drag Queens....I also remember Anna Mae and Rosemary LOVE

Subject: Re: Rainbow Award
To: (George Patterson)
You wrote: >Dear Barb,>Congratulations! Your site (Congregation Beth Simchat Torah - New York's>Gay & Lesbian Synagogue) has been chosen for October's Rainbow Award.>Go to to view your listing.>Our Award logo and link to the awards site is available from here for your >site.> In addition, your site has been placed in the resources Directory at>>Thanks for the submission,>The Rainbow Award Committee
Thank you for the award. We will display it proudly. -Barbara

From: Joe Hathaway
Subject: Krewe Coins Source
I, a volunteer for Midland (Texas) Community Theatre, will very much appreciate your help in locating a source for souvenir coins of the type I have seen Krewes toss at Mardi Gras. We had a 1985 Krewe coin as a sample, and it was beautiful! We need to have 3500 aluminum silver dollar size goldtone aluminum custom coins made, and I can't find a source. Several high-dollar mints said, "Those Krewes literally have someone make their coins in their garage!" Well, I doubt it, but there is no doubt you do have a source, and I'll bet they're much more inexpensive than the "real mints." Can you give me a lead, please? I've spent several days on the Web, with no good results. Many thanks for your time on our behalf!

From: "John T. Brown"
Subject: Hello Hello,
I am New Orleans sidewalk astronomer John Brown. You might have seen me out with my telescopes at night next to the CDM on Decatur St. My web site is: I'm adding your link to my New Orleans links page. If you would like to put my link up on your Crescent city page I would appreciate it. Thanks,
-John Brown

Subject: Guest Book
name: c martin
description: Good Afternoon, My name is Christian Martin. I'm an artist in Rochester, NY and president of Image Center Arts. We're hosting a little party here in Rochester, NY on October 25th, and I have personally sat here Monday morning to send this information to you. The event is a masquerade ball to benefit AIDS Rochester to be held at the Armory on Main Street. The event includes two Bondage, S&M shows, Funk Music from Monstah Quintet. and a special VIP party after 2am. There is room available for vendors of leather or fetishwear. Also we-re offering group rates and discount accomodations for the weekend. I've put together a more detailed http site at http// My personal homepage here in the Art Pit. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
-Christian Martin, Image Center Arts email: nymartin@frontiernet.
net home: ny, usa
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: lexi williams
description: Be proud of who you are! just recently I've concluded that I'm bisexual. I hav'nt come out. Thanks to the many who have paved my way & made it just a little easier. P.S. if you have info. on Wgstock '97' please send it to me.
email: Galnoony@
home: NewOrleans, La USA
find us: by surfing the web

Subject: Guest Book
name: Mari Guarisco
description: Great site. Found out more about Gay New Orleans than I could have ever learned on my own. email: Rosy
h ome: New Orleans, LA
find us: by surfing the web

From: Patrick McNeill
Subject: A special request
Hi there-my name is Patrick and I am emailing you from your friendly neighbours in the North-Canada that is. I was wodering if you could help me - I am planning a trip to New Orleans this Xmas and I would love to receive a copy (current or older edition is OK) of your news magazine to familiarize myself with your great city-for your information, I am of the french acadian descent-my parents are from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia-near the Acadian community of Belle Cote. I am truly looking forward to our trip to dicover our Acadian cousins in the south. My address is Rm 323 Grad Res, Queen's University (don't laugh) located in Kingston, Ontario, CANADA K7L 3N6 I hope you can help-could you let me know by replying to this email. Merci! Patrick McNeill (my father was Scottish! my mother was French nee LeBlanc!!) THanks again.

Subject: Guest Book
name: Lisa Morg
description: It's just great!!!!
home: Sweden
find us: by surfing the web

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