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Volume 15/Issue 21


QSR & Limo Livery Join The A List

QSR and Limousine Livery are the latest businesses to join The A List, AMBUSHonLINE's [www.ambushonline.com] premiere banner location @ www.gayamerica.com/alist. The A List has grown steadily boasting some 33 clients since its inception in early 1996, now averaging over 10,000 hits weekly. The QSR [Quarter Scene Restaurant] site @ www.crescentcity.com/qsr, designed by AMBUSHonLINE, boasts its own fully animated logo, restaurant highlights complete with photos and the entire menu offered by the popular French Quarter eatery.

The Limousine Livery site @ www.crescentcity.com/limolivery has all of the services and features offered for the convenience of its many Crescent City patrons. In addition to regular limo service, Limo Livery also offers airport transfers, charters, city tours, casino charters and customized tours.

16 Rainbow Award Winners Chosen for October

Out of 70 entries, 16 were chosen to receive the coveted Rainbow Award for October. Boasting over 25,000 hits weekly, the Rainbow Award site @ www.gayamerica.com/awards is one of the most popular at AMBUSHonLINE [www.ambushonline.com] conglomerate.

Recipients include Man's Country @ www.mansco.com, In The Life @ www.inthelife.com, expose magazine @ www.esposemag.com, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah/New York's Gay & Lesbian Synagogue @ members.tripod.com/~gayshul/index.htm, Rainbow Classroom Network @ www.dezines.com/rainbow, queering reality @ www.healey.com.au/~vicki, Lesbian Connections @ www.geocities.com/westhollywood/5511, Rovas Gay Homepage @ members.aol.com/ValeriusRo/index.html/index.htm, Youth Email List @ www.critpath.org/youth, Ordinary World @ www.ordinaryworld.com, Zebrajox @ www.coolinx.com/zebrajox.htm, Behind Closed Doors @ www.geocities/westhollywood/heights/6448, Alienation @ www.alienation.com, Trapped in the Web @ www.li.net/~lou_trap, Gary's Site West @ www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/3572/index.html, and WWW Soccer Kit Fetish @ soccerkit.home.ml.org.

The Rainbow Award is exclusively bestowed upon those gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendereds who have made a contribution to the GLBT Web community through excellence in content, design, creativity, presentation or overall concept of their personal Web page. All website submissions must either be in English or have an English version.

If you know of a site that should be considered for review, please submit at www.gayamerica.com/awards/new_submit.asp.

Oct. 22 Benefit Show Will Send R.C. to Miss Gay America

A Tribute to Raquel Chevallier is a benefit show to send Raquel to Miss Gay America in November. Presented by Oz, 800 Bourbon, the show will be hosted Wed., Oct. 22, 11:30pm.

Raquel is Miss Delta States America, Miss National Apollo, GAA [Gay Appreciation Awards] Entertainer of the Year nominee, former Miss Gay Louisiana America, and the GAA's first Marsha Delain Award of Excellence recipient for the best in female impersonation.

In addition to Raquel, the evening's festivities will feature the talents of Lisa Beaumann, Raycine Ross, Vickie Vynes, Teryl-Lynn Foxx, C'Ara Sonnier and Marsha Brady.

Enjoy a great evening of entertainment and help send the multi-talented Raquel Chevallier to Miss Gay America representing the Crescent City.

Leather Community Joins GAA

The GAA [Gay Appreciation Awards] is proud to announce the participation of the leather community in this year's process. The leather community approached the GAA Board following the balloting in Ambush Mag 2000 in September.

Leather Person of the Year balloting was done by members of the leather community. The top 5 names were gathered from public nominations at the Phoenix, TT's, Mother Bob's, Rawhide 2010, Gargoyles and Gay Mart.

Public voting took place at Pride Fest in the Ambush booth along with other GAA categories. Voters were asked to select one of the 5 nominees or other [name a person] choosing the individual who has contributed to or best exemplifies the leather community/leather life-style.

Top 5 nominees included Jamie Temple, Jeff Jeffers, John Taylor, Rickey Henry and Willy Marroy.

The Leather Person of the Year winner will be announced along with all other GAA winners Nov. 23, 8pm, Body & Soul, 2300 Chartres.

The GAA Awards Ceremony benefits Belle Reve/Belle Esprit this year. For tickets, contact Ambush Mag 2000, 828-A Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70116-3137; 504.522.8049 or 8047.

St. Louis Street Rocks

Ms. Fly, just back from Germany, a little barefoot and pregnant, was a hit for New Meat Night at the Corner Pocket.

Fly was dishing everyone, even dear ole Smurf. The best thing Fly liked about Smurf's shows is that she's "usually out of town."

