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Volume 15/Issue 21

Dear Rip-

This is just a note to thank you for the Ambush coverage of the Southern Decadence videotaping, both before and after the event. The purpose of these tapings, of course, is to make a permanent record to go into archives documenting g/l/b/t culture in new Orleans. But since I want to make the filming open and available to anyone who wishes to come and witness the panels as they happen, I appreciate all opportunities to inform the public.

I will have a VHS copy of the tape from the video photographer before long. Do you think there would be interest in having a "showing" somewhere? Maybe next Decadence? Sooner? Also, on behalf of Louise and me, let me thank you and Marsha for your great idea to allow us to see the parade! And a special thanks for your generosity in inviting us to review from your balcony!

Do you know if the Pride organization is going to put up a sign indicating that the balcony will be the official G.M. reviewing stand? I was just thinking that if a sign were to be put ;up there in advance it could be a great advertisement for the parade and festival, since the location receives such a high measure of exposure.

Once again, thanks for your many kindnesses. I look forward to seeing you both. Sincerely,
-Roberts Batson

Dear Rip:

In the Sept. 19, 1997 Issue of AMBUSH Magazine, there was an article regarding the Board of Directors of LEGAL (Louisiana Electorate of Gays and Lesbians) electing its officers. In the article, it mentions that I, LEGAL's new secretary, owns a business with which LEGAL contracts to help monitor legislation at the state capitol.

While that is true, I would like to add a note that while we do provide those services to LEGAL, they are donated instead of purchased. While I doubt anyone would perceive a conflict of interest as the service is a contribution to LEGAL, rather than a financial arrangement between a board member and the organization, I wanted to make absolutely certain.

Many thanks to you and your staff for your continued coverage of LEGAL and its efforts on behalf of Louisiana's gay and lesbian citizens. Sincerely,
-Kevin Morgan

Dear Rip:

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your being a part of this years' WALK (as you are each year). Your energy and enthusiasm has become an integral part of this event (and not just because you always are our top fundraiser). I do believe that this was our best WALK ever! We were very successful in reaching our goals-in both dollars and awareness. Your participation has given the community a great message: that it's okay to WALK with us, it's okay to be a fighter in this fight. And with your support, thousands of participants know that Ambush Magazine is a company that truly cares.

I sincerely value your support and commitment to this event and look forward to working with you again next year. On behalf of the NO/AIDS Task Force Board of Trustees, the staff, the volunteers and especially our clients, we say THANK YOU! Sincerely,
-Helen Siegel, 1997 WALK Co-Chair

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