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hot tails of red stick

Volume 15/Issue 21


Super Sunday On Tap For BR;
Apollo Captains Host Royalty Party

Two major fundraisers have been set for Sun., Oct. 26. One begins earlier in the afternoon, and the second one begins later with a special show set for that night.

It's time for Lambda's annual Octoberfest, or Fallfest '97. Lambdapalooza is the official designation, and it will be held at the West Baton Rouge Community Center in Port Allen from noon until 8pm. Entertainers scheduled to perform are Kevin Latiolais of Lafayette, Wendy McDowell of Tin Angel from Gainesville, Florida, Isaac's Guns (with Whitney Ann McCray), Sweet Revenge from New Orleans, and Sonia Rutstein of disappear fear.

The other big function for Super Sunday is the Krewe of Apollo's Annual Red Ribbon Halloween Bash scheduled for the Plaquemine Civic Center, beginning at 4pm and extending into the night. All proceeds at this event go to the Apollo AIDS/Crisis Fund. There will be balloon pops for video prizes and free movie rentals, a silent auction, a costume contest, a services auction, and a talent show which begins at 7pm. Lots of other fun things are planned.

The Krewe of Apollo also held their annual Royalty Party last week at the Walden Country Club to introduce everyone to the royalty-elect for Bal Masque XVII-Sam Favaro and Jim Anding. This catered affair was one of the best of all the rest. It was a fun-filled evening of music, dancing, good food, the introduction of the captains and lieutenants for next year's ball, and, of course, the introduction of past kings and queens. The reigning royalty, Damon and Terry, received their diamond pins in commemoration of their year as the club's king and queen.

Traditions welcomed Varla Jean Merman last week, and it was another exceptional performance by the Queen of New York. The crowd cheered as she brought her own brand of humor to Red Stick. It was reminiscent of the days when she got her start here in our capitol city. Like so many other talented Red Stickers, she moved on to greater things along the great White Way.

Halloween at Traditions will be absolutely fabulous this year, so mark your calendars now to attend. The big 0, Trixxie, and others have lots of things planned for this night of nights in old Red Stick. And, before I forget it, let me say something about that talented bartender in the upper bar, the Macho Bar. Jim is responsible for the lighting at Traditions, and if you haven't paid attention to it, you really should. This talented man is responsible for so much of the intricate details that makes Traditions the outstanding dance bar that it is. Lighting is the key, and Jim is the key to it all. I just think he is underrated and needs to step forward and shine in all his glory. Make a pass through the Macho Bar and congratulate him. He deserves it.

I also ran into Raymond, a former lighting technician at Traditions. He was visiting DJ Karen and enjoying the Merman show. He is really going strong in Lafayette and will be doing great things at the new dance bar there. Another wonderful person I admired from afar (and took a picture of from the balcony through my powerful little camera) is a sweet and lively lad named Joseph. This quiet child really let it loose on that dance floor. I've never seen anyone enjoying himself so much. He was moving like crazy and smiled the entire time I gazed upon him.

Bartender Todd was gloriously beautiful as usual with a smile that can bring any man to his knees, and with those inviting eyes, he totally captivates everyone.

From Traditions, I made my way to the Blue Parrot, George's, the Mirror Lounge, and the Time Zone. The Blue Parrot was packed with happy people, and with the relatively cool midnight hour, the patio area was filled to capacity. Don and Tom always seem to be mingling with their customers, and I think this is one of the secrets to their success. They show their appreciation constantly.

Not to be outdone in the appreciation category is the winning combo of Richard and Guy over at George's. When I walked in the door, Guy screamed out my name in welcome, and I immediately knew I had come to the right place. It brought back a lot of memories when Richard was that sweet and sexy "little" bartender that I had a crush on. Let me tell you! I would have moved up to St. Helena Parish in a hurry, but, alas, things were not to be. We settled for friendship, and that is a precious commodity these days.

Speaking of friendship, there is none better than a fabulous art ist and layout specialist. No, darlings, I do not speak sexually here. I refer to that outrageously talented Ken, with his masterful use of pen and ink. This one is the queen who should have been and always will be in my book. I love you, Dominique. You are beautiful in both heart and soul.