Fly told us she kept Lucille sober while in Germany. And then there was the story about one gent rubbing all over Mumbo. Mumbo told him "bite me, I'm sweet dark chocolate."

Then it was down the street to see Miss Do over at the Double Play. Miss Do was cracking her whip keeping all her customers in line. Do told us we had to buy lots of drinks. After all, she has a new condo to pay for.

Next up was a visit to the Giddy. Yes, the Roundup is gearing up for the 1st Miss Le Roundup Universe Pageant starring Miss Gay Universe Tamisha Iman. Preliminary competition will be Sat., Nov. 8 with the presentation/question and talent categories. Sun., Nov. 9 is final competition with the evening gown, sportswear and fantasy walk categories.

Miss Le Roundup will win crown, $150, $50 bar tab, sash, trophy, flowers and sponsorship in the Miss Gay Universe Pageant. Call 504.561.8340 for more info.

Bourbon Street Highlights

GAA Show and Dance Bar of the Year nominee Oz packed them in last Wednesday for their hit show night. Teryl-Lynn Foxx, Lisa Beaumann and GAA Entertainer of the Year nominee Raquel Chevallier dazzled the crowd of revelers. GAA Entertainer of the Year Becky Allen emceed the event and even GAA Bartender of the Year nominee Mark was partying in the audience. DJ of the Year nominee Tim Pfleuger was spinning the hits during and after the show.

Another GAA Show and Dance Bar of the Year Nominee, the Parade, was hopping with revelers for Profiles' regular Sunday night extravaganza. Scarlett O'Hara Butler and Aux Shea were joined by Teal Ashton of Mint [GAA Show Bar of the Year nominee] fame who was celebrating her birthday. Lesbian of the Year nominee Yvette Migues was slinging cocktails.

The Blue Sapphire Ball benefiting Pride Fest was a smash success at Cafe Lafitte in Exile Oct. 10th raising $1,065. Lafitte's own "gem" Varla Jean Merman flew in from New York to star during the event.

Best Bets on Rampart Street

Four clubs on Rampart are a sure bet for those looking for great fun. Footloose, Mother Bob's, TT's and Wolfendale's are the top bars on the strip. With campy bartenders and even top notch entertainment available, you'll find these reputable clubs usually packed with locals and tourists alike. All four offer Video Poker for those who enjoy gaming pleasures.

Our last venture to Rampart kept us hopping Thursday through Sunday. Thursday night brought us to GAA Dance Bar of the Year nominee Wolfendale's at 11:30 and Victoria Cole's hit show, "3 Girls and A Boy in a Dress." Victoria brought down the house with the "Barbie" song, raking in the bucks.

Friday landed us at Mother Bob's for the 11pm "Sophisticated Ladies" show starring Mother Bob, emcee TT, Connie Marcelle, Pussy Galore, Queen of Rampart Simone Richard, Miss Upper Schwegmann Heights Clorox Bleachman, GAA Newcomer of the Year nominee Felicia Renee Cole, January Ice and Sabrina. It was Ambush/Miller Nite for this show and Miller Girl Lisa was there for the festivities.

Both TT's and GAA Neighborhood and Show Bar of the Year nominee Footloose hold regular Saturday shows. TT's boasts Clorox Bleachman's "Trailer Trash Revue" at 10pm, and this night featured Miss Upper Schwegmann Heights Clorox Bleachman, Dione Larico, Big "Mamou" Regina and Eva Las Vegas. Lady Charles and Pogo were slinging cocktails, and sometimes, they were even as entertaining as the girls on stage.

Heading down to Footloose at 11pm, it was showtime with the Footloose Cabaret Revue starring emcee Tiffany Rae Button, TT Thompson, Bitch of the Year nominee Danae Daniels, Nia Simone from Lucky Cheng's, Clorox Bleachman and Dione Larico. Phil Giorlando was in for a little entertainment and even Bobby Ramone was there this night. GAA Bartender of the Year nominee Patrick was the entertainment behind the bar.

Sunday it was back to Wolfendale's at 11:30 to see Fernand & Co. Fernand is also the star over at GAA Neighborhood Bar of the Year nominee MRB dance nights on Friday and Saturday at 11pm.

Forbidden Fruit Moves to 9:30

Rubyfruit Jungle's own hit Sunday show Forbidden Fruit has been moved back to 9:30pm. Original cast members Lisa Beaumann and Teryl-Lynn Foxx have returned and are joined by the talents of Goddess, Nikki Rich and Madame X. DJ of the Year nominee Mary Pappas spins for this show as well as other nights at the popular dance club.

Let's Not Forget...

Don't forget to visit some the other hot spots in town... Another Corner, Big Daddy's, Copper Top, Friendly Bar, Golden Lantern, Good Friends Bar, Rawhide 2010.

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