Another beautiful person is movie mogul Leonard. You don't find good-hearted people too often, and when you do, you had better hold on to them. They are few and far between. Masterful at all he does, he is famous for his involvement in Mardi Gras krewes, and on a more personal level, he is a great chef. Tuesday dinners and wine shopping are some of life's more enjoyable experiences.

Danny and Jeff have done wonders with the Mirror Lounge. It is a wonderful place to be, and there's always planned shows here, some filled with great surprises.

Tasha Rae has brought her own brand of talent to this watering hole, and Ronnie has shared his decorating expertise to make it even more inviting to customers. In fact, terrific Tasha called my attention to the first time I ever wrote about her exploits. It happened at Ambush Headquarters on Bourbon Street, and there were two terrific guys at that party in tuxedos. I photographed them both. One was this dancing sensation from the Corner Pocket, and the other was dynamic super star Buck Phillips. Miss Tasha, the Corner Pocket connection, is now swinging her rear instead of her weenie. Ain't life grand! Of course, the Mirror Lounge has other things going for it. When you have cute little Randy and that adorable hussy Lady Rhonda, you have the best of the best to serve you. Be kind to the Lady. You sure don't want to piss her off. I love you, sweetheart, and I always will. PLEASE don't forget that!

Recently, I was out at the Mirror and ran into a gorgeous creature named Brian (from Houston). Of course, everyone was trying to get in his good company, but our own lovable Danny, minus his Hal, seemed to be what this young man was looking for. I hear it was a wonderful evening-all the way! Right, Danny darling! That beautiful set of Texas buns can get on my case any old time he so desires. Maybe I'll go to Houston to check this one out. I hear he's a fabulous dancer and performer there.

The Time Zone studs are still decorating and improving things over on Main St. I caught James doing some special lighting out front the other night. He was being assisted in the conversation department by happy and adorable Cliff. These TZ boys have lots of surprises in store for you, especially with the holiday weekend coming up. There are always drink specials here, so stop in for a cool one or two. Check our their Thurs. night food extravaganzas too. You won't go away hungry.

I received an invitation from the absolutely gorgeous Chris last week for dinner and a movie. This young man is so involved in school work that he seldom gets out. I was impressed with him the first time I saw him, and I definitely enjoyed his company at the 1996 Spanish Town Mardi Gras as we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Make that EXTRA tremendously! At any rate, I did appreciate the invitation. I'm always pleased when I'm in his company.

BBQ at George's is becoming a weekly tradition. Doug and Richard just cook up a storm, and the crowds just keep coming. Sweet and wonderful Keith was serving up the drinks last week, and this little cutie is adorable but then so is new bartender Brian. I've told you about both of these lads before, and I'm going to keep singing their praises. They are exceptional choices to serve up the drinks and keep the customers coming back for more. Any way you look at it. Everyone always seems to venture back to George's.

Greg's birthday party at the Blue Parrot was another happy night in Red Stick. Greg has always been one of my favorites. Whether he's behind the bar slaving away or visiting his favorite gay and lesbian bookstore, he remains that dynamic little guy with the sweet smile and the fantastic personality. You have got to love this one!

The Hide-A-Way keeps packing them in for their Fri. karaoke sessions, and their request nights bring out the dancers. It's always enjoyable just watching the couples do their thing on the dance floor. This is another bar that has such a wonderful atmosphere. Whether you are drinking or dancing, Minette's place is the in-place to be. This is a special lady, and I always enjoy her company.

Another place I need to tell you about is Mystik Treasures and Mystik Gourmet Coffee House, located at 3774 Government St. Kyle (another one) and Brian (and another one here too) welcome you from 10am to 7pm at the store, and from 7:30am to midnight in the coffee house. They are closed on Mondays. Gay and lesbian art is being featured at this time, so drop in and check them out. These guys keep long hours, and they are there to serve our community. Look for pictures coming up soon in Ambush.

Hibiscus Bookstore, which is also closed on Mondays, has added more magazines, jewelry, calendars and gift items, with even more merchandise expected for the upcoming holiday season. All the latest books are now in stock, making this the finest bookstore of its kind in the Deep South. In fact, the only other store that devotes all its time and effort to the gay and lesbian communities is FM Bookstore in New Orleans. Damon and Alan are good friends, and these book barons offer the finest in gifts and literature to gays, lesbians, transgenders and cross dressers, so remember this when you are shopping. They only cater to the happy people. Straights are welcome, but only if they behave themselves.

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